The cultist stronghold is a mini maze (5F) found in Space/M03 on Elula.


Enemy Skill Other info


Attack 50, HP 150

Vigilance: When present, turns over the slates over all companions
Alienated Armor: Be immune from pet and active skill damage

10 appear every floor

When 1 Cultists is revealed, all other Cultists will be revealed.

Maze Occurrences

Sundries Pile
Appears every floor from F1 to F4. Searching allows you to obtain either:

Wooden Desk
Appears on F5. Search to obtain Ciphertext

Storage Chest
2 appear on F5. Search to obtain 500 Competent Cells and 1500 Elula Coin.


Vampire - Predator -  White Chess Bishop Makes it way to easy. If you want to be safe, you can also take the zerg queen potion, but there shouldnt be any issues without it.

As an alternative, you can use:

Which will award you with a stack of 9x Cellular Catalyst, which will take care of all the cultists in 3 rounds.

Alternative solution:

  • Spy may be used to ignore the cultists, open the box and take the candle. Then just kill the one cultist that holds the key.


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