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Chaos Abyss
Chaos Abyss.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock with at least 560 dp after clearing Hell Frontier
Normal reward Cthulhu & Cyclops gumball
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Unknown
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete this maze to receive Cthulhu Gumball

The Alvinos Abyss is filled with scorching fire all day long, it is the natural habitat for demons and dragons. In the language of demons, Alvinos refers to: The land where the Gods are destroyed!

To Unlock[]

Defeat Hell Frontier maze and have 560 DP.
Note: you also receive 1 Gem upon unlocking it.

Hidden Gumball[]


To obtain Cyclops Gumball, you have to find all Five Monkeys and then visit their Boardroom with the Invitation Letter given by the last monkey found:

  • Peter - Random Enemy, has to be defeated in 1 turn
  • Yorick - Hidden in Spike Cave (Use Sentry Guard item)
  • Vincent - Torture Device (Red Sanity)
  • Ben - Purchase items in Devil Businessman Shop, the shop owner will propose a special deal for 1000 EP (no discount possible)
  • Danny - Boss Reward from Floor 60 or higher

See Five Monkeys for details of the rewards each Monkey gives.

Story Quests[]

Destruction Land of the Gods
Floors 40 (Difficulty 48) - 2 Vigor
Rewards :

Sneak into! Devil's Court!
Floors 45 (Difficulty 49) - 2 Vigor
Rewards :

Heart and Wisdom Test
Floors 45 (Difficulty 49) - 2 Vigor

Bloody Battle! Ancient One!
Floors 50 (Difficulty 50) - 2 Vigor - Boss fight on last floor

Endless Mode (Difficulty 50) - 3 Vigor


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Dark Tentacle


Dark Tentacle.png

Infect: When counterattacking, reduce the enemy's Mental by 1

Spread: For each additional same kind on the field, the infection effect is increased by 100%.

May drop some Chaos Drives



Eye Ray: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds.

Insight: When counterattacking, add Mark effect to the enemy (Damage suffered is increased by 30% for 3 rounds)

May drop some Chaos Drives



Charm: When present, make all creatures summoned by the enemy unable to move

Light: High Dodge Attribute (30%)

May drop some Chaos Drives
Shadow Fiend


Shadow Fiend.png

Soul Eater: Increase Attack by 2 and Soul Ability by 1 each round

Elegy of the Soul: Consume Soul Ability to revive at the time of death, HP recovered by 20% for each point of Soul Ability (100% HP at most, once only)

May drop some Chaos Drives
Blood Seeker


Blood Seeker.png

Bloodlust: When counterattacking, add Blood-leech effect (recover HP by 30% of the Damage dealt)

Blood Rage: Attack doubles when HP drops below 50%

May drop some Chaos Drives
Hidden Demon


Hidden Demon.png

Concealed Murder: Launch an attack every 5 rounds, deal triple damage

Sneak: Conceal the existence of oneself

May drop some Chaos Drives

Can be targeted when sanity is <= 50 or Sentry Guard is active. Can always be attacked via untargeted spells like Death Ripple.

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Chaos Abyss/Specific.

Special Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info


Test Monkey.png

Flee: Escape after 1 round

Black Technology: Immune to all control states (including Time Stop)

Drops Special Chaos Drive Peter's Golden Finger

May appear on Turn 1 of a floor. If he flees, he will keep reappearing in later floors until killed.

Giant Toad


Giant Toad.png

Frog Poison: Launch an attack per round, dealing 1.5 times damages, and add Poison effect (lose HP per round, for 3 rounds)

Tinea Skin: Physical Resistance +30%

Drops Dirty Tinea Skin
Vine Cirrus


Vine Tentacle.png

Thorns: Launches an attack each round 1 spawns every turn when your sanity is <25 and there is a Devil Vine revealed.

Up to 20 spawn per Devil Vine revealed at Red Sanity.

