Demon's Liver Specimen Demon's Liver Specimen
Type: Consumable
This piece of burnt liver comes from a group of adventurers known as "Abyss Conquerors". They are famous for seeking (or stealing) treasures in the abyss. It's hard to imagine that a group which engage in such dangerous works would actually have more than 500 members on its best days. Unfortunately, their crazy behavior drew attention of a demon lord. He assembled thousands of demons to encircle and kill them. Soon afterwards, the group disappeared and their corpses were everywhere. Some of the demon mages can't understand why these adventurers were so crazy, so they collected their dead bodies and made their organs into research specimens. The viscera still has a little residue of "crazy" aura. To use it, you must cut out your own liver, and exchange it for this, then allow the wound to heal.
Use: Lose 10 HP, Poisonous.

Gumball's HP and MP +20

Source(s): Found in Bloody Fortress


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