For the Easter Eggs on the map, see World Map with Easter Eggs.

Other game reference "easter eggs" such as references to world of warcraft and other games are not listed here. They should be obvious enough on their own, but have no impact on the game, or can't be collected. Unlike the other easter eggs.

Babies and Decorations Edit

2 Gumball Babies from alliance missions:

  • 1 each of +30% spell effect for damage and aid spells (which is +30% healing spell effect)

Statue Easter Eggs Edit

Most easter eggs can be found after building a Gumball's statues. These are unlocked in the Fane Expansion. If a gumball has no available trial/statue yet, it will likely be added in a future update.

See Category:Gumballs with Easter Eggs for a full list of all statue/gumball related easter eggs.

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