Destroy is a Sky action that allows you to instantly win combats.
Destroy Player Airship

Availability Edit

This action is unblocked via the Halos of various Airships, each such Halo opens up the Destroy action for a specific type of combat.

Improvements Edit

  • Invader's halo allows you to use the Destroy actions as if your energy was higher by up to +36%.
  • Destroy System Enhancement from Robot Army tree in Tech Hall increases this further by +4%/X%/X%/X%/X%

These are multiplicative with Goblin's effect. So, for instance, if you own Goblin at rank 6 (150%) and Invader at rank 6 (+36%), you'll be able to Destroy enemy Monster Islands with Energy up to 2.04 times your own Energy because 1.5*(1+0,36)=2.04.

Rewards Edit

Rewards for winning a fight in this manner are the same as the normal rewards. It is unknown how exactly the Obisidian Ray bonus Relics are computed but they are awarded as if the fight had lasted a few rounds.

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