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There are 5 Air spells obtainable in every maze.

Name Scroll Rank Effect Talent Enhancement
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt.png
1 Cause damage to a single enemy Lamp Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and 25% chance to ignore resistance
Electrostatic Field
Electrostatic Field.png
2 Increase one's own Power (It lasts for 4 rounds) Odin Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and increase Attack
Disrupting Ray
Disrupting Ray.png
3 Increase the damage the enemy suffered (It lasts for 4 rounds, halve the effect on Boss) Cyborg Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning.png
4 Cause damage on a single target and scatter the damage (which is halved one by one) to other enemies Templar Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and splash effect degression is 25%
5 Suspend all enemy actions, and the enemy can't counterattack (Lasts for 8 rounds, Lasts for 3 rounds on Boss) Time Wizard Gold Statue.png:
Increase effect and add 1 round

In Chaos Abyss, the following rank 6 spell is available.

Name Scroll Rank Effect How to obtain
Time Acceleration
Time Acceleration.png
6 When casting damage spells, cast 3 times in succession in 1 round (lasts 5 rounds) Smelt 6 stars items at the Alchemy Lab at Yellow or Red sanity

Some gumballs can enhance specific spells into more powerful forms.

Name Scroll Rank Effect Gumball Enhancement
Hastur's Tentacle
Hastur's Tentacle.png
1 ??? Hastur:
Lightning Bolt to Hastur's Tentacle
Franken's Electricity
Franken's Electricity.png
2 Increase one's own Power and Attack, 10/20/30/40/50% chance of casting Lightning Bolt each round (lasts for 4 rounds) Franken:
Electrostatic Field to Franken's Electricity
Ruby Ray
Ruby Ray.png
3 Increase damage inflicted on the enemy. After the enemy died, chance to drop Magic Gems

(valid for 4 rounds, halve the effect on Boss)

Disrupting Ray to Ruby Ray

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