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Great Statue Diverging Cavern

The Special Events in Sky may show you a Diverging Cavern.

Every Cavern has one choice that may reward a Sky Title. Since priority between combo skills is unknown, be careful with some of the earlier titles if you're planning a deep run.

Cavern Choice Result

(pirate chest)

Cave Pirate Chest.png
Left: Lit in a soft magic aura Find Ancient Iron Chest: 5 artifact fragments, 50000 Coins

Find Crystal Mineral Vein: 20 Crystal or 1 Gem (rare)
Fight lizards (48k/3/20/3/6): 20 Lizard's Spawn, Magic Lizard's Scale Plunder2 120px.png

Right: Traces of human activities Find Ancient Palace: : 1000 Relics, Ancient Eye Explore1 120px.png

Find Warrior's Corpse: 5 Artifact fragments, Assassin Plunder2 120px.png, Smuggler Celestial Title (20% chance to cast the skill after attacking: Enhances Fire by 10)
Fight Smugglers (80k/24/10/6/12): 100000 Coins, Smuggler Revenge2 120px.png


(red crystal)

Cave Crystal Red.png
Left: Rusty mechanical parts scattered about Find Abandoned Batteries: 1-2 Battery Pack

Find Rusty Device: 10x Rank1 Airship Materials, Tinkerer Celestial Title (25% chance to cast the skill after suffering damage: Enhances Armor by 12)
Fight robots (270k/32/48/5/15): Robot RG-800B / RG-800C / RS-500

Right: Traces of some violent explosion Find Airship Wreckage: 5x Rank2 Airship Materials, 1 Airship Chip

Find Broken Portal: 10x Rank1 Airship Materials, Teleportation Matrix Plunder1 120px.png
Fight Fire Elementals (180k/45/6/12/18): 5000 Relics, Dust Explore1 120px.png



Cave Grave.png
Left: Lit with a subtle magic aura Find Wizard's Corpse: 10 artifact fragments, Dark Witchcraft Plunder2 120px.png

Find Collapsed Statue: 2000 Relics, Ancient Offering Explore3 120px.png/ Evil God's Statue Plunder3 120px.png.
Fight Skeleton Mages (540k/64/32/15/36): 3 Bone of Moonlight, Ancient Offering Explore3 120px.png

Right: Covered in thorny vines Find Withered Tree: 3x Heart of Ancient Tree, Dryad's Song Explore1 120px.png, Ancient Tree Sage Celestial Title (10/20/30% chance to cast the skill after attacking:

Enhances Speed by 35)

Find bunch of strange plants: 5x Evil Pumpkin, Parasite Plunder3 120px.png
Fight Huge Plants (680k/40/40/72/24): 10x Tower Flower, Dave's Pot Marigold Explore4 120px.png


(Crystals - Light and Dark)

Cave Crystal Light and Dark.png
Left: Slight noise can be heard once in a while Find Broken Puppet: 10x Rank2 Alchemy Materials and 3x Rank3 Airship Materials

Find Rusty Device: 5x Ancient Circuit Component + 3x Energy Furnace Shard
Fight Rock Golems (980k/45/150/15/25): 2x Rank4 Airship Materials, Puppet Core Explore3 120px.png.

Right: Strong magic emanates Find Abandoned Altar: 3000 Relics, Confined Spirit Revenge2 120px.png, Ancient Sacrifice Celestial Title (10/20/30% chance to cast after suffering damage: Luck+50)

Find Broken Magic Formation : Hexagram Revenge3 120px.png
Fight Evil Spirits F136 A24 S50 L60 /E1.3M: Airship Materials (5 Rank3 + 2 Rank4), Hell Scream Revenge4 120px.png

Evil Spirits combos:

  • Evil Spirit's Curse: after suffering damage, medium chance, deals 25% of main's cannon damage + debuff Armor -30


Cave Boar.png
Left: Sound of roaring beasts occasionally coming Find an abandoned nest: 3 artifact fragments, Dead Gumball Revenge2 120px.png

