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Cloud Island
Cloud Island.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Purchase from Shop for 50 Gem after clearing Saint's Tower
Normal reward Momotaro & Orochi gumball
Raid boost Kusanagi Warrior
Raid reward Gumball Pots +1
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

"There is a huge island on the southern end of the mainland. People live here without much competition. Nowadays, a group of evil spirits break the tranquility of the island..."

Spend 50 Gem to unlock Cloud Island maze. Obtain 150 Fruit of World Tree upon purchase (Clear Saint's Tower to unlock).

Complete the Story Mode to get Momotaro Gumball

Hidden Gumball[]


To get Orochi:

  • Buy every single Sake from Rooftop Shop you encounter, you will need 8 Sakes in total.
  • Offer a Sake to the Vasuki statue on every floor ending with a 9 when it appears. You need to do it 8 times.
  • You can skip giving Sake to the statue without messing up getting Orochi.
  • Any form of alcohol will qualify for the unlock. See Special Occurrences for details.
  • Vasuki statue will appear until you offer alcohol to it 8 times per run (Portal of Earth can be used to revisit the statues on previous floors).
  • Repeat the same process to get 20 Orochi fragments in maze runs.

Story Quests[]

The birth from Peach Floors 30 (Difficulty 34) - 2 Vigor
Rewards :

Let's go! Momotaro! Floors 35 (Difficulty 35) - 2 Vigor
Rewards :

Devil's Orgy Floors 35 (Difficulty 36) - 2 Vigor

Decisive battle! Evil Spirit King! Floors 40 (Difficulty 37) - 2 Vigor - Boss fight on last floor

Endless Mode - 3 Vigor


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Underwater Monster



Claw: Chance to counterattack for 200% damage

Vicious: When Gumball's HP < 50%, Attack is increased by 100%

May drop Winkie Rice Ball
(40% chance)
Painted Wall



Wall Boundary: Damage suffered reduced by 30%

Guardian: Takes damage for companions of other types

May drop Winkie Rice Ball
(40% chance)
Lantern Demon



Self-explosion: Self-explosion after 4 rounds, deal triple Damage

Solitude: When by itself, Attack increases by 50%

May drop Salt Rice Ball
(60% chance)



Constraint: Bring Suffocation effect while counterattacking (Lose HP each round, the effects can be stacked, lasting for 6 rounds)

Recombination: Revive with full HP once after being killed

May drop Salt Rice Ball
(60% chance)



Misfortune: Bring Misfortune effect while counterattacking (Decrease Attack by 50%, decrease Accuracy by 30%, lasting 3 rounds)

Dodge: High Dodge attribute (30%)

May drop Salt Rice Ball
(60% chance)
Bean Monster



Bean Throw: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds

Noise and Excitement: When damaged, turn over a slate at random

May drop Winkie Rice Ball
(40% chance)



Fox Fire: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, dealing 1.5 times Damages to the enemy with the Burning effect (lasts 3 rounds)

Nine Lives: Resurrect 8 times with full HP upon death
Obsession: After the resurrection, increases Attack

Drops Foxtail when you select "Chimpanzee" at Sessho-seki to encounter Tamamo-no-mae.

Gumiho trial item Fox Fur will drop if you main Gumiho and select "On your own" at Sessho-seki

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Cloud Island/Specific.

Boss (Evil Spirit King)[]


Evil Spirit King Undead
Floor Attack HP Physical
30 36 566 10% 10%
40 59 1123 10% 10%
50 98 2,169 10% 10%
60 164 4,065 20% 20%
70 257 7,509 20% 20%
80 434 13,644 20% 20%
90 778 24,566 30% 30%
100 1,312 41,584 30% 30%


  • Evil Intention Hammer: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, dealing triple Damages to the enemy and killing the enemy whose HP is lower than 20%
  • Wildfire Shield: Lose HP by 30% each round, and cast Wildfire Shield (Lose HP by only 1 when damaged, invalid to Blood Malaria and Poison Malaria). In practice: Casts Wildfire Shield for each 30% of max HP lost. The shield requires 10 hits to dissipate.
  • Evil Spirit Enchantment: Physical Resistance X%, Spell Resistance +Y%
  • Soul Nourishing (From Cyan Evil Spirit): Recover HP by 3% each round
  • Support (From Purple Evil Spirit): Decrease the damage suffered by 50%

Boss Minion


The boss is accompanied by 4 Evil Spirits, which spawns from 2 Haunted Cottages every 5 to 6 turns if there are empty tiles. These Evil Spirits do not have the same HP and Attack. The Cyan and the Purple Evil Spirit provides some buffs to the boss.

