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Dragon Palace is a new function that is unlocked in Order Field M16 after completing the quest for all 7 Dragonballs and waking up Universe Divine Dragon. This is also accessible via Eden - Tactical Hall. This is where Universe Divine Dragon will grant different wishes. Upon wishing, there is a cooldown for 165 hours. Wishing while on cooldown is still possible by using 1 Wish Coin. There are 3 wishes offered at a given time and can only select 1 out of those 3.


"Coins! Of course!" - Summons Greedy Goblin (F1500 A1500 S1500 L1500 /E80M) and fight for 3 rounds

  • Reward is dependent on the remaining Energy of Greedy Goblin at the end of the fight (Max: 1M Coins

"I want more sky resources!" - Summons Mysterious Building

  • Reward, if successful with "Enter elevator --> Destroy the device" option, Cruiser Wing Plane (100% chance to launch at the beginning of the battle: Enemy Fire - 15)

"I want more space resources!" - Summons a Portal, go in and collect space resources (Duration: 24 hours)

  • Receive 750 space coins (M01 equivalent), 12 Eden Accelerator (1m),Cultivation Accelerator (1m),Maintenance Accelerator (1m), 4200 Gas,Uranium Ore,Electricity, 30 Competent Cells per 100% efficiency (in a similar manner to Kars Top Secret exploration missions)

"I want to speed up tech research!"

  • Receive 1 Miniature Power Furnace.png, 12 Eden Accelerator (10m), 2 Eden Accelerator (60m), 1 Eden Accelerator (3h)

"I want supreme artifacts!"

"I want the fleet to get stronger!" - 50-50 chance to Fight Shadow of Verdimon or Shadow of Hell Chanter

  • Shadow of Verdimon (F3608 A3789 S3194 L3409 /E42M)
    • Receive 60 Prodas airship chip, 2 Eden Accelerator (60m), 1 Volcanic.png
    • When Prodas ship is max,1 Eden Accelerator (8h), 2 Volcanic.png
  • Shadow of Hell Chanter (F3649 A3706 S3268 L3877 /E40.50M)

"I want more robots!" (Originally "I want more cyborgs!") - Create a Robot (Creation Time: 20 hours)

  • Iron-hand Scout (Energy +15k, Armor +2, Fire +1) (Limited: 3 times)
  • Inspector (Energy +15k, Luck +2, Speed +1) (Limited: 3 times)
  • Mirror Gunman (Energy +30k, Fire +3, Speed +2, Ignore enemy Armor by 3 when attacking) (Limited: 1 time)
  • Moony Peacock (Energy +30k, Speed +2, Luck +2, Armor +1, Crit Damage +1,200) (Limited: 1 time)
  • Psicrystal Knight (Energy +30k, Armor +2, Speed +2, Fire +1, When damaged in 1st round, damage taken -5,000) (Limited: 1 time)

"I want more companions!" - Opens Crisis Minefield mini-maze

  • Recruit Holy Spirit the first time, 60 Gumball Fragment next time (Limited: 11 times)

"I want to go shopping!" - Summons Outland Trader to purchase the following items
(All items offered are limited to 1-time purchase)

  • Army's Supply Crate I (Cost: 30 Gem) - Receive: 6 each of Gas Storage Device.png,Uranium Ore Storage Device.png,Electricity Storage Device.png, 1000 Competent Cells
  • Army's Supply Crate II (Cost: 50 Gem) - Receive: 10 each of Eden Accelerator (60m),Cultivation Accelerator (60m),Maintenance Accelerator (60m), 8 Volcanic.png
  • Nagas' Chest I (Cost: 100 Gem) - Receive: 2 Wish Coin, 15 each of Gas Storage Device.png,Uranium Ore Storage Device.png,Electricity Storage Device.png, 2000 Competent Cells
  • Nagas' Chest II (Cost: 200 Gem) - Receive: 4 Wish Coin, 8 each of Eden Accelerator (3h),Cultivation Accelerator (3h),Maintenance Accelerator (3h), 20 Volcanic.png
  • Nagas' Chest III (Cost: 300 Gem) - Receive:6 Wish Coin, 4 Eden Accelerator (8h), 8 Large Energy Storage Device.png, 30 Volcanic.png, 300 Matrix Particle.png
  • Cosmic Wanderer (Cost: $17.99) - Receive: 200 Gem, 10 Wish Coin, 2 Eden Accelerator (24h), 10 Large Energy Storage Device.png, 50 Volcanic.png, 600 Matrix Particle.png

"I want more gems!"

  • Summons 6 Gem on the floor with each giving 6 Gem (Limited: 5 times)

"I want more wonder resources!"

  • Receive Common or Special Wonder Materials

Editor's Note[]


  • The wishes: "I want more robots!" , "I want more companions!", and "I want more gems!" have a limited number of times to appear simply because there's a limit on the reward they'll give for a Robot, Gumball, and Gems so as soon as those are max then they'll no longer appear as a wish.