Earth God Earth God
Type: Summons
Compared with other fighters, this Gumball is obviously much older. However, his eyes look equally dull, he apparently has already accepted your enlightenment. No one can denied that the brainwashing process of Athena Gumball is thorough.
Use: Summon Earth God {valid in the maze}

Earth God receives bonus based on Athena Gumball's skill:
"Victory Armor Lv.1" Inherit 75% HP of Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.2" Inherit 75% Attack of Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.3" Inherit 100% of HP of Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.4" Inherit 100% Attack of Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.5" Master the feature of Bless and Protection

Source(s): Monkey King easter egg: Use Monkey King as main and Athena as soul link, kick over the furnace when found, then brainwash Earth God when met on a later floor


  • Despite stating that the summon inherits stats from Athena, the summon's stats will be inherited from whatever gumball is used as main.
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