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Dragon Balls are special items that you collect in Maze to get Divine Dragon Wishes.

Introduction Edit

Unlike most items, Dragon Balls do not show up in your satchel but appear instead in a specific display near the top of the screen (see below).

To get a Divine Dragon Wish, you need to fill this G to this G

You need to collect 7 Dragon Balls during a single maze run to be granted a wish. The Dragon Balls you encounter have a certain number of stars engraved on them. Those stars are purely aesthetics: if you somehow manage to get 2 balls with the same number of stars, it will still count as 2 separate balls.

Once you have had a wish during a maze run, you can start collecting them again for another wish (and another and another...) during the same run.

Rewards Edit

See Divine Dragon Wishes for everything you can get as a reward for collecting the Dragon Balls.

Sources Edit

Common sources:

  • Dragon Balls most commonly appear as Boss loot.
  • Dragon Balls can also simply lay on the floor as you flip a tile (or multiple tiles).

Sources requiring a specific Gumball in the team:

  • Pirate, Junkman and Bunny can drop Dragon Balls in their junk.
  • Pirate: On top of the above, if you have his statue, and use him as main, he gives up to 3 Roger's Golden Treasure per maze run. Each of those has a 50% chance to contain a Dragon Ball (See Pirate/Easter Eggs.
  • Adventurer: His villagers sometimes give a Dragon Ball. This doesn't seem to be maze related.
  • Divine Dragon: Each floor has a one enemy that when killed has 5% chance (at skill level 5) to drop a Dragon Ball

Note: Some of the above might be applicable only in Endless Mode runs.

Talents improvement :

  • Divine Dragon's talent increase the chance to get Dragon Balls by up to 80%. It is unknown if this applied to Boss loot or balls laying around on the floor or both.

Maze dependent sources:

Notes Edit

  1. Adventurer's Forest and Stone Dragon Ball: This requires to get to get a Wish without having submitted items to the monkey, be lucky to be offered the "Collections" options and be lucky to get the Stone as reward. You then need to be lucky to get kills with the stone ball and be lucky again to collect Dragon Balls out of it.
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