Boss (Old Days Dominator)[]

Old Days Dominator.png

Old Days Dominator Demon
Floor Attack HP Physical
30 42 654 30% 20%
40 69 1293 30% 20%
50 113 2491 30% 20%
60 190 4664 40% 30%
70 237 8610 40% 30%
80 400 ???? 40% 30%
90 714 ???? 50% 40%
100 ???? ???? 50% 40%


  • Spiritual Control: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal triple damages, and decrease Mental by 5
  • Nightmare: Impose the effects according to the enemy's Mental (Effects can be superimposed)
    • <=100: Decrease the enemy Mental by 1 per round
    • <50: The enemy is unable to recover HP
    • <25: Spiritual control can eliminate the enemy's Buff
  • Dark Realm: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +20%, and deal damage to the enemy by (?%) of Max HP (the lower the Mental, the higher the damage)
    • 75 - 100: 2% of Max HP
    • 50 - 74: 4% of Max HP
    • 1 - 49: 6% of Max HP

When a Vine is used to kill the boss, the first time, the boss drops a Special Chaos Drive Ruler's Source Force.  On subsequent kills with a Vine the boss drops a random Rank 3 Chaos Drive.

Maze Mechanics[]



In the abyss, your mental will be tested! The world you face will change with your mind, and when your Mental turns to be zero, you will face Death!

(When mental is lower than a certain value, Debuff is obtained)

By clicking on the Brain icon, you get a menu where can use Stone of Light or Stone of Dark to influence Mental; doing so doesn't consume a round:

Sanity Status Effect
Normal No effect
Irritability Reduce the recovery amount by 30% when picking up the recovery bottle
Chaos Reduce the recovery amount by 30% when picking up the recovery bottle

Encounter more kinds of traps

Mad Reduce the recovery amount by 30% when picking up the recovery bottle

Encounter more kinds of traps

When attacking, damage fluctuates between 70-200%

Dead Dead as a Doornail


Trap Flag.png

Random tiles can be trapped with a spike trap. If you explore a tile containing one, you will take damage and -1 Mental. As your sanity goes down, you will encounter more traps. Traps can be revealed with Sentry Guard, and do not need to be exposed to clear a floor.

Chaos Drive[]

Chaos Drive Bag.png

You acquire drives throughout the maze from enemies, various interactions and from the Devil Businessman's shop. Most of the time, you acquire Rank I or Rank III versions of those drives.

A bag in inventory lets you see all the drives you own. Through the use of that bag, you can also combine two identical drives into the corresponding drive of the next rank (up to rank V). Each rank increases the effect of the Chaos Drive.

The fifth tab is for Special Chaos Drives. Each special drive must be obtained in a specific manner (see table below) and cannot be upgraded. Special Chaos Drives do not have ranks but special encounters whose effects scale with the rank of a sacrificed drive will typically see those as akin to a rank V drive or maybe even slightly better.

Drives are associated to spells at the #Mysterious Platform. The effects of the drives are triggered when the associated spell is cast in the "normal" manner. Breath Chaos Drives (and maybe a few others ?) can also be triggered when the associated spell is cast through a Breath Chaos Drive effect; this is called Chaining. Spells casts through items or suits like Knight's Suit do not trigger drives associated to those spells.

Icon Type Name Effect (Rank I - V)
Breath of Cthugha.png
Additional Spell Breath of Cthugha 20/40/60/80/100% chance to cast Fire Ball additionally (can be chained at lower rate)
Breath of Aphoom.png
Additional Spell Breath of Aphoom 20/40/60/80/100% chance to cast Icicle additionally (can be chained at lower rate)
Breath of Shaikorth.png
Additional Spell Breath of Shaikorth 20/40/60/80/100% chance to cast Cure additionally (can be chained at lower rate)
Breath of Pazunia.png
Additional Spell Breath of Pazunia 20/40/60/80/100% chance to cast Chain Lightning additionally (can be chained at lower rate)
Mordiggian's Tentacle.png
Stat Gain Mordiggian's Tentacle A total of 30/25/20/15/10 enemies are killed, Attack +1
Ghatanothoa's Tentacle.png
Stat Gain Ghatanothoa's Tentacle A total of 30/25/20/15/10 enemies are killed, Power +1
Faugn's Tentacle.png
Stat Gain Faugn's Tentacle Cast the spell 30/25/20/15/10 times in total, Attack +1
Nacha's Tentacle.png
Stat Gain Nacha's Tentacle Cast the spell 30/25/20/15/10 times in total, Power +1
Nyogtha's Will.png
Spell Effect Nyogtha's Will When casting damage spells, spell effect +60/120/180/240/300%,

obtain the inhibition effect (for 3 rounds)

