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City of Steam
City of Steam.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Shop
Normal reward Zeros & Future Cat gumball
Raid boost Bloody Wolf
Raid reward Relic Fragments +1500
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete this maze to get the Zeros gumball.

Hidden Gumball[]

Future Cat.png

To get the Future Cat Gumball:

  • You need Adventurer on your team as leader or soul link.
  • You will meet Future Cat on an early floor <65. Take a note as he will remain on that floor for that particular maze run. (This is not true, I encountered him on floor 98. Probably guaranteed to encounter by floor 101.)
  • After you meet him, you will need to find his parts (A, B, C, D, E) inside Steam Tanks, Steam Airships, or corpses. If you don't find the parts by floor 60, use Portal of Earth to return to earlier floors.
    • Part A = Obtained from Future Cat when quest starts
    • Part B & C = Steel Cabinets in Airships/Tanks/Guard Rooms. Both Spawn together.
    • Part D = Researcher's Remains.
    • Part E = From a Gumball Villages (thus, need Adventurer on your team)
  • Combine all Parts into Future Cat's Dynamic Device (top right corner of Mechanics Page, but does not require chips)
  • Use Portal of Earth to return to the floor where you originally met Future Cat
  • Give Future Cat the crafted Dynamic Device and he will join your team or give you fragments

To Unlock[]

After unlocking Avalon Fortress, you can start collecting fragments of the City of Steam map. Once all the fragments have been collected, the map may be purchased for 70 gems. You can check on which the fragments needed by clicking bottom right Shop icon on the main menu, selecting the New Mazes option to review the map fragments.


Mysterious Capital of Machinery: Floors 30 (Difficulty 35) - 2 Vigor : Gain 1 Artisan Gumball, 1 potion formula, Erathia's Fragment #1, 1 gem

Call! Sky Support!: Floors 35 (Difficulty 36) - 2 Vigor

Weapons of War and Destruction: Floors 40 (Difficulty 36) - 2 Vigor

The patron saint of ancient civilization: Floors 50 (Difficulty 37) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode: 3 Vigor


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Maintenance Type V-Q53



Repair: Cast once every 3 round to heal random wounded companion's HP by 25% of that companion's max HP.

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

May drop 1 Mechanical Component, 1 Electric Component, 1 Aviation Component or 1 Ancient Component
Surveillance Type II-Z49
Thermal: Chance to counterattack double damage, no counterattack when hit by mechanical creatures

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +50%, Physical Resistance +50%
Mechanical Component: Always drops Mechanical Component when killed by a mechanical creature

May drop 1 Mechanical Component
Power Grid-Type V-H22
Electrostatic Protection: Reflect 30% of damage

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +50%, Physical Resistance +30%
Electric Component: Always drops Electrical Component when killed by a mechanical creature

May drop 1 Electric Component
Bomber Type V-123
Bombing: Launches an attack every 2 rounds to cause damage and the Burning Effect

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +50%, Physical Resistance +30%
Aviation Component: Always drop Aviation Component when killed by a mechanical creature

May drop 1 Aviation Component
Steam Mecha I
Strategic Cooperation: If present, Physical and Magic resistances +30% to Steam Mecha II and III

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%
Ancient Component: When Steam Mecha II and III are killed at the same time, will drop Ancient Component

Steam Mecha II
Strategic Cooperation: If present, HP +50% to Steam Mecha I and III

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%
Ancient Component: When Steam Mecha I and III are killed at the same time, will drop Ancient Component

Steam Mecha III
Strategic Cooperation: If present, Attack +50% to Steam Mecha I and II

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%
Ancient Component: When Steam Mecha I and II are killed at the same time, will drop Ancient Component

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at City of Steam/Specific.

Boss (Guardian's Airship)[]


Guardian's Airship (HP ????; Call your airship to destroy)


  • Manufacture Missiles: Launches an attack every 3 rounds, causing 10 times of damage to the enemy
  • Guardian's Airship: Current Energy (XXXXX; Scales each floor)
  • Alloy Armor: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Boss (Mechanical Guardian)[]


Mechanical Guardian Machine
Floor Attack Airship Guardian
Energy Physical & Spell
HP Physical & Spell
30 36 271,200 50% 572 30%
40 60 357,600 50% 1135 30%
50 99 444,000 50% 2,192 30%
60 166 530,400 50% 4,108 40%
70 260 616,800 50% 7,588 40%
80 439 703,200 50% 13,796 40%
90 616 789,600 50% 24,829 30%[notes 1]
100 ??? 876,000 50% ~41,700 30%


  • Bombard: Launches an attack every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to the enemy
  • Alloy Armor: Physical Resistance +X%, Spell Resistance +X%.

Maze Occurrences[]

Engineering manual[]

Like in Avalon Fortress, there is an Engineering manual on a corpse on floor 1 with effects upgraded using components.

  • Mechanics - Upgrade mechanical spider summons
  • Electrical Science - Craft and enhance Electric Age set
  • Aviation - Upgrade your airship's ability
  • Hidden upgrade unlocked by encountering Future Cat and finding his items
  • Provides passive upgrades also, see Category:City of Steam Upgrades

Also like Avalon Fortress, certain gumballs (mostly mechanical ones) get certain automatic upgrades to the engineering manual; see City of Steam/Specific#Starting Technologies.

