This regroups all the soul consumable items. Souls are mainly obtained via the Farplane Ranger title.

Souls from RemainsEdit

If you took Night Walker on the path toward Farplane Ranger, you'll obtain soul when searching corpses, remains and a few other rare maze items assimilated to remains. Each maze has its own set of corpses and remains that is independent from the enemies you encounter.

Souls from EnemiesEdit

  • If you took Demon Hunter on the path toward Farplane Ranger, you'll have a small chance to obtain a soul whenever you kill a non-elemental living creature. In short, with a few exceptions, it doesn't work on mob types Undead (with a few exceptions), Machine and Elemental. It does however works on Bosses, no matter their type.
  • If you do a run with Demon in your team, kills by his Primal Source Drain skill have 50% chance to confine the soul.
  • If you make a run with Flagellant in your team and sacrifice your ability to cast Special Skills (using Flagellant's Diary), you receive a 2% chance of detaining the soul of the enemies you kill

Broken Soul / Complete Soul Edit

Regular monsters (not BOSS) usually have a Broken and a Complete version to their soul and it usually isn't really random. Most monsters come in 3 versions: one average, one with 20% less starting HP and one with 20% more HP. Usually, only the version of the monster with 20% more HP gives a Complete Soul.

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