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City of Oblivion
City of Oblivion.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Shop - 50 Gem (after Hell Frontier)
Normal reward Subsister and Palaeobios
Raid boost Palaeobios
Raid reward Unknown
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete this maze to get Subsister gumball.

To Unlock[]

After completion of Hell Frontier, you can purchase City of Oblivion in the shop for 50 Gem.
Purchase also gives you 200 Fruit of World Tree.

Hidden Gumball[]


To get the Palaeobios:

SPOILER ALERT - Don't EXPAND if you prefer to get to it yourself
  • Collect Top Secret 1 to 5
  • Top Secret 1 : Escapee's Remains
  • Top Secret 2 : Damaged Car
  • Top Secret 3 : Walking Dead's Remains in sewer (cave)
  • Top Secret 4 : Storage chest in sewer (cave)
  • Top Secret 5 : After spending 3000EP in Wasteland Merchanter (Shop), spend 500EP to buy
  • Upgrade the five bottom Lab researches to max level (5 with scholar).
  • Collect Top Secret 6 in the ark on next floor.
  • Enter Parasol and defeat enemies to wake up Palaeobios from hibernation

Repeat for fragments


A terrible shift has befallen the City of Oblivion. Many dwellers have been transformed into a monster called the walking dead for unknown reasons. For now, only a few survivors struggle to stay alive in the cracks of the city...
  1. Narrow Escapement: 2 Vigor - Floors: 30 (Difficulty 38)
  2. Rebuild Homeland: 2 Vigor - Floors: 35 (Difficulty 39)
  3. Zombie Herd: 2 Vigor - Floors: 35 (Difficulty 40)
  4. Pull UP Weeds: 2 Vigor - Floors: 40 (Difficulty 41), ends with a Boss
  5. Endless Mode: 3 Vigor (Difficulty 41)

Maze Mechanics[]

The GD Ark, entered by selecting 'End-Time Ark' on each floor, is your home-away-from-home in the post-zombocalyptic City of Oblivion. This is where you will collect the survivors you save, and put them to work forging your empire of zombie resistance.

Command Center (center, top)[]

  • View Ark resources:
    • Dwellers: [unassigned] / [total]
    • Steel
  • Relocates dwellers - change dwellers' work assignments
    • each building's effect increases with the number of assigned dwellers
    • in general, assignment is limited to the building's level
  • Upgrades architectures
    • increase a building's level to increase the max # of dwellers who can be assigned to work there

Army TOC (left, top)[]

Once rebuilt:

  • performs a physical attack every 8 rounds
    • Attack = (40 + 5 * [Army TOC level] + 10 * [# of allocated dwellers]) * (1 + 0.2 * [# of recruited police sergeants] + 0.5 [if Weakness Detection is set as Core])
    • scaling improves at higher levels
  • gains additional abilities as you upgrade it, at Army TOC level 4, 7, 10, 15. One can be set as 'Core'
    • lvl 4: Weakness Detection
      • 25% chance to deal double damage
      • Ark attack +50% if Core
    • lvl 7: Multiterminal Manipulation
      • decrease attack cooldown by 1 rd for every 5 dwellers in Army TOC
      • 40% chance to attack twice if Core
    • lvl 10: Flame Storm
      • every 5th attack, deals damage & burns all enemies in a column
      • Core: also burns 3 rows
    • lvl 15: Co-ordinated Bombing
      • When Gumball attacks, Ark has a 20% chance of launching an attack at the target
      • Core: Deals 75% extra damage while attacking at the same time with Gumball

Refinery (left, middle) - Max level 10[]

  • Produces Steel needed to upgrade Ark buildings
  • Assign Dwellers to work
  • Productivity: produces 1 Steel every floor for each assigned Dweller
  • after recruiting Blacksmith: Refinery gains the ability to disenchant gumball equipment into Steel
    • Disenchant items of rank 1/2/3/4/5/6 to gain 1 Steel/2 Steel/4 Steel/8 Steel/20 Steel/50 Steel
    • Disenchanting a rank 6 item has a 40% chance to give Plutonium 239 (20% chance if you already got one in this run).

