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Carson's Travel Note Carson's Travel Note
Type: Consumable
..."October 14th" today I met a lost young girl who was separated from her clan. I don't know why but I promised to help her.

..."October 31st" Incredible, this little girl is highly talented in magic. She can launch a Fire Ball simply through imitation... I can hardly believe this... It took me three years to practice this spell.

..."November 20th" The wound in my belly is festering... I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on... If I had the luck to go back alive, I will tell Ophelia how much I love her and take her away from the old bastard!

..."December 17th" My arm is broken and the wound is full of maggots... The girl was crying so much when she tried to stanch my bleeding. I had to cover my wound with my sleeve to protect her from being frightened.
..."December 30th" Through this jungle, we'll arrive at the girl's clan. But I'm afraid I can't make it... Oh merciful lord. please grant me hope and help me complete this last journey... My dearest Ophelia, I'm sorry... I'm sorry I can't make it back to you... Please forgive my cowardliness...

Use: Recover 100% HP and MP.

Receive Fire Ball x30. Lightning Bolt x30

Source(s): Use Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections"