This if for Eden's Land version of the boots, for Dracula's Castle's version see Confinement Cage.

Confinement Cage Confinement Cage
Rank: ✮✮ Type: Boots
This old pair of boots has a traitor's soul imprisoned inside. Screaming and crying. it seems he can never rest in peace. It was made by Jeinse, a high class member of the Blood Clan deeply in love with his Queen, Alice. Upon hearing the news of the attempt on Alice's life, he rushed to her rescue. Seeing his love dying in a pool of her own blood, he exploded in rage and sealed the soul of the rebels inside his boots as everlasting torture. Moreover, Jeinse also cast a powerful spell on the boots in hope of travelling back in time to save Alice.
Dodge +8%

Ancestral Power 1/3

Back in Time

'Learn "Back in Time" (Active Skill)
Effect: Instantly go back 3 floors of the maze
Cost: It requires a Shadow Stone each time.

Source(s): Dracula's remains in Eden's Land
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