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Creepy Castle
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock 150 exploration
Normal reward Medal of Blood Tribe
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 2000 Relics Fragment

1 Rainbow Contract

Creepy Castle, is a Sky Maze that can appear after exploring the sky 150 times.

Overview Edit

Floors: 4
Creepy Castle requires requires stealing Mithril Bullets from enemies to be able to kill the individual floor bosses. As such, Bandit is required as the main gumball. Each floor after the first houses one ranged enemy with the necessary bullet, one floor boss with high health and attack to be killed with said bullet, and several smaller enemies with high evasion.

Recommended Build Edit

  • Gumball: Bandit - extremely difficult to complete otherwise.
  • Potion: Not necessary
  • Artifact: Anything other than ring, otherwise not necessary.
  • Soul-Link: Any

Walkthrough Edit

On the first floor you will find 100 Essence Blood, 3 Ancestor's Blood, a Mithril Bullet, Roger's Note, Nibelungen Spear and an altar. Take everything and then use the altar to upgrade the ring (you can fail on upgrades). Use the bullet (Spell book -> Special -> Mithril bullet) to kill the enemy with a lot of HP. On the following floors, whenever you encounter a Bandit or Vampire Hunter, (not a vampire or a lich), use the Bandit Claw on him to steal a Mithril Bullet, otherwise you won't be able to kill the floor boss and get the key. Use the Mithril Bullet to kill the floor boss, move to the next floor, and repeat.

Just for fun, you could alternatively soul-link the Bandit with Minstrel in order to get extra EP while killing vampires. In this way you could reach Templar Lv.2 and then, in the last level, in case you have obtained 1x Curse + 1x Ice Shield, easily kill the floor boss in close combat rather than by a mithril bullet.

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