Declaration of Holy War Declaration of Holy War
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
This Declaration of Holy War was uphold by countless knights as the codex of conduct. On the title page reads the following:"Corpse wrapped in hide, die among the field." Verbergen is the strongest and most selfless knight of the Empire. He guarded the land and achieve many fantastic merit. Adhering to the concept that punishment of a crime does not involve one's family, he was convicted for the unsanctioned release of a rebel leader's wife and children. He was stripped of duty and thrown in prison on the island of Puniwan. After more than a decade, neighboring armies attacked again, and the battleline of the empire had once collapsed. When the situation turned dire, someone suddenly remembered Verbergen. To their surprise, Verbergen did not complain about his years of imprisonment, and still donned his armor into battle. After the war, the king felt guilty at heart. So he signed this declaration to honor Verbergen's feats.
Use: Instantly complete Lionheart King's trial

Obtain 3 Lionheart King's Pearls
Obtain Lionheart King's Dress "Blood Stainer"
Obtain 2 Golden Pot
(This item must be used in the "Shrine of Snowy Mountain")

Source(s): Hall of Overseeing (Maze) - Last floor
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