This page is for the Autumn 2020 version of the Challenge Maze. For the previous version, see Challenge Maze (Spring 2020).

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Challenge Maze
Challenge Maze.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Clear Chaos Abyss
Normal reward None
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Unknown
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Usual Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Skill Other info
Alien Dragon

Beast Class

Alien Dragon.png

Curse: Curse the attacker when counterattacking (Decrease Attack, lasts for 3 rounds)

Dragon Armor (F40+): When HP is above 50%, Spell Resistance +50%

Fury (F70+): Double Attack while HP is lower than 50%


Beast Class


Plague: Contaminates all Slates at the time of death[notes 1]

Toxin Diffusion (F40+): Deal double damage when attacking a poisoned enemy

Toxin Control (F70+): Damage taken -50% when attacked by poisoned enemy

Tidal Crab

Beast Class


Hardened Shell: Physical Resistance +50%

Photaesthesia: Physical Resistance decreases by 3% when a slate is opened

Giant Pliers (F40+): Ignores Attack reduction effect

Parry (F70+): 25% chance to be immune to physical damage




Harisenbon: Reflect 100% damage when under attack

Growth (F40+): Attack is increased by 3 per round

Nourish (F70+): When sustaining an attack, one's own and companion's Attack is increased

Sea Monster's Tentacle

Beast Class


Tentacle: Disable Ghost Ship when present

Venom (F40+): When counterattacking, poison the enemy (loses HP each round, lasting for 3 rounds)

Interfere (F70+): When present, Gumball Attack -20%

Can drop a Spirit Pearl



Bombard: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds

Targeting (F40+): Ignores the enemy dodge +100%

Successive Attack (F70+): When attacking, 20% chance to attack Ghost Ship as well (Ghost Ship energy -1)




Timidity: Decreases HP for each companion that dies

Loot (F40+): When counterattacking, steal some EP

Courage (F70+): No more Fear

Can drop a Spirit Pearl

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Challenge Maze/Specific

Special Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Skill Other info
Alien Dragon

Beast Class

Alien Dragon.png

Curse: Curse the attacker when counterattacking (Decrease Attack, lasts for 3 rounds)

Dragon Armor: When HP is above 50%, Spell Resistance +50%

Fury: Double Attack while HP is lower than 50%

(Compass cave version)
Sailor's Wraith
File:Sailor's Wraith.png


Void: Chance to immune all damage (Using crystals inside a normal cave)

Boss (Siren)[edit | edit source]


Siren Beast Class
Floor Attack HP Physical & Spell
30 43 667 30%
70 215 8768 Phy:10%, Spell:30%
80 375 10k+ Phy:10%, Spell:10%


  • Siren's Curse: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, inflicting 3x damage and Status Siren's Curse
    • Status Siren's Curse: Damage taken +30%, effect can accumulate, valid on floor. This effect is not technically a curse, curse immunity will not protect you from it.
  • Water Shield: Casts Water Shield every time 40% of HP is lost
    • While it lasts, lose only 1 HP from any type of damage. Lasts for ? hits.
  • Healing Ripple: Gain 3% HP each round when Water Shield exists
  • Siren's Realm: Physical Resistance +X%, Spell resistance +X%

Special Maze Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

With a few possible exceptions, you do not get any loot that can be carried out of the maze from the Challenge Mazes. So no coins, no Ingredients, no Gumball Pots, no Gumball fragments etc... Some of the Gumballs' active skills that normally do give such items are also modified here.

Ghost Ship[edit | edit source]

Ghost Ship 1.png

Ghost is a special ally that cannot be killed.
It starts with an attack of ?, a power of ? and max energy of 4.
Every 8 rounds, when its hourglass reaches 0, the Ghost ship attacks one random enemy and recovers 1 energy.

Ghost Ship Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Goblin Shop.png

When you encounter the Ghost Dock (floors ending by a 9), you can upgrade the Ghost Ship with some special items and spend Spirit Pearl to level up those upgrades.
Each item can be raised up to level 20 for a total cost of 48 Spirit Pearl per item (384 pearls in total):

  • Each upgrade up to level 10 costs 2 pearls.
  • Upgrades to level 11 and more cost 3 pearls each.

