The cultist stronghold is a mini maze (5F) found in Space/M03 on Elula.

Enemies Edit

Enemy Skill Other info


Attack 50, HP 150

Vigilance: When present, turns over the slates over all companions
Alienated Armor: Be immune from pet and active skill damage

10 appear every floor

When 1 Cultists is revealed, all other Cultists will be revealed.

Maze OccurrencesEdit

Sundries Pile
Appears every floor from F1 to F4. Searching allows you to obtain either:

Wooden Desk
Appears on F5. Search to obtain Ciphertext

Storage Chest
2 appear on F5. Search to obtain 500 Competent Cells and 1500 Elula Coin.

Tactics Edit

Option 1 Edit

Vampire + Predator + White Chess Bishop makes it way too easy. If you want to be safe, you can also take the Queen's Blessing potion, but it isn't necessary.

Option 2 Edit

Which will award you with a stack of 9x Cellular Catalyst, which will take care of all the cultists in 3 rounds.

Option 3 Edit

  • Spy may be used to ignore the cultists, open the box and take the candle. Then just kill the one cultist that holds the key.

Option 4 Edit

Vampire + Destroyer + Commando, only the first floor was even remotely dangerous. After that, Stimulant on every floor.

Option 5 Edit

Vampire + Predator + Commando. Use Stimulant on every floor.

Rewards Edit

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