D20 D20
Type: Consumable
This white dice has exactly 20 faces. In the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, it is used for attack rolls, skill checks and Spell save. When you add the points you have to Attack correction, and the points earned are greater than or equal to the difficulty of this action, then this action is considered successful.
Use: Throw it to test your luck!
Source(s): Gods' Chessboard - Youth's Remains

When you use the dice, a short message is displayed: You threw X, Attack modify Y

  • X is always 1-20, and changes every time an enemy is killed.
  • Y is based off of current Attack, ranging from -? at Attack >? to a maximum of 5 at Attack 120+. Effects such as Bless will not affect the modifier, but bonuses from equipment will.
    • If X+Y is less than 15, the judgement will fail.
    • If X+Y is greater than 14, the judgement will succeed and grant Attack +5.


  • Throw pattern is set at the start of each floor. Using S/L (not S/L 30) it is possible to run through multiple results until a success is found, or to move to another floor is the current one cannot yield a success.
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