Knossos' Will.png
Spell Effect Knossos' Will When casting damage spells, spell effect +40/80/120/160/200%,

consumption of spell scrolls +1

Aforgomon's Will.png
Spell Effect Aforgomon's Will When casting the aid spells, spell effect +10/20/30/40/50%
Shudde M'ell's Will.png
Spell Effect Shudde M'ell's Will When casting the healing spells, 20/40/60/80/100% chance to add Shield
Ithaqua's Stare.png
Extra Ithaqua's Stare After casting the spell, receive EP by 4/6/8/10/12
Basatan's Stare.png
Extra Basatan's Stare After casting the spell, 40/55/70/85/100% chance to recover Mental by 2
Hgla's Stare.png
Extra Hgla's Stare After casting the spell, 8/12/16/20/24% chance to obtain 1 spell scroll at random
Eihort's Stare.png
Extra Eihort's Stare After casting the spell, 60/70/80/90/100% chance to place Sentry Guard
Blood Wax Block.png
Special Blood Wax Block When additional spell is cast, prioritize enemy with lowest HP

(From Wax Head hidden in Spike Cave)

Light Contract.png
Special Light Contract After casting the spell, 20% chance to receive 1 Stone of Light (From Prayer Room God of Light when Blue - Green Sanity)
Dark Contract.png
Special Dark Contract After casting the spell, 20% chance to receive 1 Stone of Dark (From Prayer Room God of Dark when Yellow - Red Sanity)
Warmonster's Blood.png
Special Warmonster's Blood When casting damage spells, spell attack range +1%[notes 1]

(From Warmonster Corpse (Red Sanity))

Giant Dragon Scale.png
Special Giant Dragon Scale After killing the enemy, there is a 1% chance to get a Dragon Ball

(From Vine on Yellow Sanity)

Peter's Golden Finger.png
Special Peter's Golden Finger Rounds of the spell +2

(From Peter)

Primitive Energy.png
Special Primitive Energy 25% chance additional cast Implosion

(From Yellow Sanity Abyss Furnace - Sacrifice 6* Item)

Ruler's Source Force.png
Special Ruler's Source Force After casting the spell, effects of all spells cast next time +50%

(From killing Boss with Vine item or Rare Steal from Boss)

Seed of Vine.png
Special Seed of Vine After casting the spell, recover exclusive skill energy by 10 (it will be automatically destroyed after 50 cast)

From Devil Vine at Blue (and probably Green) Sanity with World Tree or Explosive Pumpkin as main (or probably any Plant Gumball)

Maze Occurrences[]

Mysterious Platform[]

Mysterious Platform.png

This magic platform is covered with a chaotic force, and you can enhance your spells here!

Appears revealed, adyacent or diagonal to the entry door every non-special floor. Here, you can:

  • Associate Chaos Drives to your spells (One single drive to any Rank 1 to 5 spell except Portal of Earth.)
  • Upgrade existing Chaos Drives tied to your spells (see below)
  • Improvement of spells via Energy absorption (see below)
  • Change the Chaos Drives tied to spells (the formerly associated Chaos Drive is lost)

Upgrade :

  • When a spell is associated to a rune Z of rank X, you can use a rune Z of rank X to increase the association to rank X+1. (Up to a maximum of rank 5 association)

Energy Absorption:

  • Available after Bloody notes from Wizard's Wreck has been used (see #Corpses)
  • Each Absorption rank grant +5% effect to the spell
  • Only spells with an associated Chaos Drive can be improved via absorption (even though the improvement impacts the spell itself and not the effect of the Chaos Drive).
  • For spells of level 1/2/3/4/5, the first absorption rank costs 200/250/300/350/400 points and each subsequent rank costs 20/25/30/35/40 more than the previous one.
  • Points for absorption improvements are granted by sacrificing Chaos Drives. You gain 20/40/80/160/320 points for sacrifices of Drives of rank 1/2/3/4/5

Abyss Furnace[]

Abyss Furnace.png

Blue/Green Sanity:

The hot magma is rolling in this furnace, and you can enhance your equipment here!
  • Upgrade one equipment from any Melee suit or Mage suit for free.

Yellow/Red Sanity:

Thick dark matter is rolling in this furnace, and any items that are put into it will be converted into energy form.
  • Convert equipment into Chaos Drives (Equipment Rank1/2/3/4/5 -> Chaos Drive I/I/2x I/II/? )
  • On yellow, convert 6 star or higher equipment for a chance get special Chaos Drive Primitive Energy (25% chance additional cast implosion) or 2 Chaos Drive III.

