Curse.png Curse
Rank: Element: Dark
MP: 6 Type: Aid
Effect Decrease the target's Attack (It lasts for 4 rounds, halve the effect on Boss)


Source Effect
Witch Curse +-/10/15/20/25 and Decrease HP (passive)

, get and transcribe (active)

Fallen Angel Light and Dark spells +12/24/36/48/60%
Dark Master Dark Spells +20/30/40%
Legendary Mage Aid Spells +30/40/50/60%
Black Pearl Curse +25%
Dark Mastery Suit Dark effect bonus +25%
Dark Elemental All Dark Spells +5/../+25%
Shadow Orb All Dark Spells +30/../+60%
Pandora All Fire & Dark Spells +12/../+60%


Rounded up to the nearest whole number

D=Attack decrease
P=Gumball's power
E=Enhancement (cumulative)

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