This suit is related to the Hell Frontier maze

Full Suit Bonus:

  • Power+10%
  • When an enemy is killed, 20% chance to increase 1 point of Power
  • When casting damage spells, 50% chance to inflict Double damage


Name Rank Type Effect
Breathing of the Dead Breathing of the Dead 6 Ring MP+100

Increase the effect of all Dark spells by 30%

Hell Walker Hell Walker 6 Boots Max Dodge +5%

Dodge +2% for advancing to each 10 floors of the Maze

Fiend's Phalanx Fiend's Phalanx 6 Gloves Power+8

Rounds of Curse +1

Crimson Wings Crimson Wings 6 Cloak Power+5, Defense+1

Recover MP +10 each time you enter the next floor of the Maze

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