Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M02, x09y21

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Mining Machine
Comet - Mining Machine
This fully automatic machine has stopped working and you may find something good from it.
50 Medicine Mortar
Comet - Medicine Mortar
100 Collapsed Building
Comet - Collapsed Building

Special InteractionsEdit

Mining Machine - Investigate Edit

Reward: 20x Nanoalloy I + 20x Nanofibers I

Collapsed Building - Eliminate Guard Edit

Fight Gold Viper Forces, 634/317/529/420 , Energy 2,023,200
Rewards: Identity Card remnants, Mir's manuscript


  • Here: "Why it is you?"
The man in black puts away the things he found and says with an ingratiating smile:"Dear friend, we meet again! This time I'll ask you for something. If you find the wherabouts of the Holy Ark, please be sure to tell me, I will be waiting here for your good news!"
  • In Birthigin's Coalition Forces HQ: "Find identity card fragments"

If you later find the ark or already owns it:

  • Here: "I found the Holy Ark"
The man in black is very happy after hearing the news. He gives you a few things and hurries away.

Rewards: Fenrir Core, 1 Gas Storage Device, 1 Uranium Ore Storage Device


Stock :

Full Exploitation time = 10 days at 100%

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