Find tourist's corpse: Stone Hammer Plunder1 120px.png, 50000 Coins and Wild Hunter Celestial Title (When battle is won, 2% chance to receive random ingredients x3)
Fight wild beasts (2M/92/154/56/78): 3 Dragon's Rib, Giant Dragon's Power Plunder4 120px.png

Right: Stains of dried blood Find a withered corpse: Live Specimens Plunder3 120px.png + 50 Competent Cells

Find an abandoned coffin: 3000 Relics, 10 Statue
Fight Vampires (1.6M/102/76/112/40): 5000 Relics, Cain's Blood Plunder3 120px.png


(blue crystal)

Cave Crystal Blue.png
Left: Emits a faint light Find a candle: 1-2 Candle Revenge1 120px.png

Find an abandoned mineral vein: 10 Mithril, 5 Eternal Gold
Fight elemental creatures F118 A122 S90 L100 /E2.45M: 10 Arcane Crystal, 5 Holy Crystal, Purified Spirit Explore3 120px.png

Elemental creature combos:

  • Elemental Storm: after attack, average chance, deals 50% of main cannon's damage, buff: Fire +25
Right: Wooden ladder Find a collapsed wooden ladder: Log Ladder Plunder1 120px.png

Find a Master's residence: 12 Statue, Moon Contract or Sun Contract, Mistra's Citizens Celestial Title (when the battle is won, 1/2/3% chance of receiving: Random Contract x1)
Fight crazy old mage F164 A75 S85 L156 /E2.9M: 2 Gumball Fragment[notes 1], Illminster's Pipe Revenge4 120px.png

Crazy old mage combos:

  • Magic Missiles: after attack, average chance, deals 50% of main cannon's damage


Cave Sea Monster.png
Left: Big Tentacle lies transversely Find a wizened tentacle : Ancient Claw Plunder1 120px.png

Find pirates' treasure: 15 Statue, 30000 Coins, 1 Gem
Fight a tentacle (3.45M/148/172/67/148): 5 Rainbow Shell, Perfect Enhancement Explore4 120px.png

Right: Sounds of crashing waves Find a ship's wreckage: 3000 Relics, 30000 Coins

Find a sailor's remains: 10000 Coins, Bone Cross Plunder2 120px.png and Navigator Celestial Title (Probability of Special event discovery +5%)
Fight Sea Beasts (4M/195/175/88/122): 5k Relics, Tidal Force Plunder4 120px.png


(green crystal)

Cave Crystal Green.png
Left: Old experiment table Find a manuscript: Bandage Revenge1 120px.png and Crazy Scientist Celestial Title. (Launch probability of all combo skills +2/4/6%)

Find a fairy's corpse: Fairy Wings Explore3 120px.png or Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px.png
Fight creature on the lab table (4.7M/188/163/110/169): 1 Battery Pack, Nether Embryo Revenge3 120px.png

Right: Magic aura both of light and darkness Find many fragments of a mirror: Magic Mirror Fragments Plunder2 120px.png

Find a cluster of magic crystals: 100(?) or 300 Crystal, 1 Gem
Fight ghost (5.25M/185/185/154/154): Star Contract or Moon Contract, Fear Mirror Revenge4 120px.png



Cave Vines.png
Left: "Crackling" sound of working machines Find an airship's wreckage: 5 Rank2 + 2 Rank3 Airship Materials, 1 airship chip[notes 2]

Find a broken terminal: 2000 Relics, Ishtar Program Explore3 120px.png
Fight Mechanical Guards F200 A245 S160 L175 /E6.5M: Garden of Eden's Formula Explore4 120px.png, RS-500 (68%) or RG-800A / RG-800B / RG-800C / RG-800D (8% each)

Mechanical Guards combo skill:

  • Burning Bomb: ?
Right: Covered with all kinds of plants Find Magic Pods: 2-3x Magic Bean Explore1 120px.png

Find a cluster of strange flower buds: 2-3x Immature Flower Bud Explore1 120px.png, Magic Gardener Celestial Title (When battle is won, 2% chance of receiving Fruit of World Tree x3),
Fight Corpse Flowers F230 A197 S143 L160 /E5.9M: 20 Fruit of World Tree, Sun Rose Explore4 120px.png

Corpse Flowers combo skill:

  • Devour: ?

