Demon Camera Demon Camera
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
This black camera is the love of Paparazzi Gumball. Its unique because of the material of its lens--Archdemon's eyeballs of the Lost Valley. When an Archdemon dies, his eyeballs will be crystalized and turn into a transparent glassy state. This crystal has a very magical perspective function. Lens made from it allows you to take a lot of "special" photos!
Power +1/2/3/4/5, MP+10/20/30/40/50

When you enter the next floor, Camera Energy +1/1/2/2/2
When shooting, the duration rounds of flashlight effect + 0/1/1/2/2

Take a certain number of photos to upgrade the camera : 2/4/6/8
Max level: When shooting, the consumption of Camera Energy is decreased by 20%

Source(s): Paparazzi as Main


  • Upgrading will increase the apparent rank of Demon Camera from 1 up to 5 but disenchant value remains 10EP (coherent with a rank 1 item).
  • Camera will upgrade even if not equipped but you do need to equip it to get the extra energy when entering next floor or the reduced cost at max level.
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