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Claw Claw.png Gold Statue.png
Trial requirement Claw evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Claw's Pearl x3, Panda Fragment x5, Melee Relics x5

Pearl Cost

10× Claw Pearl
Panda Pearl

Statue Cost

20 Eternal Gold
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)
2x Iapetos (Lv. 330)

Statue Bonus Attack+5, Power+1

In Sky and Space, Speed+5
Super Clone Capacity+1

There are three totems, and their effects last for 5 turns, followed by 3 turns of cooldown, reseting the totem 8 turns after activation. Their buffs will overwrite each other:

  • No 1 (left and red) increases your Attack by 50 points.
  • No 2 (center and purple) increases your Defense.
  • No 3 (right and green) cleans all your debuffs and make you immune to any debuff.

Method 1[]

Titles: Novice Warrior x1, Knight x3,

Repeat cycle until energy for special skill reaches 50:

  • Click No 1 to increase Attack, and then attack 5 times until buff counter reaches 3 out.
  • Click No 3 to clean all the bleed stacks, then click No 2 to increase Defense, and attack boss 3 times (NOT 5), until the No 1 totem clears cool down.

When energy reaches 50, transform:

  • Click No 1, cast Ancient Roar and then repeat cycle below:
    • Click No 1 whenever available and use Ground Fissure until the boss counter reaches 1.
    • Click No 3 to become immune to boss skill (Ancient Roar) that reduces your attack, and attack once so it casts the skill without affecting you.
    • Click No 2 to increase Defense and keep using Ground Fissure until the No 1 totem clears cool down or Boss Dies.
    • Step by Step Video Walkthough