The celestial market is the airship version of the Traveling Merchant.

Possible fragments are:

Possible combat skills are:

Once purchased, combat skill will not appear again so buying them early will free up space for other items.

Possible ship chips are:

It seems that chips for more airships are for sale once you have reached a certain level of exploration like 400, 500 and 600. There might be some other conditions like having a certain amount of 6-stars ships or having already at least one chip for the airship.


Fragment Cost Gem Cost
Rainbow Contract x3 1500
Star Contract x2 3000
Moonlight Contract x1 7500 10
Sun Contract x1 n/a 30
Gumball Fragment x1 1000
Gumball Fragment x2 2000
Gumball Fragment x3 5
Combat Skill n/a 15
Ship Chip x2 3000
Ship Chip x3 9
Mysterious Statue x10 2000
Relics Fragment Pack n/a 15
TS-260 (1000 energy) 5000
RS-500 (2500 energy) 30
Rank 4 Alchemy Ingredient (Eternal Gold or Holy Crystal) x20 4500
Rank 4 Alchemy Ingredient (Eternal Gold or Holy Crystal) x40 9000
Rank 1 Ship Material x10

(Olefin Alloy, Photon Core, Synkaryon Battery EX, Tesla Circuit)

Rank 2 Ship Material x10

(High Frequency Fibre N+, Subspace Core, Super-particle Battery M, Ancient Circuit Element)

3000 6
Rank 3 Ship Material x5

(S-level Inverse Phase Alloy, Dark Matter Core, Energy Furnace Shard, Micro Dyson Sphere G)

3000 6
Rank 4 Ship Material x5

(Universe Alloy MAC, The Fifth Element, Energy Matrix RC, High Dimensional Space Module)

3600 12


Also see: Runestone.

Rank Explore Avenge Plunder
1 (500 relics) Clever Youth Certificate

Historian Certificate
Chemist Certificate
Biologist Certificate
Mathematician Certificate


Shaman's Totem
Power of Faith

Heavy Punch

Teleportation Matrix
Poison Fang

2 (1000 relics) Scavenging Permit

Gravedigging Permit
Burial Permit



Bone Cross

Main Cannon's Booster
Hateful Spirit

3 (2000 relics) Scroll of Fire Control

Puppet Core
Arcane Missile


Divine Favor Barrier

Soul Blasting


4 (5000 relics) Perfect Enhancement

Oracle's Sash

Illminster's Pipe

Angel of Vengeance

Flame Storm

Ares's Blade

Tip :

To use a Rune-stone, when viewing a target you look at details and above the reward box at the top right is a flashing plus sign. Press it and select your rune-stone.

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