Classical Music CD Classical Music CD
Type: Consumable
Long-standing classical music is recorded in this CD that glimmers with the colors of rainbow. Its beautiful melody, rich emotion, as well as orderly pace allows you to resonate emotionally along with it, and therefore, feel happiness and tranquility.
Use: All Aid spell's effects +1%. According to DJ Gumball's skill, obtains special effect (only valid in the target floor, the effects are not cumulative, uses its own buff slot):

"DJ Lv.1" Duration of Stoneskin +1 round
"DJ Lv.2" Duration of Bless +1 round
"DJ Lv.3" Duration of Electrostatic Field +1 round
"DJ Lv.4" Duration of Blade of Ruin +1 round
"DJ Lv.5" Duration of Timestill +1 round

Source(s): Carried by DJ Gumball
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