Eco Planet-X03
Type Resource PlanetIcon Resource
Location M03, x18y13

Special Places Edit

Colonization will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Col. Place Unlocks Lore
100% Colonial Station Build Colonial Station  ?

Special InteractionsEdit

Build Colonial StationEdit



Opens up when Colonial Station is built.

12 hours at 100% gives :


You must defeat Rebellion (684,559,374,437,2.3m) in order to perform the first colonization.

Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Elula Coin and Accelerators

Complete Stock: 11.85k Alienation Scale worth 1 Elula Coin/u, 2.15k Armor Block worth 5 Elula Coin/u, 570 Alienation Score worth 20 Elula Coin/u and about 360 Maintenance Accelerator (10m) 360 Cultivation Accelerator (10m), 530 Eden Accelerator (10m)

With efficiency at 100%, complete colonization takes 20 days.

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