Floor Red Purple Cyan Magenta
Attack HP Corrosion
Attack HP Attack HP Attack HP
30 12 47 10 57 11 52 13 42
40 17 67 14 62 16 74 19 59
50 29 109 22 137 25 123 32 96
60 45 203 35 258 40 231 50 176
70 79 384 60 490 69 437 88 331
80 132 728 38 99 932 115 830 146 626
90 231 1294 43 174 1660 202 1477 259 1111
100 387 2176 291 2794 339 2485 435 1867


  • Evil Spirit Possession (Red): Launch every round and bring the Corrosion effect to the enemy : Lose X HP each round (see above), the effects can be superimposed, lasts 5 rounds but one of the rounds is applied immediately. [notes 1]
  • Support (Purple): When present, Evil Spirit King decreases the Damage suffered by 50%
  • Soul Nourishing (Cyan): When present, Evil Spirit King recovers HP by 3% each round
  • Curse Murder (Magenta): Launch an attack every 3 rounds, dealing double Damages to the enemy


Special Summons found in the maze

  • Each Partner have 4 Ability slots (Random, Selected Ability is Fixed for the whole run)
  • Abilities can be General or Exclusive (Max level: 10 per Ability)
  • Partners have Target Combo (Requirement: At least 2 Partners recruited)
  • These partners count as persistent summons and you therefore cannot use other persistent summons except for Image of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils that somehow doesn't count.
  • The partners do not benefit from talents and effects that targets allies like for instance Paladin's Halo.
Name Description Location/Requirement
As a partner with you to suppress Evil Spirit King, Weiss is loyal and persevering. It is good at using ninjutsu.

Weiss attacks once every 6 rounds. Increase the level for every 5 enemies killed.
Found in F2. Give 1 Salt Rice Ball to recruit.
As a partner with you to suppress Evil Spirit King, Chimpanzee is violent and tough. It has superb sword skills.

Chimpanzee attacks once every 6 rounds. Increase the level for every 5 enemies killed.
Found in F3. Give 1 Salt Rice Ball to recruit.
As a partner with you to suppress Evil Spirit King, Pheasant is cautious and wise. It can cast mysterious spells.

Pheasant attacks once every 6 rounds. Increase the level for every 5 enemies killed.
Found in F4. Give 1 Salt Rice Ball to recruit.


Abilities can be upgraded to enhance effect.
Levels 2-4 uses 3 Salt Rice Ball per level
Levels 5-7 uses 4 Salt Rice Ball per level
Levels 8-10 uses 5 Salt Rice Ball per level

Name Benefit General/Exclusive
Enhance Attack
Enhance Attack.png

MAX: Attack+50%

Enhance Power
Enhance Power.png

MAX: Power+30%

Whenever entering the next floor, 3% chance to increase the level

MAX: 12% chance

Target Combo Enhancement I
Target Combo Enhancement I.png
In Combo Position I, the effect of Target Combo +3%

In practice: Increase the effect of the active skill of that partner
MAX: Effect+30%

Target Combo Enhancement II
Target Combo Enhancement II.png
In Combo Position II or III, the effect of Target Combo +2%

In practice: Increase the effect of the active skill of the other 2 partners
MAX: Effect+20%

Ninjitsu Art - Dodge
Ninjitsu Art - Dodge.png
While attacking, 9% chance to cast Group Blind (Lasting 3 rounds, invalid to Boss)

MAX: 36% chance

Exclusive to Weiss
Ninjitsu Art - Pupil
Ninjitsu Art - Pupil.png
6% chance to detect a key's location each floor

