This is the capital planet of Space/M06.

Reputation rewards Edit

At a certain number of Friendliness you will get additional rewards:

Plunder rewards Edit

  • 1: 3200 Chom Coin, Digmon Gene, 60k Electricity, 60k Uranium Ore
  • 2: 4800 Chom Coin,
  • 3: 6400 Chom Coin, Variant Ape Gene, 100k Electricity, 100k Uranium Ore
  • 4: 8000 Chom Coin, 4x Cultivation Accelerator (3h), 4x Maintenance Accelerator (3h), 100k Gas
  • 5: 10000 Chom Coin, Drawing of Key to Door C, 15x Eden Accelerator (60m), 3x Eden Acceleartor (8h)

Note: -20 Friendliness for each plunder

Tech Edit

10F Techs costs:

  • 14,400 Chom Coin, Duration at 100% efficiency: 45h. (only one level)

70F & 100F Tech costs:

  • 18,000 Chom Coin, Duration at 100% efficiency: 60h. (only one level)

Gifts Edit

Trade Edit

Trade must be done to increase the sector's completion rate.

Mineral Edit

The planet may be mined, which will reward Chom coins

Explore Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

  • 15% - Outpost Base
  • 30% - Jade Archives
  • 65% - Darkin's Land
  • 100% - Communication Tower

At 100% efficiency, full exploration takes 30 days.

Complete exploration gives in total:

Shops (Chom coins) Edit

Artisan's Workshop Edit

  • 1A - 1200 - 10x Black Titanium Raw Ore I
  • 1A - 1200 - 10x Radioactive Beast Grease I
  • 1A - 1200 - 10x Radioactive Heavy Water I
  • 3A - 3000 - Repair suit
  • 2A - 2000 - 20x Darkin Fragments (limit 25)
  • 3A - 2000 - Frenzy Spear combo skill
  • 4A - 1000 - 100 Competent Cells
  • 2A - 6000 - 5x Fusion Core I
  • 4A - $$$ / €9.99 - Treasure of Artisan's Workshp - 100 Gem, 15k Chom Coin, 1500 Competent Cells, 30x Gas Storage Device/Uranium Ore Storage Device/Electricity Storage Device

First number is the number of "Assist in Rebuilding" required before you can buy the item from the shop.
First assist cost 200k Electricity.

B12 Edit

Quests Edit

  • Cavalry Stronghold -> [Assist in defense] -> Fight (688, 645, 725, 762, 3.8m) -> [Greet] -> Unlock Flame Empire and Artisan's Workshop, +10 Friendliness
  • Cavalry Stronghold -> [I find B12 document] -> 30x Radioactive Beast Grease I, 5x Uranium Ore Storage Device, Unlock B12 Area
  • Cavalry Stronghold -> [I killed fear bat] -> 10k Chom Coin, 30x Radioactive Beast Grease I, 30x Black Titanium Raw Ore I, 30x Radioactive Heavy Water I, 15x Fusion Core I
  • Artisan's Workshop -> [Assist in rebuilding] ->
    • Pay 200k Electricity -> Receive 1800 Chom Coin and unlock Shop (with Black Titanium Raw Ore, Radioactive Beast Grease, Radioactive Heavy Water)
    • Submit Medical Supplies (Firefly 50%) -> Receive 2400 Chom Coin, Unlock [Next Step] at Outpost Base, Add Darkin Fragments and Fusion Core to Shop
    • Submit Water purification equipment (Walter 100%) -> Receive 3000 Chom Coin, Add Repair suit and Combo Skill to Shop
    • Submit Precision console (Naffe 100%) -> Receive 3600 Chom Coin, Add Cells and $$ package to Shop
    • [Make the key to Door A] -> Pay 1000 Chom Coin to receive Key to Door A
    • [Make the key to Door C] (Requires Drawing of Key to Door C from 5th plunder) -> Pay 1000 Chom Coin to receive Key to Door C
  • Outpost Base -> [Report Darkin information] -> Chom Wonder Blueprint, 10x Black Titanium Raw Ore I, 10x Radioactive Beast Grease I, 10x Radioactive Heavy Water I -> [Next Step] -> Unlock Jade Archives
  • Darkin's Land -> [Communicate] / help -> Start a 20 minute timed event. Note that upon failing you can immediately try again from the start.
  • Battle 2 waves of enemies, first wave fight (763, 763, 821, 870, 4.75m) second wave fight (911, 857, 802, 775, 5.08m)
  • Start a 3 vigor costing maze event with Adventurer as sole gumball: (no enemies)
    • Get shovel, open inventory and select shovel then dig the crack between the middle and right doors to get wrench.
    • Enter right door, check both shelves to get: spare coil, tape and a crowbar
    • Use the spare coil on the bottom generator to power it then use wrench to the robot corpse to get an eye, go back out
    • Use eye to open middle door then enter, use main computer to open 3rd chamber for a corpse, check corpse for a notebook then exit
    • Use shovel on the right device to cut the wire, enter middle door again and use crowbar on the cabinet to get usb device, then exit.
    • Use tape to connect back all wires then enter left door.
    • Use the usb on the main pc at the top, use it then the one on the left then right. Then bottom and use the notebook on the bottom pc, the main computer will change. Use it then exit.
    • Interact with the middle device for the password book
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