Universe Trader
Once Space is unlocked, every Friday, the Cosmic Trader will show up in whichever sector you are currently in. It will leave after three days.

You can trade gumball frags, Eden resources, and $$ to purchase items from the shop.

The space currency you can purchase is locked to whichever space sector you are in when the Cosmic Trader shows up.

LTD QTY (Items)Edit

Item Limit Resource Type Cost
Eden Accelerator (3h) 8 50x Gumball Frags [notes 1]
Eden Accelerator (3h) 8 50x Gumball Frags [notes 1]
Eden Accelerator (3h) 8 50x Gumball Frags [notes 1]
20x Small Uranium Ore Storage Device 17 Gas Gas
20x Small Electricity Storage Device 17 Uranium Uranium Ore
20x Small Gas Storage Device 17 Electricity Electricity
20x Small Electricity Storage Device 17 Gas Gas
20x Small Gas Storage Device 17 Uranium Uranium Ore
20x Small Uranium Ore Storage Device 17 Electricity Electricity
200 Competent Cells 9 20,000 Gas/Electricity
Gem 3 20,000 Uranium Ore
Space Currency[notes 2] 6 20,000 Electricity/Gas
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The fragments required are the ones for the gumballs for which you have the most fragments. Unlike the exchanges at the Mercenary Camp, this includes special gumballs like Merchant, Divine Dragon or Warrior and hidden gumballs like Spartan
  2. One set of currency per weekend, determined by which sector you start in. 500 Sabnock (Sabnock Coin), 1000 Birthigin (Birthigin Coin), 600 Elula (Elula Coin), 1500 Lamour (Lamour Coin), 500 Fanlu (Fanlu Coin), 1000 Chom (Chom Coin), 600 Sallin (Sallin Coin), 1500 Ryan (Ryan Coin); the total amount of coins is enough to buy 5x rarest material in each starfields

Goods ($$$) Edit

You can purchase Packs of Eden Accelerators from this tab for real currency. You will gain the base reward, plus a bonus (from 0-400%). Every hour the bonus will go up if that package hasn't been purchased much, and go down if it has been purchased a lot. This is based on the entire server's purchase activity.

After every third purchase, you gain bonus Gems and Spending rewards based off of purchased packages.

Cost Base Reward
$8.99 20 Eden Accelerator (60m)
$17.99 40 Eden Accelerator (60m)
$59.99 20 Eden Accelerator (8h)

Package (Global purchase rewards) Edit

Whenever anyone on the server purchases an Accelerator pack from the second tab, the credit counter increases by 100/200/700, depending on pack size. For every 5000 credits, everyone with Eden activated (aka - In space) receives a random Reward Package that has to be collected from this tab. The higher ranks of rewards are rarer and 5-star will show up on the Trader Log button for all to see if you get one.

You can only hold 100 Reward Packages, and there are currently little reason to stockpile them.

Reward Rank
1x Space Transitioner 5star
3x Small Shield Generator 5star
1x Advanced Propellant 5star
30 Gem 5star
300,000 Coins 5star
30,000 Relics 5star
600 Competent Cells 5star
30,000 Random Eden Resource 5star
6x Random Accelerator (60m) 5star
1x Small Shield Generator 4star
1x Primary Propellant 4star
10 Gem 4star
10,000 Coins 4star
10,000 Relics 4star
200 Competent Cells 4star
10,000 Random Eden Resource 4star
2x Random Accelerator (60m) 4star
Gem 3star
50,000 Coins 3star
5,000 Relics 3star
100 Competent Cells 3star
5k Random Eden Resource 3star
1x Random Accelerator (60m) 3star
Gem 2star
20,000 Coins 2star
2000 Relics 2star
40 Competent Cells 2star
2,000x Random Eden Resource 2star
1x Random Accelerator (30m) 2star
Gem 1star
10,000 Coins 1star
1,000 Relics 1star
20 Competent Cells 1star
1,000x Random Eden Resource 1star
1x Random Accelerator (15m) 1star
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