Competent Cell.png Competent Cell
Type: Eden Goods
Active cytokines are a class of polypeptides that regulate cell growth. Under the right circumstances, it can promote cell division, regeneration, and recombination, thus constructing living Clone Creatures.
In the Cultivation Hall, Clone Creatures can be cultivated
Source(s): Can be obtained through:

In Space:

  • Exchanged in Space shops.
    • Sabnock Coin/unit in Sabnock's Shop
    • 2.5 Sabnock Coin/unit in Botis's Shop (limited to 2000 Competent Cells)
    • 10 Birthigin Coin/unit in Birthigin's Shop
    • 3.33 Birthigin Coin/unit in Sylvia's Shop (limited to 6000 Competent Cells)
    • Elula Coin/unit in Elula's Shop
    • 100 Gas/unit at Cosmic Trader (purchase by lots of 200, limited to x lots)
  • Rewarded for beating enemies
  • Mined on planet Heinila in the Space/M02 sector.
  • ...
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