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District 91
District 91.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock 50 Gem in Shop, Need to clear Dracula's Castle
Normal reward Smilodon & Troll gumballs
Raid boost Troll
Raid reward Melee Relics +3
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos
Extra #1 Details on Forms
"Many districts specializing in experiments were secretly deployed in Erathia! In District 91, many creatures are prisoned there for the research of..."

Available in the Shop for 50 Gem after clearing Dracula's Castle

Complete maze to recruit Smilodon


Hidden Gumball[]


To get Troll gumball,

SPOILER ALERT - Don't EXPAND if you prefer to get to it yourself
  • Get Runic Dagger (random drop from Runic Stone with Troll form lvl3+)
  • Find Strange Bloodstain (60+, likely guaranteed by 101), Observe and automatically enter rune space
  • Use Troll form and talk to troll (Troll level V needed)
  • Search box for Flag of Voodoo as well


  • Freak's Nightmare Realm - 2 Vigor
    Floors 40 (Difficulty 43)
  • Clone and Hybrid - 2 Vigor
    Floors 45 (Difficulty 44)
  • Morally Ambiguous Lab - 2 Vigor
    Floors 45 (Difficulty 45)
  • Lose Control! Hybrid Monster! - 2 Vigor
    Floors 50 (Difficulty 46)
  • Endless Mode - 3 Vigor (Difficulty 46)



Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Orc Fighter


Orc Fighter.png

Berserk: Attack doubles when HP drops below 50%

Disarm When counterattacking, may inflict Disarm effect (reduces Attack to 1 for 3 rounds)

Drops 2-4 Orc Gene
Freak Scorpion


Freak Scorpion.png

Poison Ooze: When counterattacking, Poison effect attached (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Dexterous: High Dodge ( 0%/30%/? )

Drops 2-4 Freak Cell
High Elf


High Elf.png

Magic Missiles: Launches an attack every 2 rounds

Elemental Armor: Spell Resistance +60%

Drops 2-4 Elf Gene
Mountain Dwarf


Mountain Dwarf.png

Thump: May deal double damage when counterattacking

Armor: Physical Resistance +60%

Drops 2-4 Dwarf Gene
Revantusk Troll


Revantusk Troll.png

Reborn: Recover 10% HP each round

Tear: While countering, Bleeding Effect attached (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Drops 2-4 Troll Gene
Tree Pixie


Tree Pixie.png

Growth: Increase 2 Attack and 10 HP for each round

Entwine: Launches every 4 rounds, entwining enemy (cannot cast spell over 2 rounds)

Drops 2-4 Plant Gene

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at District 91/Specific.

Boss (Hybrid Monster)[]

File:Hybrid Monster.png


Hybrid Monster Demon
Floor Attack HP Physical
30 41 629 30 30
40 30 30
50 109 2399 30 30
60 123 4493 40 40
70 204 8296 40 40
80 363 40 40

There are 10 empty tiles around the boss. (Good for Zerg Queen’s skill)


  • Form Impact: Launches an attack every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to the enemy
  • Form Shield: Physical Resistance +X, Spell Resistance +Y (see table above)
  • Form Integration: when launching Form Impact, trigger a random form spell (lasts 3 rounds)
    • Tenacious: Damage Taken -30%
    • Poison: Inflict Poison effect
    • Elemental Shield: Block 3 damages
    • Reborn: Gain 15% HP
    • Ancestor's Body: Remove debuffs and be immune to all debuffs
    • Jungle Soul: Steal enemy HP (150% of Attack)
    • Feral Roar: Attack +100%

Dragon Wish version of the Boss[]

The boss obtained when using the Divine Dragon wish I want to become stronger! is similar to the normal boss except that the Physical and Spell Resistance if fixed at 30%.


Can be summon at clone machine.