MAX: 24% chance

Exclusive to Weiss
Ninjitsu Art - Spikes
Ninjitsu Art - Spikes.png
Whenever entering the next floor, 12% chance to place Makibisi (When a new enemy appears, lose HP by 50%)

MAX: 48% chance

Exclusive to Weiss
Ninjitsu Art - Malaria
Ninjitsu Art - Malaria.png
"Blood Malaria" Power+5%

When "Blood Malaria" comes into effect, the enemy cannot recover HP
MAX: Power+50%

Exclusive to Weiss
Return Stroke
Return Stroke.png
While attacking, 24% chance to spurt on the enemies around

MAX: 60% chance

Exclusive to Chimpanzee
Iron Cut
Iron Cut.png
12% chance to withstand long-range Damages for Gumball

MAX: 30% chance

Exclusive to Chimpanzee
Air Cut
Air Cut.png
"Eight Phases Break" Power+3%

"Eight Phases Break" Number of times of Slash +1
MAX: Power+30%, Slash+2

Exclusive to Chimpanzee
"Flying Ape Dodge" Power+5%

"Flying Ape Dodge" Kills the enemy whose HP is lower than 10%
MAX: Power+50%, HP lower than 20%

Exclusive to Chimpanzee
Rune - Seal Force
Rune - Seal Force.png

MAX: Defense+30

Note: Due to a nice bug, if you have a summoned ally, that defense boost is doubled for as long as that ally remains alive.

Exclusive to Pheasant
Rune - Meditation
Rune - Meditation.png
When Pheasant casts a skill, 5% chance to decrease the consumption of rice balls +1

MAX: 50% chance

Exclusive to Pheasant
Rune - Good Luck
Rune - Good Luck.png
Gain EP +9/12/15... each time you enter the next floor

MAX: EP+36

Exclusive to Pheasant
Rune - Protection
Rune - Protection.png
"Light of Life" Effect+5%
"Light of Life" Number of rounds +1

MAX: Effect+50%, Rounds+3

Exclusive to Pheasant

Target Combo[]

The three Partners are good at cooperative fighting. When they work together to cast skills, various special effects will be generated! (The effects of Target Combo depends on the Partners' position)

It isn't really necessary to know the Combo positions, as soon as you have reached floor 3 and recruited the 3 partners, each partner has 4 combos available.

To freely change a partner's current combo, the easiest is as follow:

  • Select the partner
  • Click "Target Combo" button at the bottom left
  • Click "Change quickly" to cycle between the 4 possible combos

When a partner has an effects that refers to "Combo Position I" actually simply refers to his own active combo whereas any effect that refers to "Combo Position II or III" refers to the combos of the other partners.

Name Details Winkie Rice Ball needed Combo Position I Combo Position II Combo Position III
Poison Malaria
Poison Malaria.png
Make all enemies lose HP each floor (the effects can be superimposed, 10 floors at most, lasting 5 rounds) 2 Weiss Chimpanzee
Blood Malaria
Blood Malaria.png
Make all enemies lose HP each floor, if enemy dies when Blood Malaria sustains, this effect infects all enemies (the effects can be superimposed, 10 floors at most, lasting 5 rounds). (See details below) 5 Weiss Chimpanzee Pheasant
Substitute Art
Substitute Art.png
Summon Substitute Illusion 2 Weiss Pheasant
True - Substitute Art
True - Substitute Art.png
Summon Substitute Illusion, and the Illusion masters the "Self-explosion" feature, and summon only 1 time each floor 5 Weiss Pheasant Chimpanzee
Multiple Slash
Multiple Slash.png
Launch 4 slashes, to attack visible enemies (Each slash deals Damage by 30) 2 Chimpanzee Weiss
Eight Phases Break
Eight Phases Break.png
Launch 6 slashes, to attack visible enemies, and Slash Damage increases by 5% successively (The first slash deals Damage by 1.2xPower) 5 Chimpanzee Weiss Pheasant
Deal 3.2xPower Damages to the enemy, 50% chance to deal Damage by 2 times 2 Chimpanzee Pheasant
Flying Ape Dodge
Flying Ape Dodge.png
Deal 4.8xPower Damages to the enemy, with Severely Injured effect, 75% chance to deal Damage by 2 times (Lasting 3 rounds) 5 Chimpanzee Pheasant Weiss
Wind Blade
Wind Blade.png
Deal Damage to the enemy within 2 slots by 75 2 Pheasant Chimpanzee
Feather Dance
Feather Dance.png
Deal Damage to all enemies by 112 5 Pheasant Chimpanzee Weiss
Heal (Pheasant).png
Recover HP for Gumball by 20, and decrease the Damage sustained by 31% (lasting 3 rounds) 2 Pheasant Weiss
Light of Life
Light of Life.png
Recover HP for Gumball by 62, and cast Life Shield (lasting 3 rounds) 5 Pheasant Weiss Chimpanzee