Chaotic Altar[]

Chaotic Altar.png

Sacrifice different Chaos Drives to lose 1 sanity and achieve different effects depending on sanity level.

Blue to Green Sanity:

This ancient altar is engraved with mysterious runes, which can transform the sacrificial offerings into more pure energy!
  • Sacrifice yield a random mix of Stone of Light and Stone of Dark. One stone per rank of the drive sacrificed. Sacrificing a Special Chaos Drive will yield 7 Stones.

Yellow Sanity:

This ancient altar is shrouded in an unknown force that inspires the potential of the sacrificer!
  • Sacrifice yields stats gain
    • Rank 1 to 3 Chaos Drive, boost one or two stats (can also boost dodge or defense). About proportional to the rank of the Chaos Drive sacrificed.
    • Rank 4 Chaos Drive for +3 Attack and +30 HP or +3 Power and +30 MP or Dodge +5% or Defense +3
    • Rank 5 Chaos Drive for +4 Attack, +4 Power, +40 HP, +40 MP
    • Special Chaos Drive for +5 Attack, +5 Power, +50 HP, +50 MP

Red Sanity:

  • 1x Rank 5 (or Special) Chaos Drive = 1x Magic Ware set equipment.
  • Works as yellow sanity once all 4 Magic Ware set items are collected

Prayer Room[]

Prayer Room.png

This dilapidated prayer room looks very rudimentary, but it has no impact on your prayer to the gods!

  • God of Light
    • Blue - Green Sanity: +10 Mental and Light Scrolls or Special Chaos Drive Light Contract
    • Yellow - Red Sanity: +10 Mental
    • May also give: Scepter VII
  • God of Dark
    • Blue - Green Sanity: -10 Mental
    • Yellow - Red Sanity: -10 Mental and Dark Scrolls or Special Chaos Drive Dark Contract

Torture Device[]

Torture Device.png

This iron and steel torture device looks like a female very much. Its interior has human shape cavities and is full of thorns.

Note: The setting of the Torture Device is fixed when you enter the floor. Unlike the other floor items, you cannot adjust your Sanity level and have it change between functions.

Blue to Yellow Sanity: Torture Device:

  • Remove a random revealed monster from the floor.
  • Cannot be used if no monster is left.

Red Sanity, Whine Instrument:

A creature seems to be kept in this iron and steel torture device. From time to time, there is a howl...
  • Release a random monster or Vincent (Monkey)
  • Released monster will be at a lower health, and will drop a Chaos Drive when killed

Note: It is possible to S/L on a floor with a torture device to get Vincent to appear (this may take a few tries).

Horror totem[]

Horror Totem.png

Blue/Green Sanity:

This dilapidated totem is contaminated by an evil spirit, maybe you can find a way to purify it!
  • (When present, the damage all enemies suffered decreases by 20%)
  • Purification: -1 Mental, convert to a Purified totem, may instead recive Scepter II

If you don't get the scepter, you can do a S/L and kill a different number of enemies before purifying the totem for another chance at it.

Yellow Sanity:

The dilapidated totem has been severely eroded by the evil spirit, and it is difficult to restore it to its original state. Try to Destroy it!
  • (When present, all enemies recover HP by 20% per round)
  • (When present, all enemies Attack increase by 50%)
  • Destroy: -1 Mental, destroys Horror totem.

Red Sanity:

The horror power emitted by this totem is not something you can solve. Leave now!
  • (When present, all enemies recover HP by 30% per round)
  • (When present, all enemies Attack increase by 80%)
  • (When present, the damage all enemies suffered decreases by 50%)

Purified Totems[]

Totem of fear:

Totem of Fear.png

This totem is painted with spell runes. All enemies who see it will fall into inexplicable panic.
  • When present, damage suffered by all enemies increase by 10%, lasts for 15 rounds)

Soul Totem:

  • When present, restore 2 HP to Gumballs' each turn (lasts for 15 rounds)

Weakness Totem:

  • When present, all enemys attack -10% (lasts for 15 rounds)

Alchemy (Chaotic) Lab[]

Alchemy Lab.png

Blue/Green Sanity, 1x/run: Alchemy Lab

This dilapidated lab looks a bit gloomy, and there is a yellow manuscript on the alchemy platform.