Mechanical Spider Ally[]

By using 3 Mechanical Component, you can summon a Mechanical Spider ally which lasts across floors. The Mechanical Spider stats and abilities can be upgraded through the Mechanics tab of the Engineering Manual. The Mechanical Spider is a mechanical creature, thus will guarantee a components to drop when it kills certain enemies.

The Mechanical Spider has the following skills.

Magic Cannon, Active skill

  • Cause X damage to a single enemy. Can be upgraded to deal more damage, and cause spurting damage to other enemies.


  • Mechanical Claw: Launch an attack every X rounds. Can be upgraded to do double damage occasionally.

The following 3 skills are obtained by using a Super Energy Crystal from shooting down a Wingman in an airship battle. The Mechanical Spider can only have one of the following three skills at a time, and if the Mechanical Spider dies, the next newly summoned will not have the skill. A new Energy Crystal would have to be used to give the Mechanical Spider the skill again.

Special Skills:

  • God Destruction Gun: Magic cannon damage +30%, 30% chance of instantly killing an enemy (invalid on boss) (unlock using Super Energy Crystal I, lasts for one spider)
  • Energy Furnace: Power+20%, recovers 2 HP and MP every time an enemy is killed (unlock using Super Energy Crystal II, lasts for one spider)
  • Annihilation Blade: Attack+50%, causes 100% extra damage to boss (unlock using Super Energy Crystal III, lasts for one spider)

Broken Console[]

Found on floor 1. Search it for 2x Interphone Battery and a consumable Old Interphone that teaches you the active skill Summon Airship.

Summon Airship, Active skill

  • Summons an airship to clear the floor. When you win the fight, all tiles will be flipped over, all enemies will be killed, and any Steam Tank or Steam Airship will be wrecked.

Current Interference Device[]

Generator Set.png

Prevents spells and active skills (including airships). Once you reach it, you can destroy it and obtain 3 Electric Component.

Steam Tank and Steam Airship[]

Steam Tanks will shoot every 5 turns, dealing a great amount of damage to your Gumball. Steam Airships will not attack you, but will join the airship fight if you choose to summon the airship. Both Tank and Airship can be entered, and will have enemies guarding the Core Device. Kill all enemies and destroy the Core Device to wreck the Tank or Airship. Destroying the Core Device gives you some regular components Each Tank and Airship will also have 4 Steel Cabinets that can be obtained to get a mix of the following items:

The Steam Tanks and Steam Airships can be destroyed when the Summon Airship skill is activated. When this occurs, there will be no enemies inside the Airship and Tank, and you can loot all the chests and destroy the Core Device. Sometimes, a damaged core with some blue electricity instead of a Core Device will be found. Using the Damaged Core when you have a Mechanical Spider ally will give the Spider a stat boost. Under the zapping with damaged core, you can obtain Robots that can be used on your Airships and Space fleets by electrocuted (zapped) by the Damaged Core with blue electricty.

Obtainable robots:

  • Mechanical Spider - Zap the mechanical spider. Required fully enhancing Mechanics Knowledge of Engineering Manual. Repeatable for getting maximum 4 robots. Requires zapping any robot or mechanical spider ally 4 times before obtaining Mechanical Spider Robots (Zapping them on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th to get mechanical spiders, Car Robot, Wagon Robot, or Puppet Robot).
  • Car Robot - Zap Autobots summon
  • Wagon Robot - Zap Autobots summon
  • Puppet Robot - Zap Puppeteer summon


Wrecked Wingman

Using the airship will sometimes cause the enemy side to spawn enemy Wingmen. Defeat them in the airship battle and loot Wrecked Wingman to get an assortment of

Guard Room[]

Spawns enemies every 5 turns until it run out or you clear it. Contains enemies guarding the following:

Cog Shop[]

Cog Shop.png

Potions Formulas[]



Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Researcher's Remains (Multiple)
Pathfinder's Soul med.png
Engineering Manual (City of Steam) (on F1) Broken Researcher's Soul: Decrease consumption of EP by 1% in Gear Shop (Max 30%)

or Researcher's Intact Soul: Decrease consumption of EP by 3% in Gear Shop (Max 30%)

Some Components
Alien's Corpse (1x)
Darth Maul Corpse med.png
Red Lightsaber

(Mutually exclusive with Master Jedi's Corpse)

Darth Maul's Soul: Attack +5, All Dark Spells' effects +3%
Master Jedi's Corpse (1x)
Master Jedi's Corpse med.png
Green Lightsaber

(Mutually exclusive with Alien's Corpse)

Yoda's Soul: Power +3, All Light Spells' effects +5%
Robocop's Corpse (1x)
Robocop's Corpse med.png
Mechanical Fist Thorn

(Mutually exclusive with Stranger's Corpse)

Murphy's Soul: Transform Mechanical Fist Thorn
Maid's Corpse (1x)
Maid's Corpse City of Steam.png
Mechanical Broken Torso Gary's Soul: Mechanical Spider's Power +3