Gumball Form Stats
Orc Form Enlightenment: Gain 5 EP per enemy killed

Brute Force (Rank3+): Attack +50%

Bone Crunching (Rank5): When attacking, 25% chance to stun target (lasts for 3 rounds)

Elf Form Elemental Loop: 50% chance to summon Elemental Whirlpool per enemy that killed

Fire Bless (Rank3+): When present, effects of Gumball's damage spells +30%

Magic Furnace (Rank5): When present, Gumball Power +15%

Dwarf Form Enchanted War Hammer: Ignore Physical Resistance +30%

Shield Up (Rank3+): Decrease the damage suffered by 30%

Shield Revenge (Rank5): Reflect Damage by 50% when under attack

Plant Form Growth: Attack +1 each round (valid on this floor)

Nourish (Rank3+): Recover 1 HP for itself and Gumball each round

Seed of Life (Rank5): 5% chance to obtain Seed of Life per enemy killed

Troll Form Reborn: Restore HP by 5% per round when it is lower than 50%

Critical Totem (Rank3+): When attacking, 10% chance to place a random totem

Delude (Rank5): When present, all enemies Attack -15%

Freak Form Acute:: When attacking, 30% chance to deal double damage

Blood-leech (Rank3+): When attacking, heals 20% of damage dealt as HP

Soften Bone (Rank5): Deal 50% extra damage when attacking the poisoned enemy

Hybrid Form Cooperate: When present, Gumball Attack +2 each round (valid on this floor)

Terrible Howling (Rank3+): When attacking, 20% chance to reduce enemy attack to 1 for 5 rounds (invalid against BOSS)

Energy Resonance (Rank5): When present, Gumball's spell effects +30%

Puppet Bite: Launches an attack each round

(This is the "golem" created by Ten Commandments)

Maze Mechanics[]

Gene Handbook

On floor 1, you'll get a Gene Handbook. When opening the Handbook, you can see 6 different Forms or Morphologies that you can study, equip and activate. A seventh can be unlocked for the duration of the run by maxing the first 6.

Each of the forms has four equipment slots:

  • The first 3 can be found at random and are often shared by multiple forms
  • The 4th is unique to each form and has a specific mean of obtention
  • Each equipment can be upgraded up to level 30 using up to 162 R-G-R Particles

Each form has a research tree looking like DNA strands.

  • Each skill requires some Growth Hormone and genes specific to that morphology.
  • To upgrade a form to the next level, you need 8 researches: 3 for each DNA branch, the skill in the middle and the morph level itself.
  • For each form, there is a blue DNA branch that buff all forms and a red one that buffs this particular form only
  • Each form can be raised up to Rank V.

Some gumball starts with some researches when select as main. See District 91/Specific#Starting Researches for details.

The forms are Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Plant, Troll, Freak and Hybrid.

See District 91/Forms for details about all the forms (equipment, DNA, icons,...)

Forms' Active Skills[]

