The cultist stronghold is a mini maze (5F) found in Space/M03 on Elula.

Enemies Edit

It features cultists (human) as the only enemy, which have a fair bit of damage and health, and all of them will show up when one is discovered (works only on floor 1?). They are immune to pet and active skill damage. Each floor has 10 cultists with 450 HP and 50 Attack each.


Each floor has a sundries pile that contains a candle and 3 Roasted Meat or 3 Fire Balls.

Tactics Edit

Vampire - Predator -  White Chess Bishop Makes it way to easy. If you want to be safe, you can also take the zerg queen potion, but there shouldnt be any issues without it.

As an alternative, you can use:

Which will award you with a stack of 9x Cellular Catalyst, which will take care of all the cultists in 3 rounds.

Alternative solution:

  • Spy may be used to ignore the cultists, open the box and take the candle. Then just kill the one cultist that holds the key.

Rewards Edit

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