Dimension Boots Dimension Boots
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Boots
There are various stains on the old boots. Some academicians have tried to deduce where the owners of boots have gone by researching the stains. But it was hard for people to accept their conclusions, because they couldn't believe someone could walk from the bottom of the Alvinos Abyss to the death dessert in the Northern Bracada within such a short time. At last, all noblemen at the auction house voted to confirm that those pair of boots was just a prank and then they discarded it in a cheap storehouse's corner. One day, the guarder of the storehouse saw a clumsy thief apprentice stealing the boots, but he didn't go to chase him. Until one day, people were surprised to find out that the powerful God of thief, Meo, was the apprentice who stole the boots, and he was exactly wearing the old boots.
Dodge +20%, Max Dodge +5%
Dimension Walker talent upgrade(s): Grant Hiding effect on each floor, lasts for -/2/3/4/5 rounds. (Hiding, all monsters no longer guard the slate.)
Source(s): Boss drop or crafted via Holy Blacksmith
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