Blood Malaria[]

In practice:

  • Affects all monsters present at the time of casting for 5 rounds and deals damage every round.
  • Uses the Damage over Time debuff slot and therefore replaces and gets replaced by effects like Burn or Poison.
  • If any monster dies from the effect or simply while the effect is ongoing, Blood Malaria is applied anew on all visible monsters.
  • When Blood malaria is applied on a monster that already has it, the effect is increased (up to rank 10) and the timer is reset. This is true both for manual re-casts of the spell and for free one from the effect described above.
  • Damage from this will bypass the BOSS' Wildfire Shield and all resistances but it does not bypass Support. It can be increased via Disrupting Ray and similar effects.
  • Damage formula : Weiss Power * ( 1 + E ) * K[i]
    • E is the sum of % enhancement, you can have up to 50% from the skill itself, 30% from "Target Combo Enhancement I" on Weiss, 2x20% from "Target Combo Enhancement II" on the other 2 partners for a total of +120%
    • K[i] is a factor that depends on how many stacks of the effects have been applied: 1: 0.48 / 2: 1.08 / 3: 1.71 / 4: 2.38 / 5: 3.09 / 6: 3.84 / 7: 4.63 / 8: 5.45 / 9: 6.32 / 10: 7.22 (with a 0.005 margin of error)

Maze Occurrences[]


Vasuki Statue[]

"This is Orochi's statue. This huge body with eight heads and eight tails gives you a strong sense of oppression."

  • Appears on every floor ending in "9"
  • Offer alcohol 8 times in per maze run to recruit Orochi or get 20 fragments. After the 8th alcohol offering, the statue will no longer spawn for the remainder of the run.
  • Offer other food items for EP, scrolls, or equipment.
Food Type Effect Source
Sake Alcohol Maze Shop
Cheap Liquor Alcohol Adventurer (villager), Pirate (chest)
Pirate's Ale Alcohol Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Sour Beer Alcohol Red Hood (Mr. Wolf)
Brewmaster's Wine Alcohol Panda
Osmanthus Wine Alcohol Yang Yuhuan
First Mate's Spirit Alcohol Potions
Demon's Cocktail Alcohol Potions
Abyssal Rum Alcohol Potions
Bitten Carrot Equipment (1*-2*) Bunny
Hard Bread Equipment (1*-2*) Red Hood (Mr. Wolf), Pinocchio (Fairy)
Lava Pyracantha Equipment (1*-2*) Hamster, Adventurer
Roasted Lizard Equipment (1*-2*) Hamster
Roasted Meat Equipment (1*-2*) Hamster
Cheese Lobster Equipment (3*-4*) Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Oden Equipment (3*-4*) Maze Shop
Taiyaki Equipment (3*-4*) Maze Shop
Ocean's Meat Floss Buns x2 Spell Scrolls (1*) Chuchu (Infected Ocean)
Rotten Fruit x2 Spell Scrolls (1*) Hamster
Stale Biscuit x2 Spell Scrolls (1*) Red Hood (Mr. Wolf)
Stale Cheese x2 Spell Scrolls (1*) Red Hood (Mr. Wolf), Pinocchio (Fairy)
Dorayaki x2 Spell Scrolls (2*-3*) Future Cat (Dimension Bag, Take-out Phone)
Fried Cod Fillet x2 Spell Scrolls (2*-3*) Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Hand-Pulled Noodles x2 Spell Scrolls (2*-3*) Maze Shop
Strange Fruit (Attack/Power) x2 Spell Scrolls (2*-3*) Hamster, Adventurer (villager)
Strange Fruit (HP/MP) x2 Spell Scrolls (2*-3*) Hamster, Adventurer (villager)
Coconut EP (50-150) Hamster
Roasted Spider EP (50-150) Hamster
Wild Honey EP (50-150) Cherry Blossom Tree (Pheasant)
Half Leftover Pizza EP (50-150) Divine Dragon Wishes
Contaminated Boar Meat EP (150-250) Hamster
Oyster Stew EP (150-250) Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Takoyaki EP (150-250) Maze Shop
Trout Soup EP (150-250) Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Cheese Strange Statue Hamster
Super Dorayaki Strange Statue Future Cat (Dimension Bag, Take-out Phone)
Roasted Squid Tier 2 Material (5-7) Hamster
Smoked Salmon Tier 2 Material (5-7) Hamster, Future Cat (Take-out Phone)
Three-color Dumplings Tier 2 Material (5-7) Maze Shop