Form Active Skills
  • I:Enlightenment: Obtain extra 20 EP per enemy that is killed (Lasts for 5 rounds), costs 2× Orc's Blood
  • II: Tenacious: Damage taken -80%. 20% change to avoid damage (Lasts for 4 rounds), costs 3× Orc's Blood
  • III: Berserk: Attack +150%, damage taken +50% (Lasts for 5 rounds), costs 4× Orc's Blood
  • IV: Trample: Deal Attack×250% Damage to target and enemies nearby and stun them (Lasts for 3+Y rounds), costs 5× Orc's Blood
  • I: Elemental Whirpool: Summon 3 elemental whirlpools, costs 2× Elemental Heart
  • II: Elemental Torrent: When casting a spell, deal damage to all enemies (Damage dealt is affected by Power and spell rank. Lasts for 4 rounds), costs 3× Elemental Heart
  • III: Elemental Shield: Shield absorbs 192(+5) damage (Damage absorbed is affected by MP. Valid on this floor), costs 4× Elemental Heart
  • IV: Elemental Affinity: All spell effects +150%. When casting a spell, 10% chance to consume neither MP nor scroll (lasts for 5 rounds), costs 5× Elemental Heart
  • I: Stormbreaker: Deals X damage to enemy and stun it (lasts for 3 rounds), costs 2× Mark of Dwarf. Where X is 120% × Attack (buffs included)
  • II: The Fealess: Reserve 1 HP when taking fatal damage (lasts for 2 rounds), costs 3× Mark of Dwarf.
  • III: Defensive Attack: When taking damage, counterattack and stun enemy for 2 rounds (lasts for 5 rounds), costs 4× Mark of Dwarf.
  • IV: Ancestor's Body: Remove all debuffs and be immune to them, Attack +200%, Damage taken -50% (lasts for 5 rounds), costs 5× Mark of Dwarf.
  • I: Awake: Gain X MP and HP each round (Lasts for 4 round). Costs 2× Plant Essence, X = ?
  • II: Protection: Damage taken -25% per enemy that exists (Lasts for 4 round). Costs 3× Plant Essence
  • III: Seed of Life: 15% chance to obtain *Seed of Life* per enemy that killed (Lasts for 3 rounds)
  • IV: Jungle Soul: : Disable all enemies from counterattacking and reduce their HP by (x) each round. Gain HP based on their missing HP (last for 3 rounds)
  • I: Reborn: Gain X HP each round (lasts for 4 rounds), costs 2× Troll's Amulet
  • II: Earnest Throw: Deal X damage to the enemies of the same row and turn over the slates of this row, costs 3× Troll's Amulet
  • III: Place Totem: Place 4 enhanced totems, cost 4 Troll's Amulet
  • IV: Witchcraft: Reduce all enemies Attack and HP by 50% and remove all their features. (Lasts for 4+X) rounds. Effect halved against BOSS.
  • I: Acute: When attacking, 60% chance to deal double damage, and 30% chance to avoid counterattack (Lasts for 6 rounds), costs 2× Freak Ooze
  • II: Engulf: Gain 20% HP per enemy that killed (Lasts for 4 rounds), costs 3× Freak Ooze
  • III: Hunt: Mark an enemy, increasing its damage taken by 40% each round (Lasts for 4 rounds), costs 4× Freak Ooze
  • IV: Poison: Deal Attack×2 damage to all enemies and poison them (Lasts for 3 rounds), costs 5× Freak Ooze
  • I: Earthy Trample: Turn over all slates, dealing Attack*100% damage to all enemies and stunning them. (Lasts 3 rounds, uses standard debuff slot, is a control spell)
  • II: Feral Roar: Attack +150%. Reduce all enemy attacks to 1 (lasts for 4 rounds. Effect halved against Boss). Buff part uses its own buff slot, debuff uses standard debuff slot. This is not a control spell.
  • III: Death Blade: : Attack and power +200%. Obtain enemy soul after killing them. (Lasts for 5 rounds)
  • IV:  Energy Burst: When Casting a spell, cast another random spell of the same rank (Lasts for 5 rounds)

Maze Interactions[]

Basement (Cave)[]


Fight 4 monsters. Possible rewards:

Clone Machine[]

Clone Machine.png

  • Clone : Inovke a persistent Ally
    • If you have no form activated, the ally is in Gumball Form and attacks every turn.
  • Destroy : Get some EP and upgrade items

The clone machine can appear on multiple floors. Clone option will not work if you already have a clone helping you.

Eco Garden[]

Eco Garden.png

Result seems to depend on the activated form:

  • Plant form: Effect depends on Elf form level
    • 0: One of Attack +1, Power +1, HP +10, MP+10
    • I or II: One of Attack +2, Power +2, HP +20, MP+20
    • III or IV: One of Attack +3, Power +3, HP +30, MP+30
    • IV or V : Natural Bless (the first time - Must use tree form to get)
    • V : One of Attack +4, Power +4, HP +40, MP+40
    • Also chance of 6-8× Elemental Heart (conditions unknown)
  • Elf Form:
  • Other Forms : Summon 3 pixies enemies.

