Nine missions for this event.

Ran 02/02/19 - 02/08/19

Come and check in! 1Edit

Task: Complete 2 check-ins during the event

Reward: 2 Gem, 10x Ninja Frog Fragments 

Sign in! 2Edit

Task: Complete 3 check-ins during the event

Reward: 3 Gem, 10x Hamster Fragments 

Sign in! 3Edit

Task: Complete 7 check-ins during the event

Reward: 5 Gem, Ancient Relic Offering

Fish SinkEdit

Task: Own Xi Shi Gumball

Reward: 5x Xi Shi Fragments, 1x Sun Contract

Birds DropEdit

Task: Own Wang Zhaojun Gumball

Reward: 5x Wang Zhaojun Fragments, 2019 Alliance Coins

Outshine the MoonEdit

Task: Own Diau Charn Gumball

Reward: 5x Diau Charn Fragments, 1x Golden Pot

​​​Shames The FlowersEdit

Task: Own Yang Yuhuan Gumball

Reward: 5x Yang Yuhuan Fragments, 50000 Relics

Monster, where to run?Edit

Task: Use the skill of Sun Wukong (Monkey King) to deal Damage to any maze BOSS (except City of Steam, Avalon Fortress, Erathia, Chaos Abyss, Eden's Land) by over 1000 without using Werewolf Potion

Reward: 5x Chef Fragments, 10x Ninja Frog Fragments, 1x Eden Accelerator (30m)

The Ching Han Dynasty Royal FeastEdit

Maze: Pirate's Port

Solo: No

Single Run: Yes

God of Thieves title: No

Reward: 5x Monkey King Fragments, 10x Hamster Fragments, 1x Battery Pack

Cook the following Recipes:

  • Appetizing Soup (Standard Recipe)
  • Spicy Seafood Combo (Fresh Fish from Orc Boatman and Sea Mammal Canned Meat from Pirate) Note: Very easy to obtain ingredient
  • Delicious Fruit Platter (Out of maze item: 20 Cream Berry, 20 Fantasy Fruit, 20 Evil Pumpkin and 10 Heart of Ancient Tree)
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