{{Item |type = Eden Goods |description = Active cytokines are a class of polypeptides that regulate cell growth. Under the right circumstances, it can promote cell division, regeneration, and recombination, thus constructing living Clone Creatures. |stat = In the Cultivation Hall, Clone Creatures can be cultivated |source = Can be obtained through:

In Space:

  • Exchanged in Space shops.
    • Sabnock Coin/unit in Sabnock's Shop
    • 2.5 Sabnock Coin/unit in Botis's Shop (limited to 2000 Competent Cells)
    • 10 Birthigin Coin/unit in Birthigin's Shop
    • 3.33 Birthigin Coin/unit in Sylvia's Shop (limited to 6000 Competent Cells)
    • Elula Coin/unit in Elula's Shop
    • 100 Gas/unit at Cosmic Trader (purchase by lots of 200, limited to x lots)
    • 15 Lamour Coin/unit in Lamour
    • Lamour Coin/unit in [[Buret]'s Shop (limited to 6000 Competent Cells)
  • Rewarded for beating enemies
  • Mined on planet Heinila in the Space/M02 sector.
  • ...


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