Gene Mutationor[]

Gene Mutationor.png

This device is generating powerful ionizing radiation. It's modifying the gene of nearby creatures and making them ferocious!
  • Buffs enemies with Gene Mutation: Attack +100%, HP+100%

Can be destroyed once you reach it, gives:

Can be absorbed in Hybrid form

Monsters killed while the effect is ongoing drop more Form Genes (4-8 per mob instead of 2-4).

Monster Cage[]

Monster Cage.png

A strange creature is constrained is this cage. It's dying!
  • Freak Form: 3× Freak Ooze + Health + MP
    • I / II: Health +10 MP +10
    • III / IV: Health +20 MP +20
    • V: Health +25 MP +25
  • Other Forms: 3× Freak Ooze + 25% chance of Claw + 25% chance of Spiky Shell



Invoke one type of enemy every 5 rounds (maximum 10).
Can be destroyed once you reach it, gives:

Rune Slate[]

Rune Slate.png

Read for:

  • Orc Form: depending on Orc's morph level:
    • I / II: Attack +2
    • III / IV: Attack +3
    • V: Attack +4
  • Troll Form:
    • Spells scrolls (depending on Troll morph level)
    • + Runic Dagger if troll morph level >= 3
  • Other forms:
    • Nothing

Steel Smelter[]

Hell Furnace.png

Consume 300EP to forge equipment.

  • Dwarf Form:
    • Mithril Blunderbuss or 2/3 pieces of Form Equipment (Note: Excludes unique equipment such as Flag of Voodoo.)
  • Other forms:
    • 2 pieces of random Rank1 to 5 Equipment

Strange Bloodstain[]

Strange Bloodstain.png

Floor 60+ ...

Super Bioweapon[]

Super Bioweapon.png

You are awed by this bioweapon. Only those powerful creatures can be baptized by this weapon and gain its great power for a certain period.
  • Dwarf Form: Damage taken -90%. 50% chance to stun enemy for 3 rounds when attacking
  • Elf Form: All spell effects +15%
  • Freak Form: When attacking the enemy with HP lower than 30%, 50% chance to devour them and enhance attributes
  • Gumball Form: Cannot be used
  • Orc Form: Increase Attack by 100%
  • Plant Form: Recover HP by 8% per round
  • Troll Form: Attack ignores barriers. Will not be counterattacked
  • Hybrid Form: earthquake with group implosion.

Each effect lasts for 15 rounds and uses its own buff slot.

Unmanned Supermarket (Shop)[]

Unmanned Supermarket.png

Possible offers:


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Researcher's Remains
Researcher's Remains.png
Gives Gene Handbook (First Floor)

Else : 20-24× Growth Hormone + chance of Form Handbook (30%)

Broken Researcher's Soul: Gene Handbook, Growth Hormone consumption -1%

or Complete Researcher's Soul: Gene Handbook, Growth Hormone consumption -3%

Mermaid's Remains
Mermaid's Remains.png
Gives Hag's Potion: Cast group Hex Mermaid's Soul: Attack -50, Dodge and Max Dodge +100% (Valid on current floor)
Female PhD's Remains
Female PhD's Remains.png
Gives Oscar Device: Directly exile all enemies (Invalid against Boss) Female PhD's Soul: All spell effects +3%
Evil King's Remains
Evil King's Remains.png
Gives Blood of Demon King: Attack +3, HP +30 Muzan's Soul: Enhances Blood of Demon King: Attack +10% based on current base value (at least +1)
Writer's Remains
Writer's Remains.png
Gives NZT-48: MP -20, Power +5 Eddie Mora's Soul : NZT-48, ability enhanced : MP -40, Power +10, Ignore ennemy Dodge +15%
Masked Man's Remains
Masked Man's Remains.png
Give Spider Mask: Attack +3, HP +30 (Helmet, Rank 3) Peter Parker's Soul : Spiders Mask, ability enhanced : Attack +6, Dodge +10%, Max Dodge +5% (Helmet, rank 5)
Unknown Creature's Remains
Unknown Creature's Remains.png
Give Ten Commandments Fragment: Defense +3 (Treasure, Rank 3) Moro's Soul : Ten Commandments Fragment enhance into Ten Commandments: Increase the effect of all Damage spells by 15%, When attacking, dominate ennemy (25% chance to turn alive ennemy into golem) (Treasure, Rank 6)