Army GAD (left, bottom) - Max level 5[]

Once rebuilt:

Boot Camp (right, top)[]

Once rebuilt:

  • you can turn a dweller into a Pioneer, a permanent ally on the field of the maze
    • can only have 1 active Pioneer at a time
    • the dweller who becomes a Pioneer is subtracted from your Dweller count until recalled
    • Pioneer abilities:
      • Attack 20 * 1.2^(lvl-1), HP 200 * X, Dodge 0 (+ talents etc...)[notes 1]
      • First Aid: Launches an attack every 5 rounds and recovers Gumball's HP (10 + 2*training research)
        • (shooting frequency increases with Boot Camp level)
      • at Boot Camp lvl 4: Recycle: Chance to obtain 1 Steel while the enemy is defeated (15% +3*training research)
      • at Boot Camp lvl 7: Dying to Survive: Increases dodge by up to 40% (at max training research) when HP is lower than 50%
      • at Boot Camp lvl 10: Operation Corporate: Increases Attack by up to 50% (at max training research). Increases Gumball's Attack and Power by up to 20%
  • recall Pioneers before they die so that they don't die
    • after recalling a Pioneer, they are added back to your Dwellers count
    • you cannot redeploy a Pioneer on the same floor that you recalled them (message 'the pioneer is resting')
    • Pioneer can be recalled to reach dweller threshold for upgrading, then redeployed on the next floor
    • recalling a Pioneer adds to the 'Rescue refugee' count for DP missions

Pharmacy (right, middle) - Max level 10[]

  • Produces potions
  • Level defines how many dwellers can be assigned and the frequency of production.
  • Allocated dwellers increase the chance of getting higher quality of drugs (but you can get any of the possible drugs with just 1 dweller and a lot of luck)
  • The best drugs are only possible if you have the Nurse.
  • Productivity:
    • Initially produces random potion every 5 floors[notes 2]
    • Floor interval decreases by 1 at Pharmacy levels 4, 7, 10

Lab Center (right, bottom) - Max level 10[]

Once rebuilt:

  • Gives you Research Documents (Research Document) every floor depending on level and allocated dwellers
    • Starts at 0 per floor, +1 per dweller allocated
  • Is used to research projects.
    • Each project has 3* levels initially
    • Recruiting a Scholar raises all research projects' max levels to 5
    • Research cost: 10 Research Document / 20 Research Document / 30 Research Document / 40 Research Document / 50 Research Document

Bottom Projects:

  • Streamlined Carport - Refines extra steel in Refinery per floor: 1 / 2 / 3...
  • Talents Training - Analyses extra Research Documents (Research Document) in Lab Center per floor: 1 / 2 / 3...
  • Army Toc Expansion - Increases max dweller assignment in Army TOC by: 2 / 4 / 6...
  • Life Detector - Increases chance to meet refugees by: 20% / 40% / 60%...
  • Training Facility Improvement - Increase Pioneer's feature by: 20% / 40% / 60%...

Upper Right Projects:
Initially greyed out.

  • Magic Circle - Increase all spells' effects by: 6% / 12% / 18%
    • Unlocked by Enter Institute of Occult
  • Flame Magic - While attacking walking dead, chance to cast random fire spell: 6% / 12% / 18%
    • Unlocked by Enter Institute of Occult
  • Behavioral Pattern Analysis - When a new enemy appears, 15% / 30% / 45% chance to make it unable to defend
    • Unlocked by Enter Civilian House
  • Genetic Variants Deconstruction-when use Genetic Modification Drug recover HP by 20 /40 /60 /80 /100 and equivalent % chance to remove all debuffs
  • Cell Decomposition - decreases damage taken from infection 20% / 40% / 60% / 80%/100%

Upper Left Projects:
Initially greyed out.