Grandma shows up on floor 1. Selecting "Ok" gives:

Selecting "Not Good":

  • You are asked to reconsider



"This torii is the demarcation point between the domain of god and the world. The breath it emits is the power suppressing ghosts!"

  • Main Gumiho and select "On your own" option to receive the trial item for her
    • Will start fight with Tamamo-no-mae (Gumiho clone). You must defeat her 9 times in order to receive Fox Fur, Gumiho's trial item.
  • Can be found F61+
  • Selecting "On your own" without Gumiho as main or using a partner has different results:
    • On your own: Nothing
    • Weiss: Obtain Sessho-seki
    • Pheasant: Pheasant gains a stat boost and one random skill level.
    • Chimpanzee: Summon Tamamo-no-mae. Drops Foxtail instead of Fox Fur.



"The ghost floats quietly in original place, and seems to have no offensiveness. As you approach to it, a whisper comes to your ear: "Have you seen my lost plate?""

  • Can be found in F61
  • Use Peony Lantern to interact then give the Qingshan Treasure Plate (Found in Haunted Cottages using God of Thieves Venture title).
  • Gives 3 gems once, and a random stat buff on future interactions.



"This torii is the demarcation point between the domain of god and the world. The breath it emits is the power suppressing ghosts!"

Screen gets a slow-blinking shade. Color benefits:

  • Gale (Green): HPs of all visible enemies decreased by 30% and unable to revive
  • Damp (Blue): Dodges of all visible enemies decreased by 50% and unable to conduct self-explosion
  • Scorching Sun (Light Orange): Attacks of all visible enemies decreased by 30% and 30% chance unable to counterattack
  • Mist (Violet): All enemies cannot guard the slate


Shinto Shrine[]

"A huge shimenawa hangs on the gate of this Shinto shrine. You can visit this place and pray for the blessing of the god!"

Gives 1 Random Buff (only valid on that floor):

  • Status Inari: Obtain 5 EP for every slate turned over
  • Status Spring God: Every 5 rounds automatically cast Chain Lightning
  • Status Amaterasu: All companions' Attacks increase by 30%

Gives items randomly:

  • Amulet 100% chance to be immune to deadly Damage (The item is damaged after it takes effect immediately in the bag) No Equipping
  • Joss Stick Use: Have a look at your fortune (awards gems (max:3), buffs stats, gives EP, or next damage to the player for that floor)



"There is a wide range of training facilities in this spacious dojo, where you can have a good workout!"

  • If Partner option is chosen, Partner will gain 1 level and possibly a random skill level.
  • If "Go Yourself" is chosen, Random stats boost



"The stone tablet is engraved with all knowledge of a master"


Cherry Tree[]

"This huge cherry tree has been existing here for 300 years. Travelers often come here to appreciate it." Randomly gives:

Cast Armageddon to change the tree into a Burnt Tree.


Burnt Tree[]

If Armageddon is used when there is a Cherry Tree, the Cherry Tree will turn into a Burnt tree.