When Mechanical Spider casts Magic Cannon, spurting range +1

Stranger's Corpse (1x)
Stranger's Corpse - Guy Fawkes.png
Guy Fawkes's Mask

(Mutually exclusive with Robocop's Corpse)

Guy Fawkes's Soul: Enhance the Guy Fawkes's Mask

Out of Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table


Description DP Notes
S Obtain Guy Fawkes's Mask 2 Can obtain this or the thorn fist once per run. Use S/L 30 to try for the other item.
S Obtain Mechanical Fist Thorn 2 Found on Robocop's corpse
S Obtain Green Lightsaber 2 Can obtain this or the Red Lightsaber once per run.
S Obtain Red Lightsaber 2
S Use Mechanical Broken Torso x3 2
G Use Aerospace and Aviation x20 2
G Use Electric Weekly x20 2
G Use Industrial Age x20 2
G Kill Maintenance Type V-Q53 x200 1
G Kill Power Grid Type V-H22 x200 1
G Kill Surveillance Type II-Z49 x200 1
G Kill Bomber Type V-L23 x200 1
G Kill Steam Mecha I x150 1
G Kill Steam Mecha II x150 1
G Kill Steam Mecha III x150 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Use Black Ball No.8 to kill the enemy x5 2
G Mechanical Spider kills the enemy x250 2
G Call airship to kill the enemy x250 2
G Clear up Steam Tank x30 2
G Clear up Steam Airship x30 2
G Clear up Guard House x30 2
S Reach floor 60 2
S Reach floor 70 3
S Reach floor 80 3
S Reach floor 50 without enhancing Engineering Manual (City of Steam) 2 Do not summon spiders or make batteries (keep the ones you receive for boss!)

Watching TV might upgrade the manual but that will not impede the quest.

G Buy items in Cog Shop x100 2
G Manufacture Electric Pendant x10 1
G Manufacture Electric Boots x10 1
G Manufacture Electric Ring x10 1
G Manufacture Electric Cloak x10 1
G Watch TV programs to upgrade Engineering Manual (City of Steam) x3 3 TVs are randomly found in Guard Houses. If a TV doesn't upgrade the manual, you can change it by doing the following: S/L on TV floor (not S/L 30); enter the TV room, don't attack enemies and exit. Do the enter-exit "n" times, where n is the number of times you did S/L on the floor, then enter and check the TV program (e.g. for changing the program the first time just enter and exit once since you did 1 S/L on the floor).
G Enhance Engineering Manual (City of Steam) to Max Level 3 Future Cat's Dynamic System is NOT required to complete this objective.
G Obtain Ancient Component by destroying Steam Armor x10 3 Steam Armor refers to the three Steam Mecha enemies. Use the Airship or AoE spells when two or more Steam Mechas are present to guarantee drops.
G Kill 3 kinds of Steam Mechas in one round 3 Use the airship for easy completion
G Steer an airship to destroy an enemy wingman x9 3 When summoning the airship on regular floors, enemies will randomly request wingman support.
G Drive the airship to beat Steam Airship x10 3 On floors with a Steam Airship, summon your airship rather than entering the ship and clearing it out yourself.
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5 See hidden gumball section

Title specific loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball Specific Informations[]

See City of Steam/Specific


  • With God of thieves, you can encounter a locked safe. Code is 654321. It drops 3 gems the first few times. After that it drops 10000 or 20000 coins.
  • Useful Potion: Voyager or Cactus or Great Designer (if you have it)
  • There are five airship Robots available in this maze:
  • Zap means to find a damaged core within a tank and have it explode (destroy a Steam Airship or Steam Tank with your airship before entering). This is fairly rare and won't work every time.
  • To complete the DP Quest - "Don't enhance Engineering Manual to Level 50" you must not upgrade your manual until you reach floor 50. Using machine-type gumball will upgrade your manual automatically. Thus, the quest will fail as you reach floor 50. If you are using machine-type gumball, DO NOT pick up the manual from the Researcher's remain, then you will be able to complete the quest at floor 50.
    Neither try to craft the Future Cat item from the manual, do it after you complete this DP quest.
    Upgrades recieved from watching TV do not seem to effect this.
  • For the boss fight, you can spend the first 2 turns for aid spells then activate your airship. The airship activation turn will not consume your aid spell duration and will reset the boss counter to 3, which allow you to begin the boss battle with aid spell active.
  • To complete the DP Quest - "Watch TV programs to upgrade Engineering Manual 0/5" do as follows:
    • Step 1 - Find a floor that has a tv room. Enter and kill all the mobs inside, watch the tv and if you get an upgrade, you are done. Otherwise, please proceed to the next step.
    • Step 2 - S/L the game (NOT S/L 30). Re-enter the room, DO NOT kill the mobs inside and EXIT.
    • Step 3 - PAUSE the game. (Be careful not to pause the game if you already kill the mobs inside, otherwise this trick will not work)
    • Step 4 - When you continue, re-enter the room and kill the mobs inside, if you get an upgrade then you are done. Otherwise, repeat step 2 -4.


  1. The Resistance drops back to 30% at F90. This is not an error.

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