Statue[edit | edit source]

Divine Dragon Fashion1.png Gives a fashion in the maze. Power +3, 50% less chance of Dragon Balls.

Make a wish in the maze, ask for his collections. He should give a Black Dragon Ball that can summon the black divine dragon and conversating with him and selecting "Can you help me realise my wish?" will result in 2 options:

1. "Then you go to hell"

The Black Divine Dragon become an enemy with 69 attack and 3.5k HP (Floor 53) with Ability: Dark Poem, Destruction Dragon Breath and Giant Dragon Ward.

Dark Poem: Launch an attack each round, dealing double damage (to all enemy on screen and gumball) and adding Dark Curse (Attack and Power Halves for 3 rounds)

Destruction Dragon Breath: Escape after 10 rounds, deals 9999 Damage

Giant Dragon Ward: Immune to all control status; immune to active skills and item damages

Killing the dragon give you Dragonshard (Use: Gumball's Attack and Power +3, Learn "Dragon" title)

2. "Then give something else?"

Give the Black Dragonscale, which unlock the "Black Fairy Dragon" fashion in settlement

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