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| Need to purchase all Shadow Attendant Gene Segments first
| Need to purchase all Shadow Attendant Gene Segments first
| [[Ripper]] Gene Segments
| [[Ripper_(Clone)|Ripper (Clone)]] Gene Segments
| {{Cost|36|Explorer Medal}}
| {{Cost|36|Explorer Medal}}
| {{Cost|432|Explorer Medal}}
| {{Cost|432|Explorer Medal}}

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Chaos Field is full of unknowns and opportunities, but the turbulence of time and space in this place making it impossible to get closer! Thus, powerful alliances will unite at regular intervals to stabilize the turbulence by various means, and project quantities of fleets into Chaos Field for exploration!


An alliance event-style Space sector set to open every 2 weeks. Starts with a 24-hr registration period, then opens for 12 hours after for exploration.[notes 1]


  • There are different Universes an alliance can belong to.
  • Each Universe can have 30-100 alliances in it (Universe 1 only has 15), then split into groups. (Number of alliances varies per Universe, the higher the Universe, the more alliances are)
  • Each Universe have different counts of rewards. Only Universe 1 have an extra ranking rewards. (The higher the Universe, the lower the count of rewards there is; 20% lower than the previous Universe)
  • Overall space score of the participating members of an alliance determines the Universe they'll belong to. (The first run had bugs that caused the Universe grouping different from the intended)
Chaos map-overview

Planets and Cosmic Core

In the Chaos Field, some ancient planets remained. These planets were originally occupied by some advanced civilizations. But due to the harsh living environment of Chaos Field, some civilizations chose to migrate, and others were extinct!
  • Planets have 66 spots for fleets to station and generates 80 credits per minute (was 40 per minute on first event run)
  • Cosmic Core have 76 spots for fleets to station and generates 160 credits per minute (was 80 per minute on first event run)
  • Can only station fleets if the alliance own the rights to occupy (See Planet Rules for additional details)
  • Energy Shields cannot be used by the fleets that are stationed
  • Fortifications can be built provided that the required Fleet Analysis is learned. Only one Fortification can be built on a fleet.
# Name Occupation Bonus (limited to Chaos Field)
1 Satoguya Fleet movement speed +20%
2 Ellas Aoluwei Fleet's Energy +50000, all attributes +10
3 Berea Fleet maintenance speed +25%, clone recovery speed +25%
4 Roman Abyss Fleet's Energy +50000, all attributes +10
5 Cosmic Core All fleets' Energy +50000, all attributes +10
6 Clenda Canas Fleet's Energy +50000, all attributes +10
7 Harmer Credit acquisition speed +15%
8 Babylon Ranger Fleet's Energy +50000, all attributes +10
9 Ers Attack giant creature and deal Damage +15%


  • Asteroids are free-for-all spots to have fleets stationed that are scattered all throughout the Universe.
  • Asteroids have 59 spots for fleets to station and generate 20 credits per minute (was 10 per minute on first event run). The core spot generates 10 more. (was 5 on first event run)
  • Energy Shields can be used by the fleets that are stationed. IF no Fortifications were built first.
  • Fortifications can be built provided that the required Fleet Analysis is learned. Only one Fortification can be built on a fleet AND Energy Shield isn't up.