Blue/Green Sanity, other times: Alchemy Lab

Some dusty alchemy equipment is piled up in this lab. You can smelt the spell scrolls here.
  • Smelt: Smelt different equipment to acquire spell scrolls

Yellow/Red Sanity: Chaotic Lab

This lab is covered with burnt marks and it seems that there has been an explosion. You can smelt the spell scrolls here.
  • Smelt: Smelt different equipment to acquire spell scrolls of the same rank, smelt 6 stars items on yellow sanity or lower for a chance to get Time Acceleration - Rank 6 Air Spell or 1 Gem (limited).
  • Sometimes, Alchemy Lab would explode upon smelting. This would flip open all slate along with damage to every enemy in it. Sometimes, when Lab will explode you will get 1 Gem(limited).

Holy Well[]

Holy Well.png

Blue/Green Sanity: Holy Well

This cold and clear spring water slowly pours out from the cracks in the underground rock. You can restore a lot of physical strength by taking a sip.
  • Take a sip: Recover 30% HP/MP or Encounter Water Elf

Yellow Sanity: Polluted Spring Water

This spring water looks very turbid. Because Warmonsters often come to drink, it is contaminated with a lot of tyranny.
  • Take a sip: -1 to sanity, Berserk status (Attack +100%, Damage suffered +30%, uses standard buff slot)

Red Sanity: Abomination Spring

When you get close to the spring water, negative emotions such as green, killing, fear, and hatred come one after another. It is said that people who drink it will lose their minds while gaining strength!
  • Take a sip: Mental -5, Max HP -30, Raise Random Stat

Entropy Ship[]

Entropy Ship.png

This strangely shaped ship is made up of bones and souls, which are often used by the demons to navigate in the plane.
  • Sacrifice different Chaos Drives to travel backwards in floors (3 floors per rank)
  • Sacrifice Special Chaos Drive travel 20 floors back
  • It only appears one per run. If you skip it, it won't reappear even with POE. 

Chalk Door[]

Chalk Door.png

A drawing of a chalk door.
  • Requires Golden Key to interact with Chalk Door.
    • Golden Key obtained by obtaining Task Book from Ophelia Wreckage, then Investigating an Evil Old Tree to make a Giant Toad appear, then feeding the Giant Toad with 3 Rotten Meat to obtain the Golden Key.
  • "Unlock with Golden Key":
    • First time: Gain 10 Gem, 200k Coins
    • Subsequent runs: Spell Scrolls, Runes and Equipment

Withered Tree[]

Withered Tree.png

Blue/Green Sanity: Withered Tree

The branches of this huge ancient tree have completely withered. It is full of atmosphere of death and defeat.
  • Break off: Gain Twig

Yellow Sanity: Doom Old Tree

Fierce ravens stand on this old tree, and they will attack the surrounding creatures if they are frightened!
  • Shaking Old Tree (3 uses): Deal damage to a random enemy and yourself.

Red Sanity: Evil Old Tree

This huge old tree has a deep tree hole at the bottom, and a black fruit at the top of the twig.
  • Pick: Gain Evil Fruit
  • Investigate (once only and only after finding Ophelia's Task Book): Encounter Giant Toad
    • Feed 3 Rotten Meat Pieces - Gain Golden Key
    • Turn aggressive with AoE and then kill Giant Toad (Warning: Giant Toad has 3,000 health and does 400 damage per round) for Golden Key and Dirty Tinea Skin
    • Clown's Laughing Gas makes it leave immediately, without going hostile. It drops the key but not the skin.

Devil Vine[]

Devil Vine.png

Blue sanity:

This black vine is slowly squirming. If a creature is accidentally entangled, its life will be in danger...
  • Dig: Gain Vine & -1 to Sanity
    • Touch: With Explosive Pumpkin or Sunflower (or probably any Plant gumball), gain the Special Chaos Drive Seed of Vine

Yellow Sanity: Devil Vine

This black vine is slowly squirming. If a creature is accidentally entangled, its life will be in danger...
  • Fell: Random item (including the following special items):
    • A gumball villager that gives the Special Chaos Drive Giant Dragon Scale
    • Scepter V

Red Sanity: Death Vine

This vine is growing wildly, blocking the road ahead, and you need to find a way to attract its attention!