  • Gives Burnt Branch (Use: Ignition state (Deal Damage by 2-8 times when casting Fire Ball, lasting 10 rounds))


Hot Spring[]

"This is a huge hot spring. If you don't mind bathing with the monkeys, you may take a short break here."

  • Rest - Restores HP
  • With Magatama equipped, an event may trigger. Select "Ordinary Magatama" (option may read "General Magatama" to replace Magatama with Yasakani no Magatama: (Power +5, increases the effect of all spells by 10%, 10% extra damage to undeads).
  • May rarely increase max HP by 20 for the run.


Sacred Tree[]

"In this stone shrine, a piece of driftwood is enshrined. It is said that it can attract and appease vagrant souls."


Haunted Cottage[]

"Souls often hover around this haunted hut. Sometimes, there is a cold and restless atmosphere." Enter the Haunted Cottage and kill enemies guarding a Folded Screen. Items that can be obtained includes various foods and Brocade.


Ksitigahba Buddhisattva[]

"This is the statue of Ksitigahba Buddhisattva. It wears a bamboo hat and is covered with thick snow."

Kabashima Taro[]

  • To heal Kabashima before he dies, you must defeat all enemies on the floor and interact with him before his timer runs out (10 turns) and give him the Elixir item found on Bamboo Princess' Corpse.
  • He will give you "the location of the Dragon Palace".
  • A few floors later, you will find the Dragon Palace, enter and receive 4 gems (one-time only), some gold, and other materials. (No special interaction with God of Thieves). Future visits to the Dragon Palace will only award spell scrolls and treasures (seems to be T3-5 Spells and treasures with no out-of-maze loot). 
  • Failing to heal him gives Empty Box.

Nightwalk Troops[]


"This is a grand gathering belonging to the monsters. You can follow them and may find many valuable things."

  • Can (rare) steal Demon King Shoulder Pad from the Boss. Equip before "Joining the Parade" to receive one Gold Pot (one-time only) and multiple pieces of maze food.
  • If the Shoulder Pad is not equipped, this will summon 3 enemies.

Rooftop (Shop)[]

Item EP Cost
Salt Rice Ball 50 each
Winkie Rice Ball 100 each
Three-color Dumplings 200
Takoyaki 200
Taiyaki 400
Sake 200
Oden 400
Hand-Pulled Noodles 400


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Ninja's Corpse (1x)
Ninja's Corpse.png
Suffering (a.k.a Kunai) item Neji's Soul: Cast Big Turn Palm (Deal Damage to the enemy by 80 each round and be immune to all long-range Damages, lasting 5 rounds)
Yin Yang Master's Corpse (1x)
Yin Yang Master's Corpse.png
Magatama and Charm Envelope Soul of Abe no Seimei: Directly exile all enemies (Invalid to BOSS)
Bamboo Princess' Corpse (1x)
Bamboo Princess' Corpse.png
Elixir Kaguya's Soul: Power+3

All Light Spells' effect +5%

New Saburo's Corpse (1x)
New Saburo's Corpse.png
Peony Lantern Shin Saburo's Soul: Attack+2 Power+2
Ronin's Corpse (Multiple)
Warrior Clothing and Clog (1x, from Cherry Tree) Broken Traveler's Soul: 50 - 100 EP

or Complete Traveler's Soul: 100 - 200 EP

Samurai's Corpse (1x)
Damselfly Spear Soul of Honda Tadakatsu: Tonbogiri (Damselfly Spear), the ability is enhanced
Kintaro's Corpse (1x)
Kintaro's Corpse.png
Gold Bellyband Soul of Sakata Kintoki: Gold Bellyband, the ability is enhanced
Kabashima Taro's Corpse (1x) Empty Box Kabashima Taro's Soul: Empty Box, the ability is enhanced. Enhance 200EP.
One-inch Boy's Corpse (1x)
One Inch Boy's Corpse.png
Magical Mallet One-Inch Boy's Soul: Obtain 3 Hex