Dragon Carronade[edit | edit source]

Dragon Carronade.png

Bought from the shop for 500EP

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • Power +30% (at level 20, less at lower levels)
  • Level 10: Dragon's Bombard +3 bombs
  • Level 20: Energy Consumption Dragon's Bombard -1
  • Dragon's Bombard (Active):
    • Launch 5 bombs. Each bomb can cause x damage
    • At level 20, X = 60% * Ghost Ship's Power
    • 4 energy to cast

Goblin's Device[edit | edit source]

Goblin's Device.png

Chance to find when searching a Sailor's remains

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • When attacking, ?% chance to launch 2 bombs (at level 20, less chance at lower levels)
  • Level 10: After attacking, Ghost Ship's cooldown is decreased by ? rounds
  • Level 20: 50% chance to launch 2 bombs at Swift Shoot status
  • Swift Shoot (Active):
    • Obtain Swift Shoot status: Ghost Ship attacks every round but can't recover energy.
    • 2 energy to cast

Golden Caisson[edit | edit source]

Golden Caisson.png

Found on a corpse

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • Effects of all gumball's damage spells + 30% (at level 20, less at lower levels)
  • Level 10: Max Energy of Ghost Ship +1
  • Level 20: Max Energy of Ghost Ship +1
  • Golden Bomb (Active):
    • deals X damage to the target and surrounding enemies, and open all slates in range
    • 2 energy to cast
    • At level 20: X = 120% ( Ghost Ship's Power + 3)

Siren Figurehead[edit | edit source]

Siren Figurehead.png

Use 3 or 4 Ghost Crystals (it varies) in a cave with a shipwreck before looting the shipwreck. Defeat the ghost to get the piece

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • Damage taken -16 (at level 20, less at lower levels)
  • Level 10: Immune to effcts of Sea Monster's Tentacle
  • Level 20: Spell Resistance of all enemies -20%
  • Impact (Active)
    • Disable all the visible enemies from taking action or counterattacking and increase the damage taken by 150% (lasts for 4 rounds. Damage will break the effect)
    • 5 energy to cast

Kraken's Tusk[edit | edit source]

Kraken's Tusk.png

Found in after a boss fight if the Ghost ship makes a killing blow (Found at bottom of the screen)

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • Attack + 30% (at level 20, less at lower levels)
  • Level 10: Deal 20% extra Damage to Boss
  • Level 20: Physical Resistance of all enemies -20%
  • Impact (Active)
    • Deal X damage to enemy, inflicting Stun effect (Unable to take action or counterattack, lasting 3 rounds)
    • At level 20: X = 3* (Ghost Ship's Power +3)
    • 4 energy to cast

Voyagers's Compass[edit | edit source]

Voyagers's Compass.png

Found in the shipwreck in a cave

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • EP + 30 when entering the next floor (at level 20, less at lower levels)
  • Level 10: Obtain Pirate's Treasure
  • Level 20: Obtain Barbosa's Golden Treasure
  • Treasure Seeker (Active)
    • Teleports you to a special cave
    • 6 energy to cast

Pirate's Treasure:

  • Some pearls, Spell Scrolls, ...

Barbosa's Treasure:

Special Cave:

  • It can be a cave with one Coconut Tree and four monsters
  • Or a cave with only 4 Coconut Trees
  • Or a Boss room

In the version with 4 trees, you can find a strange fruit labelled "Use: Something incredible will happen":

  • Normal use: Boost to your Attack and Power
  • In a boss fight: screen gets upside-down.

Siren's Horn[edit | edit source]

Siren's Horn.png

Found by smelting a rank 6 item

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • 100% chance to recover 1 energy when entering the next floor (at level 20, less chance at lower levels)
  • At level 10: Gumball Attack and Power bonus (Ghost Ship's Attribute 20%)
  • At level 20: You get a floor limited ghost ally when the Ghost Ship kills a living enemy (or something like that, description is currently missing)
  • Ghost Fleet (Active):
    • Turn over all slates of this floor immediately and cause X damage to all enemies which will also suffer burning damage (it lasts 1 rounds)
    • 5 energy to cast
    • At level 20: X = 180% ( Ghost Ship Power + 3 )

Royal Telescope[edit | edit source]

Royal Telescope.png

Found by paying the Ghost Captain at least 5 Ghost Crystals after encountering him for a second time

  • Ghost Ship's Attack and Power +1 / level
  • Active skill damage of Ghost Ship +50% (At level 20)
  • At level 10: Detection of enemies' location +1 on each floor
  • At level 20: 25% chance to locate the key on each floor
  • Insight (Active):
    • Detect the item under the slate, and all monsters no longer guard the slate. (Valid on this floor)
    • 3 energy to cast

Maze Occurrences[edit | edit source]

Ghost Ship[edit | edit source]

See Above

Ghost Dock[edit | edit source]

See #Ghost Ship Upgrades

Adventurer's Gravestone[edit | edit source]

Gumball's Grave.png

Summons a Gumball's Specter. Kill it for loot.

Captain's Cabin[edit | edit source]

Captain's Cabin.png

Use it to reset one Ghost Ship equipment of your choice and return all Spirit Pearls.
Can be used multiple times.