Giant Creatures

In this space, there came a deafening roar, and the entire fleet trembled for that. It seems to be a powerful enemy settling in the depths of this space. After winning the battle, you can get a bountiful reward.
  • These are Order Field space bosses scattered all throughout the Universe.
  • Each can have multiple levels of it on different points. The higher the level, the higher the Energy and Attributes and thus yields more credits and rewards. (Check table for levels and stats below)
  • Rewards are found in Alliance > Alliance Gift Package > Space Package (Accelerators, Competent Cells, Order Field coins (depends on the giant creature) and Order Field Wonder mats (depends on the giant creature)
  • Relic Fragments are required to attack; Only one fleet can attack and only one giant creature can be attacked at a time; Fleet doesn't get battle damaged
  • Check the Giant Creature Rules
Ancient Zerg
Level Stats
1 F593 A545 S504 L557 /E20.32M
2 F760 A698 S645 L712 /E48.76M
3 F973 A894 S827 L913 /E121.92M
4 F1234 A1134 S1048 L2269 /E304.80M
5 F1614 A1483 S1371 L1514 /E772.16M
Level Stats
1 F574 A584 S481 L563 /E19.77M
2 F735 A748 S616 L721 /E47.46M
3 F941 A958 S789 L924 /E118.65M
4 F1194 A1215 S1000 L1171 /E296.64M
5 F1561 A1589 S1308 L1532 /E751.48M
Level Stats
1 F582 A591 S488 L542 /E19.36M
2 F745 A757 S642 L693 /E46.46M
3 F954 A969 S800 L888 /E116.16M
4 F1210 A1229 S1014 L1127 /E290.40M
5 F1583 A1608 S1326 L1474 /E735.68M
Chaos Element
Level Stats
1 F580 A552 S508 L559 /E20.51M
2 F742 A707 S650 L715 /E49.22M
3 F951 A905 S833 L916 /E123.07M
4 F1206 A1148 S1057 L1162 /E307.68M
5 F1577 A1501 S1382 L1520 /E779.45M
Level Stats
1 F559 A585 S494 L562 /E20.16M
2 F715 A749 S632 L719 /E48.38M
3 F917 A960 S810 L922 /E120.96M
4 F1163 A1218 S1028 L1169 /E302.4M
5 F1520 A1592 S1344 L1529 /E766.08M
Fear Bat
Level Stats
1 F577 A566 S510 L510 /E20.19M
2 F739 A724 S653 L698 /E48.46M
3 F947 A928 S836 L895 /E121.15M
4 F1201 A1177 S1061 L1135 /E302.88M
5 F1570 A1539 S1387 L1484 /E767.29M
Spirit of Holyfall
Level Stats
1 F587 A577 S492 L558 /E19.98M
2 F751 A739 S630 L715 /E47.96M
3 F962 A947 S807 L916 /E119.9M
4 F1220 A1201 S1023 L1161 /E299.76M
5 F1595 A1570 S1338 L1518 /E759.39M
Level Stats
1 F580 A564 S502 L561 /E20.38M
2 F742 A721 S643 L718 /E48.92M
3 F951 A924 S823 L920 /E122.3M
4 F1206 A1172 S1044 L1167 /E305.76M
5 F1577 A1533 S1365 L1526 /E774.59M
Deadly House
Level Stats
1 F583 A575 S495 L564 /E20.25M
2 F746 A736 S634 L722 /E48.61M
3 F956 A943 S812 L925 /E121.53M
4 F1213 A1196 S1030 L1174 /E303.84M
5 F1586 A1564 S1346 L1535 /E769.72M


Participation Rules

  1. The alliance reaches level 20 can register within 24h to participate in the Chaos Field Exploration before its open.
  2. After the Chaos Field enters the preparation period, alliance members registered for the Chaos Field may not quit or be evicted from the alliance.
  3. The Chaos Field will be officially opened after the preparation period. Registered players can explore in the Chaos Field after that.
  4. Eden will be projected into the Chaos Field. Exploration in the Chaos Field will not conflict with that in the Order Field. Fleet grouping will not be allowed in the Chaos Field!
  5. There are multiple universes in the Chaos Field, and several groups in each universe. Lesser groups and more bountiful rewards for the higher rank universe. An extra ranking reward will be issued for the 1st Universe!
  6. You will only encounter the players of the same group while exploring the Chaos Field.
  7. After the Chaos Field ends, Universe Rank will be adjusted for promotion or demotion based on the alliance performance during the exploration.

Planet Rules

  1. There are two kinds of planets: main planet and asteroid. Players can dispatch fleet to station on the asteroid directly, but need to occupy the main planet first before stationing.
  2. The planet center can be attacked after all the monsters and fleets on this main planet are defeated (planet center will not deal damage, and the fight will be passively ended after three rounds).
  3. The alliance of highest total damages will occupy the main planet after the center is broken. The main planet will enter the protection period after that.
  4. Monsters of the main planet will restore Energy gradually after the fight. Monsters defeated in the fights will show up again after 3h.
  5. The original station base will fell into ruin after the stationed fleet is defeated or withdrawn. The ruin will exist for 3h, and no fleet will be allowed to station there during this period.
  6. While the fleet is stationed, the Energy Shield can be turned on and the fleet will not be attacked. Withdraw the fleet will free the Energy Shield directly. Energy Shield cannot be turned on while the fleet is stationed on the main planet or space station.