  • Aramid Fiber - enhances Kevlar Set: decreases damage taken by 10% (lasts for 5 rounds, upon 2/3/4/5/6 stacks). See Kevlar Set for details.
  • Exoskeleton System - enhances Tactics Set: Attack increased + 15% / 30% / 45% / 60% / 75%
  • Heavy-calibre Buckshot - enhances Shotgun Mog-3: Deals + 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% extra damage to the target if there are no other enemies nearby
    • Unlocked by Enter Factory - Use Weapons Development Device
  • Trigger Safety - enhances Automatic Rifle XIM-9: Decreases dartling by 5/4/3/2/1 floors if changing the the target in Fusillade status
    • Unlocked by Enter Factory - Use Weapons Development Device
  • Soft Point Bullet - enhances Hand Cannon D-7: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% chance to inflict Detriment effect while attacking
    • Unlocked by Enter Factory - Use Weapons Development Device
    • Detriment: Lose X HP each round and HP cannot be recovered. Last 3 rounds but 1 round is applied immediately[notes 3]

Center project:

Exit (center bottom)[]

  • leave the Ark, return to the normal maze view
  • once you exit the Ark, you cannot re-enter until the next maze floor (ie, can only enter the Ark once per maze floor)

Building Upgrade Costs[]

  • Level 1: Free or requires drawing
  • Level 2: 12 Steel
  • Level 3: 14 Steel, requires 4 dwellers in total
  • Level 4: 16 Steel, requires 8 dwellers in total
  • Level 5: 18 Steel, requires 12 dwellers in total
  • Level 6: 20 Steel, requires 16 dwellers in total
  • Lvl 7: 22/20. Lvl 8: 24 / 24. Lvl 9: 26/28. Lvl 10: 28/32.
  • Max level is 10 for Refinery, Pharmacy, Lab Center
  • Max level is 5 for Army GAD
  • No max level for Army TOC and Boot Camp. Each level 11+ increases the dweller requirement by 2, while the Steel cost remains fixed at 30.

Steel is consumed in the upgrade; dwellers are not.

Any active Pioneer doesn't count as a dweller.
For each building, you can only allocate as many dwellers as the current level of the building, except the Army TOC when modified by research projects from the Lab.


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Undead Rapscallion
Undead Rapscallion.png
Anti-explosion Shield: Physical Resistance +40%

Pyrophobia: Increases extra damage by 50% while suffering burns.

Infect: Infects all enemies upon death

  • Status Infection: Takes x Damage after 5 rounds
Decomposition; When counterattacking, poison enemy (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Pyrophobia: Increases extra damage by 50% while suffering burns.

Undead Stitcher
Undead Stitcher.png
Suturing: Recover HP for teammate, activate once every 3 rounds

Pyrophobia: Increases extra damage by 50% while suffering burns.

Infect: Infects all enemies upon death

  • Status Infection: Takes x Damage after 5 rounds
Undead Radiator
Undead Radiator.png
Anti-radiation Jacket: Increases Spell Resistance by 40% and be immune to the effect of radiation

Pyrophobia: Increases extra damage by 50% while suffering burns.

Infect: Infects all enemies upon death

  • Status Infection: Takes x Damage after 5 rounds
Undead Gunman
Undead Gunman.png
Shooting: Launches a ranged attack every 2 rounds and 50% chance to summon a Deathwalker (up to 2x)

Pyrophobia: Increases extra damage by 50% while suffering burns.

Bite: When attacking, 50% chance to deal double damage, inflicting poison

Flesh Eruptions: Enhances all companions' Attack at time of death

Bashing: Immune to all control status

Swelling: Physical Resistance +25%, Spell Resistance +25%

Human Bombs: Self-explodes in 5 rounds, deals 15% of max HP of enemy to the target, inflicting the infection effect

Contaminate: Contaminate all Slates at the time of death (lasts 5 rounds)

Overlord of Zombie

Overlord of Zombie.png
See below
Corpses Harvester
(BOSS companion)

Corpses Harvester.png
Bane of Decay Summons an Undead gunman every 6 rounds

Intense Pyrophobia: Only suffer damage from fire damage spell

You cannot do standard attacks on this enemy even if such an attack would cause burn damage.

