Corrosive Bracelet Corrosive Bracelet
Rank: Variable Type: Gloves
This magic bangle carries a strong smell of death. Brutal and cruel by nature, Clair killed his own brother Klein in pursuit of full control over the Blood Clan. Yet it didn't keep him satisfied for long. He hired three Necromancers to smelt Klein's body into this magic item in hope of acquiring more power. Horribly terrified by the bangle's evil force when it was completed, Clair had no choice but to lock it away. However, the bangle grew out of control and started to spread various diseases which later resulted in severe destruction in Clair's clan.
Able to upgrade at the Bloody Altar

Essence Blood Upgrades: Attack+3 (+15 max)
Ignore enemy's Dodge +6% (+30% max)

Corrosive CLouds

Ancestor's Blood Upgrades: Master "Corrosive Clouds" (Active Skill)
Effect: Turns over all slates, dealing damage to all enemies, poisoning them, and has a 25/50/75% chance to instantly kill each monster. Invalid against BOSS.
Cost: Venom Gland Sample x1 to cast

Source(s): Sacred artifact in Dracula's Castle
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