Four missions for this event plus a bonus reward.

Ran 01/24/2019 - 01/30/2019 EST

Venue PreparationEdit

Maze: Hero's Village
Solo: No
Single Run: No
God of Thieves title: No
Reward: 5 Gem, 10x Hamster Frags

Task: Obtained 3 music boxes in Hero's Village

Note: Found in Tents, Junkman's trashcans, and Rabbit's eggs

siteEdit

Reward: 10k Coins, 10x Hamster Frags

Task: During the event, sign in 7 times at the World Tree

Evening PerformanceEdit

Reward: 1500 Alliance Coins, 10x Hamster Frags

Task: During the event, receive circus package 7 times

Luxury BanquetEdit

Maze: Skeleton Island
Solo: Yes
Single Run: Yes
God of Thieves title: No
Reward: 10k Relics, 2x Golden Pot

Cook the following Recipes:

  • Wilderness Fruit Salad: 2 Bitten Banana, 4 Cactus' Pulp
    •  2x Bitten Banana - from Monkey
    • 4x Cactus' Pulp - from Cactus
  • Delicious Seafood Feast:
    • 3x Shredded Squid - from Sea Monster's Tentacle
    • 1x Jellyfish's Tentacles - from Jellyfish
    • 3x Gold Crab - from Tidal Crab
  • Steamed Dragon Heart
    • 1x Sea Dragon's Heart - from Alien Dragon(holding key) killed by Little Mermaid Dagger
    • ?x Ripe Coconut - from Coconut Trees

Speech at the Annual MeetingEdit

Task: Complete 3 out of 4 of the above tasks

Reward: 10 Gem, 30x Ninja Frog's Frags

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