Giant Creature Rules

  1. Giant creatures in the Chaos Field have relatively higher Energy, but will not restore Energy after the fight. Each fight will be passively ended after three rounds.
  2. Clones on the fleet will not suffer battle damage when fighting with the giant creature in the Chaos Field, but the fleet will still suffer damage while losing the fight.
  3. Consume Relics Fragments to attack giant creatures in the Chaos Field. Consumption grows as the fight restarts every time. Consumption will be reset every time when the Chaos Field opens.
  4. Players can dispatch only one fleet to attack the giant creatures in the Chaos Field each time.
  5. Players that killed the giant creature will benefit their alliance members with Space Packages.

Credit Obtaining Rules

  1. Obtaining credits every minute when the fleet is stationed on the planet. This credits will be calculated directly based on the stationing duration, and no need to withdraw the fleet.
  2. When attacking or under attacking, the credits obtained will be calculated based on the enemy clones battle damage.
  3. Obtaining credits each time when attacking the giant creature. Credits will be calculated based on the damages dealt by the fleet.
  4. Credits obtained from the main planet will be higher than that obtained from the Asteroid (stationing, fighting and so on).
  5. Alliance credits will be calculated based on the total Chaos Field credits obtain by alliance members.
  6. When the Chaos Field ends, alliance will obtain extra alliance credits for each main planet that occupied. (50,000 extra credits for each main planet that occupied, and 100,000 extra credits for the cosmic core that occupied).

Fleet Analysis Rules

  1. All fleets in the Chaos Field will receive 1 Fleet Analysis for each rank 6 airship you have (60 points at most).
  2. The Analysis of each fleet will be calculated independently and will not conflict with each other. Consume 1 Analysis each time to operate the fleet analysis.
  3. Some fleet analysis can unlock special fleet instruction and fortification construction! When launching an attack, can choose the special fleet instruction; When stationing on a planet, can conduct fortification construction to enable the fleet with special ability.
  4. Consume 5 gems to reset the fleet analysis. All fleets can be reset once freely each time when the Chaos Field opens (Free reset will be counted for each fleet separately).

Revenge Rules

  1. When exploring in Chaos Field, fleets can revenge in the corresponding Attacked Report after being attacked! All reports will last in this Chaos event.
  2. Can launch only one revenge for each Attacked Report. Players can publish the report to alliance and request for revenge assistance, or revenge on their own.
  3. Consume 2,000 alliance coins to publish each report to alliance and request for assistance. Can publish only one report at the same time.
  4. Players will have 60s to prepare for the battle after confirming the revenge. Will enter the battle directly regardless of the location after the countdown is over (fleet analysis will not work for the battle)
  5. Revenge expires if the preparation fails (enemy fleet breakdown or energy shield is on for example), can revenge again after that.
  6. Can't revenge after the Chaos closes. Revenge waiting for assistance from the alliance will also expire.


Exchange Shop

Exchange Explorer Medal to the corresponding items. Accessible via Space > Space Map > Exchange Store

Gumballs and Fragments

Name Cost Cost
to 5 stars
with certif
Goodwill Ambassador 24 Medal Unlocks the gumball
Goodwill Ambassador Fragments x5 12 Medal 984 Medal Unlocks after getting the gumball
Mechanical Apostle 120 Medal Unlocks the gumball; Need to purchase all Goodwill Ambassador Fragments first
Mechanical Apostle Fragments x5 20 Medal 1,560 Medal Unlocks after getting the gumball
Cosmic Police 168 Medal Unlocks the gumball; Need to purchase all Mechanical Apostle Fragments first
Cosmic Police Fragments x5 28 Medal 2,128 Medal Unlocks after getting the gumball
Omega 216 Medal Unlocks the gumball; Need to purchase all Cosmic Police Fragments first
Omega Fragments x5 36 Medal 2808 Medal Unlocks after getting the gumball

