There are 5 Dark spells obtainable in every maze.

Name Scroll Rank Effect Talent Enhancement
1 Decrease the target's Attack (It lasts for 4 rounds, halve the effect on Boss) Witch Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and decrease enemy HP
Death Ripple
Death Ripple.png
2 Cause damage to all visible enemies in the this floor (Invalid to Undead) Fallen Angel Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and valid to undead
Energy Drain
Energy Drain.png
3 Bring the blood leech effects while attacking (It lasts for 3 rounds. Not valid against lifeless enemy) Vampire Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and absorb MP
4 Decrease enemies' Attack and HP. Remove all features (It lasts for 4 rounds, lasts for 2 rounds on Boss) Kraken Captain Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect
5 Cause massive damage to a single target (The most powerful) Dark Dragon Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and 25% chance to ignore resistance

In Chaos Abyss, the following rank 6 spell is available.

Name Scroll Rank Effect How to obtain
Call of the Dead
Call of the Dead.png
6 Summon Undead Creature (Effect depends on amount of soul energy stored) Obtain Book of the Dead from the Statue of Death hidden in a Spike Cave (requires GGoT or Sentry Guard)

Some gumballs can enhance specific spells into more powerful forms.

Name Scroll Rank Effect Gumball Enhancement
Pharaoh's Curse
Pharaoh's Curse.png
1 Decreases all revealed enemies' Attack. 15% chance to decrease Attack to 1. (It lasts for 7 rounds. The effect will be halved against Boss. Special effect is invalid on Boss.) Pharaoh:
Curse to Pharaoh's Curse
The Embrace of the Dead
The Embrace of the Dead.png
2 Deal Damage to all visible enemies, and the attributes increase at random if there is Undead Creature Psychic:
Death Ripple to The Embrace of the Dead
Laske's Energy Drain
Laske's Energy Drain.png
3 Deals damage to a single target and recovers HP and MP Skeleton Lord:
Energy Drain to Laske's Energy Drain
Death Sentence
Death Sentence.png
5 Cause massive damage to a single target now and again after 5 rounds. Kill all enemies with HP lower than 50% after 5 rounds (25% for Boss) Samael:
Implosion to Death Sentence

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