Special Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
The Crying Woman
The Crying Woman.png
Mad: When attacking, deals extra damage to the enemy (extra damage dealt equals to the 20% of max HP of the enemy)

Speedy: Extremely High Dodge (50%)

With God of Thieves or similar.
Radiant Mutant
Radiant Mutant.png
Radiate Monster: Be immune to the radiation effect

Radioactivity: Decreases enemy's Attack and Power by 10% while attacking (Effect can be stacked, lasting for 10 rounds)

Berserk: Increases Attack by 20% for each 20% HP lost

Bashing: Immune to all control status[notes 4]

Comes with High attack and HP.

Presumably appears only after you have used an Atomic Nuclearbomb

Drops Radioactive Crystallization (1st Time) or Radioactive Heart


Overlord of Zombie.png

Overlord of Zombie Undead Class
Floor HP Attack Attack
Physical Resistance
& Spell Resistance
Rage Call
30 597 38 57 +20% +15%
40 1,183 62 93 +20% +15%
50 2,284 103 154 +20% +15%
60 4,279 173 259 +30% +20%
70 7,903 271 406 +30% +20%
80 14,356 457 685 +30% +20%
90 25,847 818 1,227 +40% +25%
100 43,752 1,381 2,071 +40% +25%
110 70,445 2,220 3,330 +40% +25%
120 108,826 3,426 5,139 +40% +25%

Attack is the Attack without Lord of Zombie active; Attack+50% is the attack with Lord of Zombie active but not Rage Call.


  • Decomposition: Launches an attack every 3 rounds, dealing triple damage and inflicting Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)
  • Rage Call: Increases attack by Y% for each 40% HP lost and summons 3 Deathwalkers
  • Swelling: Physical Resistance +X, Spell Resistance +X
  • Lord of Zombie: Increases Attack by 50% while companions are present.


  • The Attack being increased by Lord of Zombie or Rage Call is the base attack of the Boss before deduction of your defense score.
  • This means that effect of Lord of Zombie on the net Attack is actually higher than +50%.
  • Lord of Zombie and Rage Call effects are multiplicative. For instance, a Boss at 19% of his max HP with Deathwalkers around it will have his base Attack multiplied by 1.3 * 1.5 = 1.95
  • Divine Dragon Wishes' version of the Boss is essentially identical but with Rage Call increase at 15% and resistances at 20% no matter the floor.

Maze Occurrences[]

End-Time Ark[]

aka GD Ark

  • Appears on every floor
  • Can be entered only once per floor and cannot be entered on boss floors
  • See Maze Mechanics section above
  • Once the Army TOC is repaired, you can see the Ark's attack stats, without entering
  • Once you produce the Atomic Nuclearbomb, you can launch it from here
  • While in the Ark, you can use items/cast spells. This will not advance the turn clock in the maze. Buff effects will not carry over, but you can use this to eg, heal in free time.


Choose one of: Factory, Barrack, Dwellings, Institute of Occult or Genetics Center

  • (If none of these buildings is on the current floor, all 5 options are displayed. If one is on the current floor, it will not be on the signboard.)
  • selected building will appear on the next floor
    • "Dwellings" means "Civilian House"
    • "Genetics Center" means "GM Injector"


  • Shoot: Opens all tiles and slightly damages all enemies
  • Dismantle: 4-5x Steel


Civilian House[]

Interact with it before timer runs out

  • Repulse: removes timer, pops 0-3 monsters, kill them to make 'Rescue' option appear
  • Fleet: Doesn't do anything. Moves you back to the normal maze screen.
  • Rescue:
  • Enter:
    • Observation Data of Test Subject (consumable, 5% to avoid counterattack from undead enemies), unlocks 1 new Lab Center research
    • Enter option can appear at the same time as Rescue, conditions and chance of appearance are unknown