Airship Chips

Name Cost Cost to Max Notes
Phoenix (Airship) Chip X5 12 Medal 1,008 Medal Unlocks the airship
Heimdall Chip x5 20 Medal 1,680 Medal Unlocks the airship; Need to purchase all Phoenix Chip first
Snake of Emptiness Chip x5 28 Medal 2,350 Medal Unlocks the airship; Need to purchase all Heimdall Chip first
Dark Titan Chip x5 36 Medal 3,192 Medal Unlocks the airship; Need to purchase all Snake of Emptiness Chip first

Wonder Blueprints and Materials

Name Cost Total
for level V
Steel Fortress Blueprint 60 Medal Unlocks the wonder
Rand Alloy I 12 Medal 4092 Medal Unlocks after getting the wonder blueprint.
Ancestor Blood Pool Blueprint 100 Medal Unlocks the wonder; Need to purchase all Rand Alloy I first
Blood Crystal I 20 Medal 6820 Medal Unlocks the after getting the Ancestor Blood Pool Blueprint
Poseidon Statue Blueprint 140 Medal Unlocks the wonder; Need to purchase all Blood Crystal I first
Cobalt Blue Mine I 28 Medal 9,548 Unlocks the after getting the Poseidon Statue Blueprint
Astrology Platform Blueprint 180 Medal Unlocks the wonder; Need to purchase all Cobalt Blue Mine I first
Moonstone I 36 Medal 12,276 Unlocks the after getting the Astrology Platform Blueprint


Gene Segments - Lower Clones
(Each requires 60 Segments to obtain the gene, Segments sold by lots of 5)

Name Cost
/ lot
/ Clone
Stone Statue Sentry Gene Segments 12 Medal 144 Medal
Poison Eye Gene Segments 18 Medal 216 Medal Need to purchase all Stone Statue Sentry Gene Segments first
Shadow Attendant Gene Segments 24 Medal 288 Medal Need to purchase all Poison Eye Gene Segments first
Predator (Clone) Gene Segments 30 Medal 360 Medal Need to purchase all Shadow Attendant Gene Segments first
Ripper (Clone) Gene Segments 36 Medal 432 Medal Need to purchase all Predator Gene Segments first

Gene Segments - Higher Clones
(Each requires 120 Segments to obtain the gene, Segments sold by lots of 5)

Name Cost
/ lot
/ Clone
Stone Statue Guard Gene Segments 12 Medal 288 Medal
Evil Eye Gene Segments 20 Medal 480 Medal Need to purchase all Stone Statue Guard Gene Segments first
Nightmare War Horse Gene Segments 28 Medal 672 Medal Need to purchase all Evil Eye Gene Segments first
Void Hunter Gene Segments 36 Medal 864 Medal Need to purchase all Nightmare War Horse Gene Segments first

Gene Segments - Super Clones
(Each requires 200 Segments to obtain the gene, Segments sold by lots of 5)

Name Cost
/ lot
/ Clone
Gargoyle King Gene Segments 12 Medal 480 Medal
Depraved Eye Gene Segments 24 Medal 960 Medal Need to purchase all Gargoyle King Gene Segments first
"Vampire Hunter Gene Segments" that actually synthesize Demon Fighter 36 Medal 1,440 Medal Need to purchase all Depraved Eye Gene Segments first

Alliance rewards

  • Alliance score
    • Reward tiers - badges for all in the alliance, gems and resources.
    • Chaos field alliance reward: badge with 120k to all fleets, +x stats +y% expropriation efficiency.

These work much the same as the sky events, reach X points to get Y reward. The difference is that the points obtained count for the entire alliance and everyone must work together.

