Name Cost Effect
Dragon Claw
Dragon Claw
10 Cause "Base Attack x2" damage to a single enemy (The damage is affected by basic Attack)
Dragon's Wings Ward
Dragon's Wings
15 Decrease long-range damage by 90%(Lasts for 10 rounds)

Note: Not improved by Legendary Mage will

Dragon's Influence
Dragon's Honor
20 Freeze all visible enemies, and increase the damage the enemy suffered by 80%(Lasts for 6 rounds,halved the effects and rounds on BOSS)

Note: Effect and duration improved by Legendary Mage

Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath
30 Causes "Power x3" points of damage against a single enemy. Scatters 50% damage against nearby enemies and turns over all slates within its range.
Great Prophecy
Superb Prophecy
50 Cast 3 powerful spells at random.

Learned via Divine Dragon Wishes or via the use of a parasite gumball (using the Love of Nagas baby). 10 energy is recovered per floor traversed.


  • "Base Attack" includes equipment but not temporary buffs (such as Bless or Blade of Ruin) or the effects of Metal Storm.
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