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Chirping Bird.png Chirping Bird
Type: Summons
This cute pet looks like a white woolen yarn ball, making it difficult for you to tell its species. It breathes slowly and rhythmically. Presumably, it's resting.
Use: Summons Chirping Bird (valid in the Maze).

[Accompany] When present, Gumball suffers 20% less damage, recovers Energy +20 when entering the next floor.

Source(s): Carried by Great Guardian when selected as main Gumball.

Summon Info

Chirping Bird is a maze persistent Ally. It inherits 25% of gumball's current attack and 75% of gumball's Max HP.


  • Accompany: When present,damage taken by Gumball -20%, Energy +20 when entering the next floor.
  • Does a standard attack every 5 rounds

Note: it doesn't leave anything behind when it dies.