Round Table Domestic Affairs Class Issue
Type: Round Table
One of the class of issues for the Round Table Conference.

Issues are voted on. If only 1 or 2 votes are obtained, nothing is gained. There are 25 issues in each class.

If you have King Arthur in the team, you can choose between 6 selected at random from each class able to be voted on. If you don't, the issue will be selected randomly.

If the issue is in the realm of authority for one of the gumballs in your party, you will obtain at least N votes where N is the exclusive skill level of that gumball.

Imprison Mordred Gumball (3: Obtain Dark Scroll every 12 floors, 4: Obtain dark scroll every 10 floors, 5: Obtain dark scroll every 8 floors, 6: Obtain dark scroll every 6 floors)

Dismantle the huge statue and replace it with statues of Knights of the Round (3: +2 Earth Scrolls, 4: +4 Earth Scrolls, 5: +6 Earth Scrolls, 6: +8 Earth Scrolls)

Abolish the kingship of King Arthur Gumball (3: Empire Secret, 4: Empire Secret, 5: Empire Secret, 6: Empire Secret) (No more round tables will spawn after this action passes)

Increase the wages for the Knights of the Round by 100% (3: +1 Earth Spike, +3% earth spike spell effect, 4: +2 Earth Spike, +6% earth spike spell effect, 5: +3 Earth Spike, +9% earth spike spell effect, 6: +4 Earth Spike, +12% earth spike spell effect)

Increase the weekly holidays of the kingdom to 5 days (3: +1 Cross, +100 Ep, 4: +2 Cross, +200 Ep, 5: +3 Cross, +300 Ep, 6: +4 Cross, +400 Ep)

The Knights of the Round serve as the King by turns (3: +1 Attack/Power, 4: +2 Attack/Power, 5: +3 Attack/Power, 6: +4 Attack/Power

Source(s): Round Table Conference, appears in any maze as long as you have a Round Table Knight in your team.
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