Shop Edit

Badges can be exchanged at the event shop for various rewards.

Raids Edit

Once the event maze has been completed in hard mode, raids can be made. Each raid costs 3 Vigor and awards 45 to 50 badges.

Secrets Edit

  1. Kairo Invitation Letter: teleports you to a special screen where you can get rewards:




1st time reward

Action Animal Kairo Monarch Twilight Whiskey
Action Animal Peter Gold Medal
Action Dungeon Kairo Monarch Axe of Excellence
Action Dungeon Peter Demon Eye
Action Fantasy Kairo Monarch 2 Concubine Fragments
Action Fantasy Peter 2 Gems
Action Terror Kairo Monarch 6 Concubine Fragments
Action Terror Peter Golden Pot
Race Animal Kairo Monarch 2k Adventure Coins
Race Animal Peter 2k Adventure Coins
Race Dungeon Kairo Monarch 2 Concubine Fragments
Race Dungeon Peter 2 Gems
Race Fantasy Kairo Monarch Chocolate
Race Fantasy Peter Gold Belt
Race Terror Kairo Monarch 10k Gold
Race Terror Peter 10k Gold
RPG Animal Kairo Monarch 1k Adventure Coins
RPG Animal Peter 1k Adventure Coins
RPG Dungeon Kairo Monarch 6 Concubine Fragments
RPG Dungeon Peter Golden Pot
RPG Fantasy Kairo Monarch Fiend's Axe
RPG Fantasy Peter Sacred Armor
RPG Terror Kairo Monarch 2 Concubine Fragments
RPG Terror Peter 2 Gems
Shooting Animal Kairo Monarch 2 Concubine Fragments
Shooting Animal Peter 2 Gems
Shooting Dungeon Kairo Monarch 10k Gold
Shooting Dungeon Peter 10k Gold
Shooting Fantasy Kairo Monarch 20k Gold
Shooting Fantasy Peter 20k Gold
Shooting Terror Kairo Monarch 2k Adventure Coins
Shooting Terror Peter 2k Adventure Coins
Kairo Dragon
You cannot get the same reward twice, it will give you up to 3 Cairo Coins instead

2. Worn Bronze Hammer: allows you to shatter the Bell (that run only) and gives a special class-change item that allows you to turn anyone who doesn't have a final-tier class into a Kairo Monarch. Turn your gumball into a Kairo Monarch to get a damn fine class that also happens to be worth 3 Gems when you beat the Boss for the first time and 5 Gold Medal afterwards.

3. You can spam click one of the "walls" when in map mode to receive 25 eternal gold. You'll know you found the right one when it shakes after clicking. Once per event.

4. To get 20 soul reaper fragments:

Let 5 gumballs die and visit the gravestone. Make sure to not let all 5 die in 1 run as that will force you to load a previous save.


Don't manually collect loot, just click on exit and it will collect all automatically, next click on exit and you actually exits dungeon.

You can skip buying some medals and upgrade straight to higher lvl jumping over low lvls.


Note: All buildings should be maxed and dont sell anything unless you really need the coin for Resting in Hotel.

1 Sell  Female Adventurer
2 Buy 4 more Adventurer (Total 5)
3 Buy 5 of lvl 2 and level 3 Magic Medal
4 Clear Monster Forest (level 2 Maze)
5 Level all Adventurer into Mage (level 2)
6 Clear Marsh (level 3 Maze)
7 Level all Mage into Elemental Master (level 3)
8 Clear Mysterious Stone Statue (level 4 Maze)
9 Revive dead gumballs (if necessary)
10 Buy 5*lvl 4 and 4*level 5 Magic Medal
11 Buy 2 Sacred Sceptor and 1 Archmage's Robe (or Evil Crown)
12 Rest at Hotel
13 Clear Marsh (level 3 Maze)
14 Level all Elemental Master into Archmage (level 4)
15 Clear Haunted House (level 5 Maze)
16 Revive dead gumballs (if necessary)
17 Buy 3 Sacred Sceptor, then Archmage's Robe and Evil Crown
18 Rest at Hotel
19 Clear Haunted House (level 5 maze)
20 Clear Marsh (level 3 Maze)
21 Revive dead gumballs and Rest at Hotel (if necessary)
22 Level 4 Archmage into Mage of Destruction (level 5)
23 Clear Volcano (level 6 Maze)
24 Revive dead gumballs (if necessary)
25 Fully equip your team (Optional- dont require full equipment to beat final boss)
26 Rest at Hotel
27 Use Kairo Invitation Letter (if you have it)
28 If you own stone hammer, click on the bell in the village until it crashes
29 Upgrade to Kairo Monarch Class or another Archmage (if no Stone Hammer)
30 Boss Fight
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