Leg Bone Ede's Bone of Abyss
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
This hard leg bone contains within it a certain dark energy. It belonged to the Devil Lord of Abyss Abino--Ede, known also as the "Ogre". Ede often swallows the soul of a man in attempt to satisfy his appetite. One day, he met a strange human woman. Unlike other human beings, she looked into Ede's eyes, with no fear but only arrogance and contempt. This provoked Ede's interest to understand human. With gradual contact, Ede was slowly subdued by the girl and began to admire her. However, human and devil are ultimately unable coexist together. Because of long-term exposure to devil's aura, the woman finally died after giving birth to his child. Since then, Ede vowed to never devour huma,s and left the abyss, he dedicated himself to research of coexistence between man and devil.
Use: Instantly complete Satan's Son's trial

Obtain 3 Satan's Son's Pearls

This item must be used in the "Shrine of Snowy Mountain"

Source(s): Hall of Overseeing (Maze) - Last floor
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