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This regroups all the soul consumable items. Souls are mainly obtained via the Farplane Ranger title.

Souls from Remains[]

If you took Night Walker on the path toward Farplane Ranger, you'll obtain soul when searching corpses, remains and a few other rare maze items assimilated to remains. Each maze has its own set of corpses and remains that is independent from the enemies you encounter.

Souls from Enemies[]

  • If you took Demon Hunter on the path toward Farplane Ranger, you'll have a small chance to obtain a soul whenever you kill a non-elemental living creature. In short, with a few exceptions, it doesn't work on mob types Undead (with a few exceptions), Machine and Elemental. It does however works on Bosses, no matter their type.
  • If you do a run with Demon in your team, kills by his Primal Source Drain skill have 50% chance to confine the soul.
  • If you make a run with Flagellant in your team and sacrifice your ability to cast Special Skills (using Flagellant's Diary), you receive a 2% chance of detaining the soul of the enemies you kill
  • Bai Ze's Yaoguai-Nomicon can grant you a 10% chance to get souls from one or more specific monsters and/or a 50% chance to get the souls from the Boss. Or it can give you some other advantages instead...


Undead and elemental non-boss creatures that do have souls includes:

Broken Soul / Complete Soul[]

Regular monsters (not BOSS) usually have a Broken and a Complete version to their soul and it usually isn't really random. Most monsters come in 3 versions: one average, one with 20% less starting HP and one with 20% more HP. Usually, only the version of the monster with 20% more HP gives a Complete Soul.

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