(traffic cone)

Cave Traffic Cone.png
Left: A "chuckle" laughter Find a sculptor's corpse: Counterfeit Explore2 120px.png or Artwork Explore3 120px.png

Find Magic Puppet: Broken Magic Puppet Revenge2 120px.png, Host of Magic Puppet Celestial Title (10/20/30% effects to Wing Planes)
Fight Magic Puppet (7.35M/206/270/199/155): 6000 Relics, Voodoo Doll Revenge4 120px.png

Right: Obstacles have been setup to prevent entry Find a mechanical device: Memory Elimination Explore4 120px.png

Find a refugee's corpse: 15 Statue, Silenced Pistol Revenge1 120px.png
Fight Mechanical Guards (8M/225/235/185/200): 1 Battery Pack, Refuge Explore4 120px.png


Rock Cave

Dun cave1001.png
Left: Human bones are scattered Find Weapon Rack: 5 Artifact Fragments, Sawtooth Sword Plunder1 120px.png

Find Adventurer's Body: 5 Artifact Fragments, Bone Eater Celestial Title. (When attacking a Monster Floating Island, 100% chance to launch: Decrease the enemy's Fire and Armor by 4/8/12, -/700/800 EP)
Fight Ogres (9.3m/256/236/243/265): 200 Competent Cells, Mace Plunder3 120px.png

Right: Sounds of mining pick Find Miner Body : 15 Rank 2 Materials, 3 Rank 4 Materials/ 15 Dark Steel + 3 Eternal Gold

Find Ragged Tent: 10 Rank 4 Food, Flashlight Explore2 120px.png

Fight Foreman F312 A277 S254 L277 /E10.2M: Miner's Pick Revenge2 120px.png, 1 Artisan (limited to 3 reward times for going right)
Foreman combo skills:

  • Bloodlust: replaces attack, frequent, deals 130% of main cannon's damage, cure for 10% of max energy
  • Thrash: after attack, average chance, deals damage equal to 12% of its max energy

Dragon Cave

Dun cave1101.png
Left: Roar of beast Find Dragon body: 10 Dragon's Rib, Dragon Slayer Celestial Title (In Colossus fights, main cannon +2%/+4%/+6%, damage -2%/-4%/-6%)

Find Huge dragon nest: 10 Arcane Crystal, 5 Holy Crystal / 30 mysterious statues (rare) / 2 Gem (limited to 3 reward times for going left), 100k Coins, Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png

Fight Red Dragon F343 A302 S281 L254 /E12.2M: 2 Gem (limited to 3 times for going left), 100k Coins, Treasure Map Explore3 120px.png
Red Dragon combo skills:

  • Dragon Wing Blow: replaces attack, average chance, deals 150% of main cannon's damage
  • Breath: after attack, average chance, deals 40% of main cannon's damage + debuff on you: fire -30
Right: Mechanical parts are scattered Find Underground factory: Energy Storage Device Explore3 120px.png and RS-500 Robot

Find Abandoned airship: 1 Eden Accelerator (3h) (limited to 3 times), 5 Rank4 Airship Materials

Fight UAV F358 A339 S335 L288 /E13.9M: 2 random Airship Chip, UAV Wing Plane
UAV combo skills:

  • Cluster Bomb: after attack, frequent, deals damage equal to 12% of its max energy
  • Energy Field: after suffering damage, frequent, cure 9% of max energy, armor +40


  1. Blue crystal cave confirmed possible fragments: Anesthetist, Chuchu, Demon Hunter, Diau Charn, Geisha, Gargoyle, Gun Dealer, Justice Herald, Pharaoh, Pinocchio, ...
  2. Vines (801+), Confirmed possible Airship Chip: Caribbean, Petitioner Entropy Ship, Steel Fist