Potion Formula[]

This yellow paper smells sour. It seems like it was used for blowing noses. Some askew words and hasty patterns are marked on the paper. You really hope that the writer's alchemy skill exceeds his writing level.
  • Proliferation Potion
    HP +50
    When used in District 91, obtain 60 bottels of Growth Hormone
  • Cell Mixture
    Attack and Power +2
    When used in District 91, obtain 60 random cells.
  • Hybrid Potion
    HP and MP +50
    Spell effect +10%
  • Wild Beast's Blood
    Wild Beast status (Attack +150%, damage taken +50%. Valid on this floor)
    When used by Orc Gumball, Attack +3
    Can be used for 3/3 times

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see here.

Title Loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball Specific Loots[]

Check here

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Use Oscar Device ×3 2 From Female PhD's Remains
S Obtain Spider Mask ×3 2 From Masked Man's Remains
S Obtain Ten Commandments ×3 2 From Unknown Creature's Remains, requires upgrading with the soul. Meaning you will need venture - farplane ranger to get it.
S Use Hag's Potion ×3 2 From Mermaid's Remains
S Gain NZT-48 ×3 2 From Writer's Remains
S Use Blood of Demon King ×3 2 From Evil King's Remains
G Unlock Rune Space 3 Investigate the Strange Bloodstain in Troll form with the dagger in your inventory
G Activate Super Bioweapon ×10 2
G Disenchant Form Equipment ×20 1
G Upgrade a form equipment to Max Level 2 Max level is 30. Full upgrade from level 1 to level 30 costs 162 R-G-R Particle
G Fully equipped in Orc Form 2 The 4't item can be found randomly in the market for 500 EP
G Fully equipped in Elf Form 2
G Fully equipped in Dwarf Form 2 The 4th item can be found when using Steel Smelter in dwarf form
G Fully equipped in Plant Form 2 The 4'th item is found in the Eco Garden when using a high level Plant form.
G Fully equipped in Troll Form 2 the 4'th item is found at level 60+ after inspecting the Strange Bloodstain while you have the dagger from the Rune Slate in your inventory
G Fully equipped in Freak Form 2 The 4'th item is obtained from the Monster Cage randomly
G Defeat Orc Fighter ×100 1
G Defeat Freak Scorpion ×100 1
G Defeat High Elf ×50 1
G Defeat Mountain Dwarf ×100 1
G Defeat Revantusk Troll ×100 1
G Kill Tree Pixie ×50 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS ×5 3
G Purchase in Unmanned Supermarket ×100 2
G Clear Basement ×15 2
G Orc Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Elf Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Dwarf Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Plant Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Troll Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Freak Form reaches Rank 5 3
G Activate hidden form 3 Unlocked when all 6 forms are maxed
S Reach Floor 70 1
S Reach Floor 80 2
S Reach Floor 90 3
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5 See: Troll

Boss Package Reward[]

Kill Boss on 100F to claim 20× Troll Gumball Fragment and 20× Holy Blood.


  • Leave Gene Mutationor on for more Form Genes dropped from enemies
  • Certain Gumballs will unlock Clone Form Levels at start, see District 91/Specific
  • See District 91/Forms for details about all the forms
  • You can see details about many pieces of form equipment on their individual pages.
  • Pieces of Form Equipment that you don't need can be disenchanted for 5x R-G-R Particle
  • You can complete all quests (80/80) in tree runs, but only if you take Farplane Ranger or a gumball whose talent mimics Farplane Ranger.


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