Damaged Car[]


  • 4-6x Steel + chance of +1 dweller, chance of Top Secret 2 (ensured to get at the latest on the 3rd Damaged Car)


GM Injector (Genetics Center)[]

  • Inject to get a stat boost and increase your Injection Count
    • Bonuses based on Injection Count
      • at 4x: Improved Effect: "Somatic system is enhanced" (??)
      • at 10x: "Cardio-pulmonary system is enhanced" (??)
      • at 13x: "Reaction speed is enhanced" (??)
      • at 18x: "Speed of healing is enhanced" (??)
      • Every multiple of 20 (?) Status Zombilization
        • Attack & Power + 50%, Decrease damage taken 90%, Ignore all enemy resistance 50%
        • (valid on this floor)
    • Use of Genetic Modification Drug counts towards your Injection Count progress and can give the Zombilization status if the count is reached.
  • Dismantle

Institute of Occult[]

  • Search
  • Research
    • fails if your GD Ark does not yet have the Lab Center, or has no unlocked available research
    • Gain an improvement for free in the Lab Center
  • Enter

Parasol's Headquarters[]

Appears once per run, a few floors after you have collected all 6 Top Secrets.


Rescue Refugees after clearing the floor :

  • Dwellers +1

Sewer (Cave)[]

  • The Ark will not follow you into the sewer. Your Pioneer will.
  • standard enemies


Wasteland Merchanter (Shop)[]

Steel and Research Documents are always on offer.

Recruitable experts[]

  • Blacksmith: Refinery gains the ability to disenchant gumball equipment into Steel
  • Sergeant: increases Ark's Army TOC attack damage
  • Veteran: improves pioneer's attributes (Click on him inside the tank to get about +25% attack and a fix +40 HP for pioneer[notes 6])
  • Nurse: Pharmacy can make more different drugs (chance to produce Antibiotics, Flesh Strengthener and Epinephrine)
  • Scholar: increases the max level of Lab Center research projects by 2 (3 -> 5,)

Potion Formulas[]

  1. Formula for Black Bile
  2. Formula for Rotting Acid
  3. Formula for Hot Blood
  4. Formula for Sticky Brain Slurry


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Escapee's Remains
Escapee's Remains.png
4-5x Steel, one Blueprint, Top Secret 1, 3-4x Research Document Complete Soul of Escapee : Enemy Attack -1

or Broken Soul of Escapee: Dodge +20% (valid on this floor, uses standard buff slot)

Escapee's Remains

Special dark suit version Presumably 1x per stage

Potion Recipe Complete Soul of Escapee : Enemy Attack -1

or Broken Soul of Escapee: Dodge +20% (valid on this floor, uses standard buff slot)

Vanquisher Taoist's Remains
Vanquisher Taoist's Remains.png
Sword of Exorcism (light spell effects on walking dead +20%) Vanquisher Taoist's Soul: Obtain Blackened Glutinous Rice Dumplings (Recovers 100% HP and removes all debuffs)
Blond Agent's Remains
Blond Agent's Remains.png
Sheet of Salaries Blond Agent's Soul : Sheet of Salaries enhanced -> Sheet of High Salaries (200EP -> 500EP)
Skull Breaker's Remains
Skull Breaker's Remains.png
Bloody Baseball Bat (thrown weapon) Skull Breaker's Soul : Attack +2, HP +30
Man's Remains
Man's Remains.png
Floor Tiles (thrown weapon) Man's Soul: Floor Tiles enhanced into Tough Red Bricks (Deals 50% of max HP damage, 50% chance to exile (not against Boss))
Walking Dead's Remains
Walking Dead's Remains.png

(cave reward)

5x Steel, Genetic Modification Drug, chance for Top Secret 3 Broken Soul of Walking Dead : +30% damage to undead on this floor

Complete Soul of Walking Dead: HP +20

Chainsmoker's Remains Half-cut Cigarette Chainsmoker's Soul : Half-cut Cigarette enhanced -> Last Try (+20 HP -> +50 HP, activate Fearless status)