(The vine summons 1 vine tentacle per round up to a maximum of 20)


Spike Cave[]

Spike Cave.png

Enter to fight monsters. At the center, you'll find either a Storage Chest or a Warmonster's Corpse.
Storage Chest possible loot:

With GoT or Sentry Guard, you can find the following special interactions in addition to normal items:

Wax Statue.png

Wax Statue

This humanoid wax figure is lifelike, as if it were real, but you always feel that something is wrong with it!
  • Observe: -5 Mental, Special Chaos Drive Blood Wax Block

The Statue of Death

The Statue of Death.png

This icy Statue of Death is shrouded in a thick black mist, giving you a feeling of ghast!



This typewriter is working, with the "clattering" sound, but what is strange is that there is no one in front of it!

Loose Brick

This hidden tile was obviously pried open in the past. Faint magic waves are coming from underneath!

Devil Businessman (Shop)[]

Devil Businessman.png

Item EP Cost
Stone of Light 50 each
Stone of Dark 50 each
Sentry Guard 50 each
Chaos Drive Rank 1 100 each
Chaos Drive Rank 3 400 each
Scepter VI 300
Ben (Unlocks after several purchases) 1000

Special Gang Cadre's blackmail result: 5x Stone of Light + 5x Stone of Dark

After several boughts, the businessman will offer an special deal for 1000EP for Ben. If the offer its accepted, the shop will disapear and the rest of items cant be bought. If you didn't buy Ben, the Devil Businessman will offer him again after another certain amount of EP spent.


Chaos Abyss has multiple 'quests' that require interactions from different maze occurrences to complete. Below are compiled lists to help players complete these 'quests'.

Five Monkeys[]

Locate all Five Monkeys and the fifth one will give you an Invitation to their Boardroom to collect plans for the hidden gumball, Cyclops. Each Monkey also gives a special reward.

  • Peter - Random Enemy - Peter's Golden Finger - Special Chaos Drive
  • Yorick - Hidden in Spike Cave (Use Sentry Guard item) - Random Spells
  • Vincent - Torture Device (Red Sanity) - Scepter I
  • Ben - Purchase items in Devil Businessman Shop, the shop owner will propose a special deal for 1000 EP (no discount possible) - Ben gives a random Chaos Drive
  • Danny - Boss Level 60 or higher - Dragon Ball Radar (Receive 2-4 Dragon Balls randomly)

7-section Scepter[]

Locate all Seven pieces of the scepter and combine them to receive 7-section Scepter and the Rank 6 Light Spell - Holy Light Guardian. If you cast the spell, the 7-section Scepter is destroyed.

Special Chaos Drives[]

Blood Wax Block - can randomly find with GoT or Sentry Guard in a Spike Cave.

Peter's Golden Finger - attained when you defeat a randomly appearing Peter in the maze.

Light Contract -

Dark Contract -

Warmonster's Blood - 

Primitive Energy -

Seed of Vine - 

Rank 6 spells[]

There are 6 rank 6 spells available in Chaos Abyss. All Gumballs can cast them regardles of the scroll rank limit. They cost 0 Mp and aren't affected by power. There is no reward for collecting all of them, but each is powerful and worth obtaining.

Gaia's Blessing[]

The Rank 6 Earth spell will transport you to a room with a Lord of Elemental (Earth) with 0 Attack and 9999 HP. You will have 5 turns to deal as much damage as you can - Timestill will not buy you extra turns. The more damage you deal, the better the rewards you will receive. If you manage to deal 30k damage or more in total, you will get Earth Shield Wing Plane.

Once you have enough base Power, you can hit 30K damage by:

  1. Use Mysterious Platform to enhance Electrostatic Field with Aforomon's Will (red tab)
  2. Use Mysterious Platform to enhance Implosion with Nyogtha's Will (red tab)
  3. Use Gaia's Blessing
  4. Cast Time Acceleration
  5. Cast Electrostatic Field
  6. Cast Disruption Ray
  7. Cast Implosion

There is also a ranking board showing combos used to achieve top damage - Sculptor, Pandora and Orochi. A quick video on how to deal 1 million damage or more Youtube video


Note - Red Sanity will stop all non-unique corpses from dropping Souls if you are using Farplane Ranger.

