E Planet-U37
Type Resource PlanetIcon Resource
Location M02

Special Places Edit

Mineral mining will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Mining Place Unlocks Lore
100% Collection Plant
E Planet-U53 - Collection Plant

Special InteractionsEdit

Collection Plant - BuildEdit

Cost : 30k Gas - Icon + 30k Electricity - Icon
You receive :


Opens when the collection plant is built.
Resources: BCoin, Uranium Ore - Icon

12 hours at 100% efficiency gives:

  •  ?

Mineral MiningEdit

Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources: Uranium Ore - Icon , Sandstone I, Granite I, Marble I

Total stock around: 648k Uranium Ore - Icon, 1250x Sandstone I, 1040x Granite I, 660x Marble I

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