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Quest / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Obtains Sheet of Huge Salaries x3 2 Despite the name, this requires only the Sheet of Salaries, directly looted from the corpse, not the Sheet of Huge Salaries to which the Sheet of Salaries is upgraded by the Blond Agent's Soul
S Obtains Floor Tiles x3 2
S Obtains Sword of Exorcism x3 2
S Obtains Half-cut Cigarette x3 2
S Obtains Bloody Baseball Bat x3 2
G Obtains Plutonium 239 x3 2 Disenchant 6 star item at GD Ark Refinery for a chance for Plutonium. Success is based on a counter. To not waste your 6*, you can S/L, disenchant something else, and try again. Each time you fail, disenchant one more piece of junk after S/L before trying the 6* again.
G Uses Incendiary Grenades x10 1
G Uses Signal Gun x10 1
G Uses Incendiary Warheads x10 1
G Uses Genetic Modification Drug x50 1
G Defeats the deathwalker x200 1
G Defeats the undead rapscallion x200 1
G Defeats the undead radiator x200 1
G Defeats the undead gunman x200 1
G Defeats the undead stitcher x200 1
G Defeats the licker x150 1
G Defeats the tyrant x100 1
G Defeats the radiant mutant x2 2 Use Plutonium to make a nuke. Nuke a floor to get radiated. 3 floors later, a radiant mutant will spawn. Spawns once per run.
G First Kill Boss 3
G Kill Boss 5x 3
G Defeat all enemies in the sewer 20x 2
S Reaches floor 60 1
S Reaches floor 70 2
S Reaches floor 80 3
G Reaches floor 40 without embarking the GD Ark 2 Don't enter. Can be done during Pulling UP Weeds stage
G Purchases items from Wasteland Merchanter 100x 2
G Rescue refugee x50 2
G Recruits blacksmiths x3 2
G Recruits sergeants x3 2
G Recruits veterans x3 2
G Recruits nurses x3 2
G Recruits scholars x3 2
G Unlocks all architectures on the GD Ark 2
G Architecture on GD Ark reaches level 50 3
G Unlocks all research projects 3
G Produces medical supplies in Pharmacy x50 3
G Refines all equipment to the max level in Army GAD 3 Requires [60 Steel for the Army GAD] + [9*75 = 675 Steel for equipment refining] = 735 total
G Unlocks all features of pioneers in Boot Camp 3 Requires Boot Camp lvl 10
G Relocates 20 dwellers at the same time in Army TOC 3 Have 20 dwellers assigned to Army TOC.

Requires several levels of Army TOC Expansion research in Lab Center

S Obtains hidden Gumball 5

Boss Package Reward[]

Kill Boss on 100F to claim 20× Palaeobios Gumball Fragment and 20× Heart of Ancient Tree.

Title-specific Loot[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

Gumball-specific Information[]

See City of Oblivion/Specific



  1. These might not be the real formulas for Pioneer's Attack and HP as they are quite weird but they are the best fit I have found so far. "^" stands for exponent. For the HP, I have X=1 for level=1 and else X= ( 1+ 0.1 * (lvl-1) + 0.08 * C(lvl,2) ) where C(a,b) stands for the binomial coefficient
  2. Unlike many effects in the game, when Pharmacy states that it produce a potion every X floors traveled it really does just that, it does not simplify by producing on every floor that is a multiple of X.
  3. Detriment: Uses standard debuff slot and therefore can messup with stuns put on the boss... X is apparently floor*2/3.
  4. Including apparently Timestill. Blind can help you
  5. The offer is made through a dialog and cost reduction equipment does not work for this. You must accept or refuse immediately but he will offer again on a later floor (or upon S/L) if you refuse. Conditions for the offer to be made are unknown. Might be pure luck, might require to have certain expert(s) or Top Secret documents or technology or to have purchased a certain amount of items or encountered a certain number of shop...
  6. There are some rounding issues for the attack

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