  • 2m points: 400 badges, 10k alliance coins, 15 sacks of stone, 100 gems
  • 1.2m points: 240 badges, 6k alliance coins, 12 sacks of stone, 60 gems
  • 600k points: 120 b, 3k ac, 9 sacks, 30 gems
  • 400k points: 80 b, 2k ac, 6 sacks, 20 gems
  • 200k points:
Score U1 Medals U1 Score U2 U2 Score U3 U3 Score U4 U4 Score U5 U5
200k 40 160k 32 140k 28 120k 24 100k 20
400k 80 320k 64 280k 56 240k 48 200k 40
600k 120 480k 96 420k 84 360k 72 300k 60
1.2m 240 960k 192 840k 168 720k 144 600k 120
2m 400 1.6m 320 1.4m 280 1.2m 240 1m 200

Chaos field ranking rewards

Badges awarded in addition to the above rewards only available in Universe 1

Rank Badge Resources
1 Pioneer Badge Lv.5 10 of each big container
2 Pioneer Badge Lv.4 8
3-5 Pioneer Badge Lv.3 6
6-10 Pioneer Badge Lv.2 4
11-15 Pioneer Badge Lv.1 2

Personal score rewards

Todo: reach x score for y medals reward.

Score Medals U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6
500 20 16 14 12 10 8
1200 30 24 21 18 15 12
2500 50 40 35 30 25 20
5000 160 128 112 96 80 40
9000 240 192 168 144 120 64
15000 400 320 280 240 200 96
25000 1000 800 700 600 500 160

Token Cost Comparison

The below attempts to analyze the cost / benefit of how to spend chaos tokens.


Each super clone will give +10 to stats and +90k energy to each fleet. Special abilities are ignored. Resource costs of clones is ignored. Level5 clones are assumed. Available space is assumed.

Tokens Stats Energy Stat/Token Energy/Token
480 10 90,000 .0208 187.5
960 10 90,000 .0104 93.75
1,440 10 90,000 .0069 62.5


Each ship is assumed to grant +109 stats to a single fleet (so 1/4 as much as an average across the 4 fleets). Each ship will also allow for +12 lower clones, +4.5 higher, and +0.75 super - the stats and energy of the clones is also included (which assumes you have enough clones to fill out all your fleets to capacity). 6.5k energy for lower clones and 19k energy for higher. Averaged to 1/4 across the 4 fleets.

Tokens Stats Energy Stat/Token Energy/Token
984 49.75 57,750 0.0505 58.7
1560 49.75 57,750 0.0319 37.0
2128 49.75 57,750 0.0234 37.0
2808 73.75 69,750 0.0262 24.8


+50 clone wonder is analyzed both as costing 9,548 and 16,368 (if one were to ignore the second wonder entirely). Also looked at 4th wonder on a  stand-alone basis. 

Tokens Stats Energy Stat/Token Energy/Token
9,548 385.4 1,056,250 0.0403 110.6
16,368 385.4 1,056,250 0.0235 64.5
13,640 200.0 500,000 0.0146 36.7

How to read this: If you were to save up 17k tokens, and could max out all fleets with clones, it would be better to go for the wonders than all the clones+ships, and you would get more total stats + more energy. That being said, the first teir clones / ships are pretty valuable, all things considered.


You get points for holding/camping planets and asteroids as well as attacking and defeating monsters, or attacking and defeating other players. The score gained is related to the amount of damage you deal.

Fleet Analysis

Each fleet has 3 preset analysis slots, you get points based on the number of 6 star ships you have unlocked with a limit of 60.

See Space Analysis/Chaos for more details.


  • Escape Exit - There is a chance to flee from the battle directly when severely damaged!
  • Interference Tower - Enable the fleet to refuse the enemy scout!
  • Projection Device - Information scouted by the enemy will be higher than the actuality!
  • Invisible Device - Information scouted by the enemy will be lower than the actuality!
  • Emergency Center - Decrease friendly clone battle damage when losing the fight!
  • Warning Radar - Decrease the success rate of the enemy special fleet instruction!


  1. First Global Registration Period started on the 16th of August'19 at 6 PM (Server time, GMT+8);
    Event ran from 6 PM of August 17 until 6 PM of August 18 2019 (Server time, GMT+8) - Still set for 24-hr run then was closed down for bug fixing and readjustments. Reopened with a different schedule on the 12th of October'19 wherein Registration Period started at 9:55 AM (Server time, GMT+8) and Event opened at 10 AM next day.
  2. Based on the first run, please correct any changes if there is
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