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Demon Hunter's Blade.png Demon Hunter's Blade
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This terrifying battle blade was a weapon used by the most famous demon hunter on the continent. The blade has two parts and it stretches from the middle of the handle to the outer in the shape of an arc. The whole blade is crescent with a weird dark green light. A pentagram termed "Demon Heraldry" is carved on the front of the handle in order to seal the demons.
Item Level: 156

Property: Bind after pickup, main hand, one-hand sword
Damage count: Damage: 302 - 563, Speed: 2.80
Attribute bonus: Agility +22, Stamina +47, Accuracy +21
Class: Monk, Death Knight, Rogue, Warrior
Required level: 70
Set effect: Attack to demons increases by 200

(Obviously this piece of equipment is in the wrong game server.  You have no choice but to "Sacrifice" it.)

When upgraded using the Illidan's Soul:
Item Level: Grade 6
Type: Off-hand Sword (Gloves)
Damage: Attack+10
Attributes Bonus: Dodge+6%, HP+80
For Classes: Gumball Required Level: Unlimited
Special Effect: Causes additional 20% damage when attacking demons

(Come on, I know you want to)

Source(s): Found on remains in Bloody Fortress