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How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

You gain access to the Circus Quest area after you collect (Circus Ticket???) from the ??? Maze. And then reach ??? total DP.

Features[edit | edit source]

Circustent.pngThe Circus Quest is Gumballs & Dungeons' daily quests. Every day there are two different quests for the same maze. It can be killing a special beast, finding an item, or reaching a specific floor. All quest goals are in floors 2 to 6. Sometimes one of these quests will require you to use gumballs from a specific faction.

Circusreward1.pngCircusreward2.pngEach quest completed gives a minor reward, and when you complete both on the same day, you get 2 Vigors and 50,000 coins. Once you have completed ten quests, you get 2 Golden Pots and 10 Gems.

Kill Quests[edit | edit source]


Creature Drops Drop Effect
EscapedBear.pngBrown Bear Bear's Honeypot Heal 100HP, 3 uses
EscapedLion.pngEscaped Lion Lion's Hairs Attack +3
EscapedElephant.pngElephant Broken Ivory Receive 200 EP

Collect Quests[edit | edit source]

Item Effect
Acrobatics Ball Item: Deal 100 damage to all enemys on the same row
Acrobatics Dart Item: Cause 50 damage to enemies (9 Darts)
Acrobatics Monocycle Equipment: +? dodge
Trainer's Whip Item:Summon the Lion
Clown's Mask

Equipment: Defense +?

10% to dont disable enemy counterattack

Magician's Crutch Equipment: Power+4

Increase the effect of all spells by 10%

Floor Quests[edit | edit source]

These take the form of books that are automatically found once you reach the target floor with the correct faction. The item can be used once, then will remain in your inventory until you leave the maze.



Acrobat's Legacy
Clown's Legacy Defense +1, EP +300
Magician's Legacy Power +1, MP +20, EP +300
Trainer's Legacy Attack +1, HP +20, EP +300

Trainer: Attack and Power +3

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