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Get Kunai (named Suffering) x3 2 From Ninja's Corpse
S Get Elixir x3 2 From Bamboo Princess' Corpse
S Get Gold Bellyband x3 2 From Kintaro's Corpse
S Get Damselfly Spear x3 2 From Samurai's Corpse
S Get Peony Lantern x3 2 From New Saburo's Corpse
S Completely collect and equip the Momotaro Suit 3 Select Weiss in Cherry Tree interaction to randomly get Ronin's Corpse appear, it'll give Armor and Boots; Select Pheasant in Cherry Tree interaction to randomly receive the Helm
S Use Magical Mallet x3 2 From One Inch Boy's Corpse
S Use Charm Envelope x3 2 From Yin Yang Master's Corpse
G Use Takoyaki x15 2
G Use Three-color Dumplings x15 2
G Use Sake x15 2
G Use Oden x15 2
G Use Hand-Pulled Noodles x15 2
G Use Taiyaki x15 2
G Kill Lantern Demon x200 1
G Kill Underwater Monster x200 1
G Kill Nurikabe (Painted Wall) x200 1
G Kill Coprinus x200 1
G Kill Bean Monster x200 1
G Kill Ittan-momen x200 1
G First kill boss 3
G Kill boss x5 3
G Mop up Hunted Cottage x30 2
S Reach floor 60 2
S Reach floor 70 3
S Reach floor 80 3
G Rummage Ronin's Corpse x10 1
G Purchased goods in Rooftop x100 1
G Partner kills the enemy x200 3
G Use Target Combo to kill the enemy x30 2
G All partners reach level 10 2
G All partners reach level 20 3
G All partners reach level 30 3
G All abilities of Weiss reaches level 10 2
G All abilities of Chimpanzee reaches level 10 2
G All abilities of Pheasant reaches level 10 2
G Dispatch Weiss to explore maze buildings x20 1
G Dispatch Chimpanzee to explore maze buildings x20 1
G Dispatch Pheasant to explore maze buildings x20 1
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section


  • Boss tips:
    • When on boss floor, you can stop the minions (Evil Spirit) from being summoned again by letting your summons (like zerglings and chess pieces) or totems take up the slots beside the boss. Making it easier to survive and kill the boss.
    • A solution to Boss killing is to use Blood Malaria from Weiss. Blood Malaria effects stack when enemies die, so if you cast on all 4 minions, 4 new stacks will be applied to the boss when the minions die (this also reset the effect duration on the Boss to 5 rounds). Thereafter, additional Blood Malaria can be used to maintain the DoT and disrupting ray can be used to effectively double the boss damage while using Stoneskin and Ice Shield for survival. This can sometimes be further improved if you can make it so that some monkeys are summoned again before some other monkey(s) die from the DoT as this would ensure a further refresh of the Blood Malaria on the Boss.
    • Be aware however that Blood Malaria effect uses the DoT debuff slot. Burns from Fire Ball, Wounds from Evil Dragon Bloodline and other Damage over Time effects will replace Blood Malaria.
  • Save Peony Lantern until you get to F61 and encounter O-Kiku. Also, you'll need Qingshan Treasure Plate to give her which can be found via GGoT.
  • Most persistent summons (Athena's, Sorcerer's cat) are forbidden once you have the 3 allies. Dharmapala's Image of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is allowed. There might be differences between different versions of the game. Even if allowed, you might want to avoid using persistent summons that deal damage because you want the 3 allies to be credited with kills so that their level can increase.
  • Other summons like the black panther is also forbidden.
  • Merchant, Gang Cadre, and other will help getting the food needed from the shops for the leveling up of the partners skills.
  • To maximise the Dragon Ball gained from Magical Mallet, you can activate it at the start of a floor. If the Dball is too little, S/L and reuse the Magical Mallet on the next floor (Dball gained via Magical Mallet is randomised on each floor). 
  • For enemy at the bottom row with covered HP values, you can go to the activation screen of a spell (e.g. t1 lightning bolt) to temporary hide the allies ability bubble.


  1. Corrosion damage apparently only depends on the floor number, reductions to the spirit's Attack via Curse or a better defense do not help for this.
  2. Ronin's Corpse cannot be obtained unless Weiss's level is at least 15. If level is high enough, chance is around 40 to 50%
  3. Momotaro's Head Band cannot be obtained unless Pheasant's level is at least 15. If level is high enough, chance is around 20 to 35%

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