Coconut Tree[edit | edit source]

Coconut Tree.png

Gives Coconut (40%), Rotten Coconut (40%), or Strange Fruit (20%)

Ghost Captain[edit | edit source]

Apparently, appears when you enter next floor after having upped one of the upgrades to level 20. Does not work if the next floor is a boss floor so you should backtrack after having maxed the upgrade by using a Magic Carpet or Portal of Earth (or some other item).

Ghost Captain will appear again 20 floors onward at which point you'll have to give him all your Ghost Crystals (at least 5) to get some Magic Cola and the Royal Telescope.

Great Whirlpool[edit | edit source]

Great Whirlpool.png

1x/run. Dive into a Whirlpool. Unlike the whirlpool in Skeleton Island. The result might depend on whether you used a Strange Fruit or not before entering this floor (fruits consumed on the same floor as the whirlpool do not count).

Altar in the Sea.png

Altar in the sea:

  • You can choose Attack for +4 Attack
  • Or Power for +4 Power

Coconuts cave (ate a strange fruit):

  • Search corpse Sailor's Note, which tells you that treasure is buried near the Palm tree.
  • You can collect a Shabby Shovel that allows you to dig 3 times. There are 9 dig spots in total.
  • Digging the top right spot in subsequent tries net you the Pirate's treasure
  • Digging the other spots nets you a mix of scrolls, EP and equip

Pirate's Furnace[edit | edit source]

Hell Furnace.png

Transform the equipment you submit into a random equipment of the same rank. It can be used multiple times but it will explode somewhere between the 2nd and 4th use. Explosion makes you lose the submitted item. The first transformation of a rank 6 equipment gives Siren's Horn.

Pirate's Tavern[edit | edit source]

Pirate's Tavern.png

For sale:

Cave on Sea Island[edit | edit source]

Cave Sea Monster.png

Fight 4 tentacles to search a shipwreck.


Kill the monsters, do not search the shipwreck and then use 3 or 4 Ghost Crystals (it varies) to summon a ghost. Defeat the ghost to get the Siren Figurehead.
If you do it again in another cave, you'll get 3 Spirit Pearls.

Corpses[edit | edit source]

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Pirate's Remains(F1)
Adventurer's Remains med.png
5x Spirit Pearl + Golden Caisson Sailor's Soul: Ghost Ship Attack +1
Sailor's Remains
Sailor's Remains.png
Search: Spirit Pearls, or Goblin's Device Sailor's Soul: Ghost Ship Attack +1
Bury: Ghost Ship: Attack+1, Power+1 N/A

Challenge Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tree house items
Task Score
Reach Floor 30 without using EP 5
Reach Floor 40 within 20 minutes 5
Reach Floor 50 without using any scroll 10
Deal Damage by 5000 within 1 round 10
Reach Floor 80 without using soul-link 15
When reaching 50floor, Ghost Ship kills 5 enemies within 1 round 5
Ghost Ship reaches 70 floor without installing equipment 10
Ghost Ship uses 8 times active skill in the same floor 10
All components of Ghost Ship upgrade to max level 15
Only using Ghost Ship to kill the Boss of Floor 80 15

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Whenever a Jellyfish is killed, all unopened slates are contaminated for 5 rounds and get a greenish color. If you open a contaminated slate by tapping on it, you get poisoned for 3 rounds. One round of the poison is applied immediately which is why you'll see the counter on the effect set to 2 rounds.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Get multiple Magic Carpet by getting voyagers's compass to level 20 and resetting it in commanders cabin. each time it gets to level 20 it gives Barbosa tresure which contains a magic carpet. (My best run i got 4 carpets)
  • Where to find the eight ship pieces:
    • Dragon Carronade: Possibly from the shop, can take a really long time to appear. 
    • Goblin's Device: Search a Sailor's remains
    • Golden Caisson: Found on corpse
    • Siren Figurehead: Use 3 or 4 Ghost Crystals in a cave with a ship wreck, and defeat the ghost that appears 
    • Kraken's Tusk: Have the Ghost ship finish off a boss
    • Voyagers's Compass: Cave with a shipwreck
    • Siren's horn: Smelt a level 6 item
    • Royal Telescope: Pay the Ghost Captain at least 12 Ghost Crystals (He takes all, I had 12 at the time) 
  • Cactus' damage reflection is deactivated when Timestill is ongoing (getting an Eternal Suit with the help of Ares' Note and the furnace can help)
  • Only using Ghost Ship...: Means that only the Ghost Ship can do damage. You can still use spells like Disrupting Ray or Hex (but not Icicle)
  • Steal on the boss (e.g. Magician Hand) provides Recovering Spell Scrolls (1-2)
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