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Knight's Remains(1x)[notes 3]
Knight's Remains.png
Stone of Light, Stone of Dark, and random Chaos Drives Knight's Soul: Receive 200 EP
Ophelia Wreckage (1x)
Task Book Ophelia's Soul: Fantasy state (Have a vision with a mental value of 100, valid in the target floor)
Nail Head's Wreckage (1x)
Nail Head's Wreckage.png
Hell Cube Nail Head's Soul: Gumball's Attack +5, Mental -20
Silver-haired Girl's Corpse (1x)
Silver-haired Girl's Corpse.png
Crowbar Nyaruko's Soul: Crowbar, improve the ability
Ghost's Corpse (1x)
Ghost's Corpse.png
Steel Claw Gloves Freddy's Soul: Steel Claw Gloves, improve the ability
Doll's Corpse (1x)
Doll's Corpse.png
Teardrop Blood Gem Doll's Soul: Gumball's HP and MP +50, Decrease 10% EP consumption while upgrading Magic Title
Wizard's Wreck (1x, F50+)
Wizard's Wreck.png
Bloody notes Wizard's Soul: Get 5 low-rank Chaos Drive
Warmonster's Corpse (Multiple)
Warmonster's Corpse.png
Blue/Green Sanity: Rotten Meat, Huge Eyeball or Tusk Broken Demon's Soul: Increase effects of all spells by 15% (target floor only)

or Complete Demon's Soul: Increase effects of all damage spells by 1%

Yellow Sanity: Search: 1-2 Chaos Drive and/or Rotten Meat
Red Sanity: Salvation: Gumball's Attack +1 and +1 Mental or +2 Attack. Chance of Special Chaos Drive Warmonster's Blood (1x) NA
Adventurer's Remains (Multiple)
Adventurer's Remains med.png

Blue/Green Sanity: EP

Broken Traveler's Soul: Receive 50-100 EP at random

or Complete Traveler's Soul: Receive 100-200 EP at random

Yellow Sanity: Random Equipment
Red Sanity: Salvation: Gumball's HP and MP +10 to +19, and +1 Mental NA
Mage's Remains (Multiple)
Mage's Remains med.png
Blue/Green Sanity: Random scrolls Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (target floor only)

or Complete Mage's Soul: Power +1

Yellow Sanity: Random Chaos Drives
Red Sanity: Salvation: Gumball's Power +3, and +1 Mental. Chance of Scepter IV (1x). NA

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here or check the Spike Cave section, as a maze mechanic (Sentry Guard) allows revealing hidden items without the title.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.


  • All maze occurrences affected by sanity (except Torture Device) can be adjusted on the floor itself. Torture device is not affected due to the spawn being fixed the moment you arrive at floor. The Red Sanity Torture Device and the Blue to Yellow Sanity Torture Device are considered 2 different object so not even changing Mental prior flipping tile affect this.
  • Reviving with Holy Rebirth increases Mental by 15.
  • Sacrificing Rank 4 Chaos Drives at the Chaotic Altar at Yellow Sanity sometimes gives you Defense +3 or Dodge +5%. It is advisable to try to get a few boosts in Defense (for lower floors) and Dodge, before switching back to sacrificing Rank 5 Chaos Drives.
  • Note that at 50 Mental, your status is green but you still can see the Hidden Demon
  • Torture device may be used to kill a Hidden Demon when its hidden.
  • While Hidden Demon is hidden, he doesn't guard nearby slates
  • If you have the full Magic Ware set, you can use Death Vine at Red Sanity to grind for stats, as it spawns 20 Death Vines, which counts for two-thirds of the Magic Ware stat boost requirement.
  • For the 30k damage quest, the damage can be spread over multiple targets. Thus, one method of clearing it can be done using Future Cat gumball. First, find a floor with a Death Vine at Red Sanity, and use Earthquake to flip all the tiles. Waste 20 turns to allow all Death Vines to spawn. Then use Electrostatic Field, Shrinking Light (all target Disrupting Ray from Future Cat), then Death Ripple. Having equipment to boost the spells, like Great Druid's Cloak or Nether Boots help as well.
  • For calculation:
    • Mob number: 5(assume minimum)+20(vinespawn) = 25
    • Minimum damage necessary per target: 30000/25= 1200
    • Disrupting ray multiplier(assume minimum)= +100%
    • Damage per target required after Disrupting ray: 1200/2(from 200% power)= 600
    • Electrostatic Field multiplier(assume minimum):20%
    • Base damage needed prior to buff: 600*5/6= 500
    • (optional) Base damage required after great druid cloak boost: 500/3 = 166.666...

Quests / DP[]

Kill level 100 boss for one time Boss Package worth 20x Cyclops Gumball Fragment and 20x Dragon's Rib.

Description DP Notes
S Get Teardrop Blood Gem x3 2 From Doll's Corpse
S Get Hell Cube x3 2 From Nail Head's Wreckage
S Get Steel Claw Gloves x3 2 From Ghost's Corpse
S Get Crowbar x3 2 From Silver-haired Girl's Corpse
S Complete the task of Ophelia 3 From Ophelia Wreckage. Red Sanity: Evil Old Tree, feed frog 3 meat, or aoe to turn agressive.
S Completely collect and equip the Magic Ware suit 3 From Chaotic Altar
G Use Rotten Meat x10 1 From Warmonster's Corpse at blue sanity
G Use Huge Eyeball x10 1 From Warmonster's Corpse at blue sanity
G Use Tusk x10 1 From Warmonster's Corpse at blue sanity
G Use Evil Fruit x10 1 From Withered Tree at red sanity
G Use Sentry Guard x10 1 Buy from merchant or find in cave
G Use Stone of Light to recover Mental x20 1 From merchant, caves, chaotic altar at green/blue sanity...
G Use Stone of Dark to reduce Mental x20 1 From merchant, caves, chaotic altar at green/blue sanity...
G Use Vine to kill the enemy x30 2 Get from Devil Vine at Blue/Green sanity
G Kill Dark Tentacle x200 1
G Kill Beholder x200 1
G Kill Succubus x200 1
G Kill Shadow Fiend x200 1
G Kill Blood Seeker x200 1
G Kill Hidden Demon x200 1
G Kill first BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Clean up the Spike Cave x30 2
S Reach Floor 70 of the maze 2
S Reach Floor 80 of the maze 3
S Reach Floor 90 of the maze 3
G Trigger the trap x30 1
G Buy items in Devil Businessman x50 1
G Synthesize Rank 5 Chaos Drive x10 3
G Trigger the chase spell 3 times when casting spell 2 Have purple chaos drives link to each other or one spell link to itself with a purple chaos drive (use 100%)
G Deal damage by 30,000 in a single round of spell casting 2 Can be done at any floor of the maze.
G Get any 5 special Chaos Drive 3 You need to find 5 Special Drives during a run. You do not however need to own them at the same time. Sacrificed drives still count for this.
G Master Rank 6 Water Spells 3 Sacrifice at least a level 3 Chaos Drive at the pool when the water elf appears (50+ sanity needed)l
G Master Rank 6 Earth Spells 3 Rank 6 scroll appears at random in the spell shop. Cost 1000 EP
G Master Rank 6 Fire Spells 3 Equip the full maze suit (obtained by sacrificing rank 5 chaos drives to the pentagram on Red Sanity)
G Master Rank 6 Air Spells 3 Smelt 6 stars items on yellow sanity or lower at the Alchemy Lab
G Master Rank 6 Light Spells 3 Collect all 7 pieces of the scepter and assemble
G Master Rank 6 Dark Spells 3 Obtain book of the Dead from the Statue of Death (looks like Aioria) (Requires GGoT/Sentry Guard)
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5 Find all 5 monkeys and use the invitation item.


  1. Warmonster's Blood increase by 1 the range of the damaged spell it is associated with. For instance, if used on Lightning Bolt, that spell will now damage the target creature as well as any creatures horizontally or vertically immediately next to it.
  2. Note: Casting Elf Paean will remove any active Little Demon  and of course, Casting Little Demon when Elf Paean  is active will remove it as well. 
  3. Can be found a second time during story quest


If you equip 7-section scepter then unequip it without casting the rank 6 light, the scepter will return to inventory with 1 piece missing; some piece could be regained the same way you gain it first time. be warned though, this will also cancel the rank 6 Light mastery DP quest(at least mine canceled)

also if you shop at devil businessman, there is a chance your gumball window will stay there instead of disappearing. this will obstruct you from selecting your mental bar(the hitbox smaller)

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